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A Passionate Online Community

Steve Justino
Steve Justino
15:30 29 Nov 21
When I started #pianowithjonny about 8 months ago, I was an “almost-beginner beginner.” I had 6 months of piano lessons when I was 10 years old, and hated every minute it! That was 52 years ago!

I took the PWJ "Intro to Keyboards" courses, and then I did the "12 Bar Blues" Challenge. Now, I am 4 lessons into the 14 lesson-long "Autumn Leaves" course and I am loving it! I am learning, and using, exciting Jazz techniques - like "Chord Shells" and "Guide Tones" in my left hand, and "slides, turns and runs" in the melody in my right hand! Jonny is walking us through the song, building on what we have already learned, adding a new, jazzy, element with each lesson. He explains what he is doing in clear, understandable language, and, just as importantly, he demonstrates it - chord by chord, note by note – so that we can play it along with him!

The fact that I have learned to say all of that . . . let alone do it . . . in less than 8 months amazes me!

Don't get me wrong, you gotta put in the work. I try to practice at least an hour a day, most days. But Jonny is a great teacher. And, the tools at the website – including very cool jazz backing tracks (at various tempos for each lesson) and the very supportive #PianoWithJonny Facebook page (where you can post progress videos for other PWJ see to see, and applaud), makes practicing fun, and rewarding.

For me, the PWJ method is a great way to learn. I highly recommend it. A year ago, I would have described myself as a guy who really loved Jazz, but who had no natural musical talent. Today, I think of myself as a guy who is learning to play jazz piano . . . and that's pretty cool!

Thanks, Jonny!
Melanio Reyes
Melanio Reyes
04:35 25 Nov 21
What can I say? This is a great resource for learning piano, especially blues, pop, rock, and other improvisatory styles. If you ever wonder how to read and interpret and lead sheet or use a fakebook, Jonny helps demystify the learning process. I think if you’re on the fence on joining, I would say just do it.
Carmen Logan
Carmen Logan
18:44 12 Oct 21
I am so pleased to have joined PWJ. All the lessons are great and Jonny explains everything so clearly and easy to understand. If you are looking for a place to learn, PwJ is definitely the place to join and the community is always so motivating and helpful. Also, the technical support clarifies all your questions in a fast and efficient way. Thanks all of you in the PWJ platform. Your are all so helpful and I have learnt so much so far….
Kim Winther
Kim Winther
12:15 12 Oct 21
I have played keyboard for 40 years as a semi-professional keyboard player and in the first 6 months with Piano With Jonny I am learning more than I ever dreamed of. My goal was to learn some contemporary piano accompaniment and now I find myself learning multiple types of styles. The lessons are so well structured from very basic to very advanced in styles such as latin, jazz, swing, blues, rock, contemporary just to name a few. It is pure gold in there.
Steven Hill
Steven Hill
12:47 07 Sep 21
The teaching is fantastic, providing understanding of the principles, but still making it achievable at different levels of difficulty. It is very motivating to practice and play using the PWJ lesson materials.
The lessons are just the start. There's also the video student assessments, live workshops, live Q and A, backing tracks for everything, smartsheets, quicktips, and live student recitals. The facebook group is the icing on the cake, with such a wonderful positive community of PWJ piano enthusiasts, supporting and helping each other.
Joseph Park
Joseph Park
18:15 31 Aug 21
Jonny is THE best Jazz piano teacher I've ever come across. I've taken private jazz lessons before but with his course, I can take those lessons over and over and over again since these are video lessons. Also he's incredibly talented musician. I'm very fortunate to have met him and thousands of passionate fellow students.
Michael Letzel
Michael Letzel
13:23 30 Aug 21
Ever since I wanted to learn an instrument, piano was my first choice. So I started with guitar (as it was much cheaper) and went on with accordion (as our folk band needed an accordion player and we already had to other guitar players)... ;-)
Then after reaching my midlife crisis, instead of buying a Harley Davidson like most real man do, I decided to buy a piano... ;-)
I tried an self-taught approach, which was not really consistent, I went to a teacher - but he didn´t teach me, what I wanted to learn.
So I tested some online ressources and eventually found Jonny and with him everything that was missing on my piano journey: There are the monthly challenges, which absolutely keep my motivated, there are tons of foundational courses where I can learn everything that´s needed to play the music I like. There are courses on different piano styles which allow me to choose a style that fits best at a given moment.

