Blues Piano – Track 1

Follow this Learning Track to get started with the Blues style.

Section 1

Blues Foundations

Learn the blues form, chords, scale, and a the basics of improv to get started on your blues path.

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 1

The most comprehensive course on Blues improvisation! Learn essential techniques for generating blues lines, including 8ths, triplets, lower/upper positions, slides, harmonies, patterns, & more.

Section 2

Medium Blues

Learn blues shuffles and explore the sound of medium tempo blues piano.

St Louis Blues Challenge

Take the St Louis Blues Challenge, where we'll develop the lead sheet into a blues shuffle arrangement. Learn techniques like shuffle grooves, melodic embellishments, slides, & chord pops.

4-On-The-Floor Blues 1

A deep dive on the 4-On-The-Floor Blues, with 6 essential 4-On-The-Floor patterns.  An essential course if you want to have a variety of left hand blues accompaniments.

Blues Fellas

Discover how to spice up your blues playing with this super hip blues tune. You'll learn tricks such as turns, tremolos, the walk-up progression, and crunchy altered voicings. Join the Blues Fellas.

Section 3

Blues Improvisation

Build your blues improvisation skills with a combination of soloing tools and riffs.

The Bible of Blues Riffs 1

The most comprehensive course on Blues licks and riffs! You'll learn 60 essential riffs, including single-note riffs, double-note riffs, ostinatos, runs, & how to combine riffs.

Essential Blues Piano Scales: Major & Minor Blues Scale

Learn 2 essential blues scales for blues piano improv: Major Blues Scale and Minor Blues Scale. Learn an exercise and how to improvise a blues solo.

Top 10 Funky Blues Riffs

Learn 10 Awesome Funky Blues Riffs with Syncopation, Turns, Runs, and Harmonized Notes.

G Blues Improvisation 1

Learn how to improvise blues piano in the key of G, including 8ths, triplets, lower/upper position lines, slides, harmonized lines, licks, riffs, and runs.

Section 4

Stride Blues

Learn the characteristic left hand bounce that creates a Burlesque & Broadway Kickline sound.

Cruella De Vil 1

Learn Cruella De Vil in Vaudeville era style piano (Burlesque Blues). From the lead sheet, we apply the Burlesque-blues left hand, right hand harmonies, slides, fills, & discuss soloing techniques.

Broadway Kickline Blues 1

Learn the fundamentals of the Broadway Kickline style with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star like you've never heard it. Explore how to bluesify the lead sheet with slides, chord punches, & more.

Goin Down to Georgia Town

Play a classic Blues & Boogie-inspired original song. Become familiar with the left hand groove, bluesy melody, authentic jazz chords, and a fun solo section.

Section 5

Slow Blues

Explore the stylization of slow blues to create a sultry New Orleans sound.

Slow Blues Left Hand Approaches 1

Learn a total of 8 essential left hand patterns for playing slow blues. You can immediately apply techniques such as 4-on-the-floor or open stride to inject a fresh approach to your blues jams.

Section 6

Jazzy Blues

Add new chords and extended harmonies to get a more jazzy sound in your blues playing.

Jazzy Blues Comping 1

Learn the art of jazz comping on the Jazzy-Blues chord progression, used in tunes like Route 66.  You'll discover how to add colored notes to the chord, use chord shells, and develop blues fills.

Coloring Dominant Chords With Extensions

Transform how you comp (accompany) over Dominant 7 chords in a jazz or blues tune. We explore how to build chords with extensions, most common positions, groove patterns, & jamming with a band.

Rockin Blues Bass Lines 1

Learn 12 essential blue piano accompaniment techniques.  You'll learn shuffles, slow blues, walking bass, country blues, stride, 4-on-the-floor, and boogie blues.

Denver Blues

Learn a jazzy blues tune with chromatic passing dominant chords and a turnaround ending. This song demonstrates the variety of colors you can create with blues chords and rhythms.

Zingalin’ Blues

Play a feel-good blues tune with essential techniques such as turns and third enclosures. You'll also learn to add more color to the blues with secondary dominants and suspended chords.

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Level 2
6 sections
Learning Focus
  • Learn the Blues form, chords, and scale to get started
  • Discover the essential building blocks that make blues soloing easy
  • Explore a variety of blues sub-genres
Full Description

With this structured Blues Learning Track, you’ll be guided step-by-step to your goal of becoming a confident blues pianist. After learning the foundations, we’ll dive into a variety of blues styles.

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