Most of all , with the teaching style of Jonny it feels like he´s sitting at your side and is willing to teach you everything he knows - no secrets!

And last, but not least I found an incredible community of likeminded people which are extremely supportive. Sometimes it even feels like family here at the PWJ-Community.

At Piano with Jonny my search found an end

Michael (from Germany)
Antone Damian Wader
Antone Damian Wader
16:27 23 Aug 21
I spent the last 18 months searching for a great online piano teacher, software, or system that was right for me. I tried many of them and none of them made the grade until Playing with Jonny came along. First, he hooked me with one of his YouTube videos. After further investigation into the members area I was blown away with the unbelievable tools, teaching , and training. Trust me after 18 months of research and testing many other programs, there is nothing that comes close to PWJ. Its a program for every level and it’s fun. On top of the system there is a Facebook Community that will inspire you like nothing else. This has become my music family and I’m never leaving them.
Clyde Kingsley Sandry
Clyde Kingsley Sandry
05:53 05 Aug 21
I have played piano for most of my life, but since joining Piano with Jonny, I have have advanced as a player way beyond my expectations. One of the things I love about this learning forum is IT'S FOR ALL LEVELS of playing, from beginner to advanced. Also, you become a part of vast learning community posting videos and sharing ideas. In my opinion, Piano with Jonny is the best. Go for it, you will not be disappointed.
Dave Cowley
Dave Cowley
12:03 03 Aug 21
Jonny is a superb teacher. The wealth of material on the site, coupled with his consistent approach to playing, makes diving into the piano approachable and satisfying. I've always wanted to be able to play blues and be able to just sit down at a piano and improvise, or create my own arrangements. After just over a year I can't believe how far I've come. Even better, I've been able to take what I've learned and use it to start to teach my children the way I wish I'd been taught when I was young. I look forward to being a member for many years to come.

Oh, and the community on facebook is absolutely fantastic! Its so motivating and inspiring to have a supportive group of pianists to share progress with - whether its going well or not so well - definitely a huge bonus.
Don Burton
Don Burton
04:02 13 Jul 21
Absolutely recommend PWJ! My playing has gotten better. I have learned more with PWJ in a few lessons than months of private lessons! Awesome group of players!
Dimitri Vorontzov
Dimitri Vorontzov
20:21 14 Jun 21
To best describe how important Piano with Jonny became to me, I'd have to tell you a personal story. I discovered Piano with Jonny at a very happy moment: It was the very first vacation I had in years. I was carefree and rested and optimistic - and that's when I found Jonny May's videos, and instantly recognized a kindred spirit.

I am a very educated musician – I studied piano, church organ, musical composition, orchestra conducting – with some of the world's most famous teachers. I earned two separate conservatory diplomas (two separate MA degrees in different musical professions), and spent over a quarter of a century overall, studying music. I played and conducted professionally, taught music in a college and led an orchestra.

However, my former musical education took me down a wrong path and resulted in a creative crisis that made me arrive to a difficult decision to leave music completely as a profession for over twenty years. Shortly before I discovered Jonny May, I already felt that music was coming back to me. I even started working as a professional musician again – teaching musical composition to postgraduates.

But only after I signed up for membership at Piano with Jonny, did I realize that I found a music teacher I've badly needed from the very beginning. I wish I was taught by Jonny May from when I was four years old! (I'd have to wait a couple of decades for Jonny to be born first... ;-)

Watching and listening Jonny play piano and explain musical concept in his inimitable, easy-going way, helped me realize that creative problems that I considered unsolvable had many easy and fun solutions! I found myself suddenly understanding and *feeling* music much more intimately, deeper, a lot more naturally than ever before.

Things like that don't usually happen, not often. People don't just come back to music after a couple of decades of not being involved with it at all. But it did happen in my life, and I fully credit Jonny May with this personal miracle.

Most importantly, Jonny May's training nowadays fuels my daily musical practice, and my two children see and hear me playing and teaching music – which makes music a natural, organic part of their life. This gives me hope that they will grow up loving and appreciating music, and might even become skilled musicians! My daughter is already making amazing progress.

I find Jonny May's teaching method superb, and the manner of presentation top-notch. I find him as a teacher infinitely better than all, without any exception, the famous teachers I've ever been training with. I am not exaggerating. Jonny May is *that* good. I don't want to make an impression that Jonny's training is only for overeducated musicians like myself – his courses cover the entire range, from the material for absolute beginners to very advanced students. Whatever level you're currently at, whether you're a complete beginner or a professional musician, I guarantee that you will find a lot of great training material at Piano with Jonny, and will grow tremendously as a musician. This is what is happening to me, I find myself swiftly regaining my musical form, day after day, and moving on to much higher levels as a musician than ever before.

Besides unmistakable and unique talents as a teacher and a musician, the quality I appreciate the most in Jonny May is his amazing professionalism, and especially his professional discipline. Rain or shine, he is maintaining the ongoing flow of weekly live classes and Q&A sessions, and monthly challenges. The professional ethic in that teacher is just so extremely high.

People who work with Jonny – Katie and Yannik (and possibly others) – are easy to communicate with, reliable, dedicated professionals. An amazing team.

Another all-important aspect of it is the personality of the teacher - and Jonny May absolutely rules here, too, with his heart-to-heart, friendly, casual and humorous manner of teaching, which downplays his tremendous musical and technical abilities. His personality reflects in the students, and the community of talented people Jonny May cemented around his teaching is active, supportive and nourishing.

The training is meticulously organized, and I found myself making fast progress. I credit Jonny May as a person who made music fun again for me and resurrected music for me, and me for music. It was the happiest decision for me, to join this wonderful training platform, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.
Rachel Pobi
Rachel Pobi
21:29 13 May 21
I've had a few different jazz piano teachers, but I have not been able to find one that really knew how to teach until I started Piano With Jonny. My guess is because my teachers were more interested in doing gigs than being teachers and they did not have the education in how to teach. Yet they needed the extra income, so they taught. Traditional/Classical piano teachers know how to teach, but I was no longer interested in traditional piano lessons. In the year that I've been a member of Piano With Jonny, I have become more educated in music theory then ever before, and it's amazing how fast I can memorize tunes too because Jonny gives you the knowledge on how to do that. I'm having so much fun with it and I find it addicting!
Mike Brady
Mike Brady
16:36 17 Apr 21
I joined PWJ in August 2020, which was 20 months after taking up the piano. Jonny May has revolutionised my understanding of music. He has easy-to-follow lessons for beginners that end with a tune to learn.

By the following April I was able to expand one of these tunes using the improvisation techniques Jonny teaches to record a wedding anniversary song for my wife. The PWJ Facebook community is a place where we share progress videos and the encouragement there gave me the confidence for this project. My wife loved it.

Since joining I’ve also had Jonny answer my questions in his live Q&As and feedback from one of the other tutors on a piece I uploaded for the monthly student assessment.

There is a wealth of material I still need to explore and Jonny is adding to it constantly with lessons for people of all abilities.
Fabyien Fabyien
Fabyien Fabyien
16:31 15 Apr 21
Jonny (and Yannick, as well) is a diamond-teacher! He's got a modern, pedagogic, interractive method, for any kind level, for any kind of music style.
I'm a member since February 2021, and I am 200% satisfied. As a member, you'll get access to a huge amont of video-courses, backing tracks, theorical & practical lessons on any usefull subjects a piano player needs. It opens up the potential of the student. It increases your curiosity.
The very + :
1) the "My Piano Path" is a special personalized learning program which is gonna help you to stay focus on a logical progression. There are thousands of courses, and the personnalized "My Piano Path" will help you follow the right learning focus and get better results !
2) the PWJ Community is this lovely group of students all over the world (Facebook Group + Forum on the website). For the "Petrucciani"s or just for the beginners/intermediate, sharing video-recording of your practice and progress is very stimulating. Ask any question, and someone's gonna help!
3) the regular Online Workshop & Live events help you stay connected to your teacher. You can ask questions, make things clear.

In a nutshell : I do highly recommand "Piano With Jonny" 👍🏽 Thanks !
Lee Hayton
Lee Hayton
18:24 07 Apr 21
Jonny provides a wealth of teaching material covering every playing style and for all playing abilities. New content is made available every month and members of the community are encouraged to take part in the monthly challenges and upload their progress videos. I've learned so much in a short period of time. The only regret I have is that I didn't join sooner.
Robb Hoffmann
Robb Hoffmann
20:40 04 Mar 21
Jonny provides so many wonderfull-useful video courses, including backing tracks, sheet music, and of course the incredible guidance from one of the best jazz/popular pianists. In just a few weeks, I saw DRAMATIC improvement in my own my playing, and I was having so much fun - I'm sure you will too!
Frank Scaccia
Frank Scaccia
03:04 04 Mar 21
I got started with 'Piano With Jonny' through the 10 Day Blues Challenge. I quickly realized I like the format and teaching style Jonny uses. The lesson videos are a convenient way to learn at your own pace and the support you receive from the other members of the PWJ community is a nice, unexpected benefit. There is soooo much content to choose from, ranging from absolute beginner level to advanced. You can learn many different styles too. I wish I had found this years ago but now that I'm a member, I'm making progress each day and feeling really good about it.
Simon Till
Simon Till
04:54 23 Jan 21
I’ve been learning piano with Piano With Jonny (PWJ) for just over a year. Before, I really wanted to be able to play blues but couldn’t work out where to start. Scrolling through various Youtube videos gave me some ideas, but no real focus or learning path. That’s how I came across PWJ. I should have signed up right away – I would have saved a few years. The lessons here are simply amazing, they cater for all levels (surprisingly; I wouldn’t have believed that before joining). And the community is inspiring, encouraging and full of so many talented people ready to give support and feedback. PWJ is a great learning platform. If you want to take your playing to another level, I wouldn't hesitate a second!
Roy Jennings
Roy Jennings
16:12 01 Jan 21
I joined piano with Jonny just over two months ago.
I don't usually post these kind of posts, but PWJ has been the highlight of these last two months for me. I joined for Jonny's courses and I'm really happy with these. There is an abundance of courses (and learning tracks) covering fundamentals, exercises and tunes across many styles. Jonny teaches without overwhelming with irrelevant material. The difficulty is progressive and focused on the problem in hand. In two months I've made quite a bit of progress.

Having said all of that, I have to add that in fact, when I joined I had no idea that there is more: Live workshops (a few every month for different playing levels), live recitals, Q&As and student assessments (you can send your playing for feedback) all of which I found very helpful. But the biggest discovery for me was the facebook members group. Just an incredible community where besides PWJ's monthly challenge+collab final project (accompanied by beg/int/adv lessons from Jonny) there are member challenges, practice sessions/achievements vids shared by the members and an incredibly friendly and encouraging community. I'm really grateful for discovering this school and highly recommend it!
Kat Marie
Kat Marie
07:13 12 Dec 20
My life has become richer, fuller and so much more fun when I started taking lessons at Piano with Jonny. I've always loved playing the piano but being with this community elevated my love for it. He's got a way of teaching that makes it so easy to learn and so fun, plus the community he's built is filled with very supportive and talented pianists who inspire me and challenge me to keep getting better everyday!
Hirom Saito
Hirom Saito
04:55 30 Nov 20
Everyone today I am very lucky to be in this school. Because there are few schools in Japan that directly study jazz schools. We learn from sheet music and records, but we rarely learn directly from Americans. By learning the rhythms and grooves from Johnny, I am very happy and happy to be able to play full-fledged jazz and blues in Japan. Learning precious American music means learning the basics of world music. And warm, bright and happy music can instantly change the mood of the listener. Mr. Johnny gives me many valuable lessons. You can study at your favorite time and place. Moreover, it will teach you many times to a level that is easy to understand concretely. Until now, there has never been a teacher who teaches groups and rhythms in such an easy-to-understand manner that is difficult for Japanese people. Much obliged. And everyone in the community. I am grateful that many wonderful performers who can grow and respect while learning can kindly speak to me.

You can have this valuable experience by attending this school. The piano performance will go up and the number of wonderful friends will increase. You can do things that you cannot experience in Japan. I am grateful for this.
Barb Lowe Christenson
Barb Lowe Christenson
17:56 14 Nov 20
In the short time that I’ve been a member with Piano with Jonny, I have already learned so much! The quantity and quality of his teaching is really top-notch! His lessons are very clear and thorough, and his friendly demeanor and encouragement make for an optimal learning environment.

In addition to his courses, he provides even more great opportunities through monthly workshops, Q & As, recitals, monthly challenges, etc. Something very unique and special in PWJ, is the Facebook member group. I’m loving the inspiration of watching so many other people working hard and enjoying their music too. It feels like I have new friends all over the world, and we all get to enjoy piano together and encourage one another. I’m really thankful for the whole experience here!
Lois Reed
Lois Reed
09:06 12 Nov 20
I love piano with Jonny. You see ads and you don't know if they have great content or hardly any. The great thing about Piano with Jonny is you can try it out and see if you like his style of teaching for free. I did this and decided to join. It was one of my best decisions. There are hundreds of classes. You work at your own pace. I have learned more in 7 months than I learned with 2 years of private lessons. I rarely write reviews, but I 100% recommend this program.
Dan Tasciotti
Dan Tasciotti
13:06 24 Oct 20
PWJ has been a wonderful discovery. Hundreds of focused lessons, available when you want them. Topics for any level of experience, any style of music, from a real-deal teacher whose love for the piano jumps through your screen.

The PWJ online community is a motivational resource not to be underestimated, with piano personalities from all walks of life. You post a video if you want. Members return positive feedback, share experiences and ideas that keep you going, when you might feel ready to quit.

Thanks PWJ team for building a remarkable online learning experience.

Dan Tasciotti
David Hahn
David Hahn
19:26 12 Oct 20
I consider myself an advanced intermediate piano player. I've been looking around different online courses but some are way too easy and some are not to my taste. I've been a member of PwJ for about 10 months now, and I'm enjoying all the lessons and activities that are offered to the members. Jonny's got tons of online lectures that cater to all different playing levels and there are many genres of music to choose from. The private community is really awesome with people from all over the world who would support your journey to become a better jazz pianist.
Anton Stjärnbrandt
Anton Stjärnbrandt
23:29 07 Oct 20
I've been playing for quite a while but since I'm mostly self-taught I felt like broadening my skills. PWJ has lessons in a wide variety of genres.

The videos are very thorough and you can't help gettting very encouraged by Jonnys positive and happy style of teaching :D I also like that he's really theoretical from the very beginning, which I agree with, theory is the language of music and is nothing to be ashamed of.

There are also lead sheets, which is convenient for me who likes to learn fast, I don't always have the time to watch the videos.

I also really appreciate the very helpful and encouraging community on fb. It provides a safe space to post videos of your playing, regardless of level, and it has really helped me break some of my barriers. I also got some real deep questions answered along with guidance to further reading.

I'm sure I'll be renewing my membership when it expires :)
Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas
17:19 28 Sep 20
Studying with Jonny and being apart of his membership is a no-brainer for me. The value he brings to his online platform is so high compared to your membership fees. The community is unlike anything out there being radiantly positive and keeps you accountable to progressing in your piano journey. Thank you for everybody who has come into my life as a result of being apart of PWJ
Andrea Dicorcia
Andrea Dicorcia
09:23 23 Sep 20
I am with PWJ since the very beginning 2015. I have been learning so much with the variety of courses available on this platform. I don’t read music and I am able to follow any class using the visual piano interaction software, amazing!!!

My level of piano went so high in just few mo this if practice and interaction with this amazing community!

Thanks John thanks all!!!!!
Sue Ryan
Sue Ryan
17:35 08 Sep 20
I would highly recommend Piano With Jonny to anyone from beginner to advanced at the piano. Jonny offers the flexibility to learn many different styles of music from Jazz and Blues to Contemporary to Gospel and more by breaking down each course into manageable lessons! His format includes allowing you to post videos of your progress at any stage in your lesson and getting amazing feedback from the most positive and supportive community comprised of other Piano With Jonny students!
Claudia Marie Combs
Claudia Marie Combs
16:51 08 Sep 20
As a professional Music Education Teacher with more than 18 years of experience teaching all music instruments to all age levels, I first joined Piano With Jonny (PWJ) in August 2019 to strengthen my understanding of Jazz and increase my technical and improvisational Jazz skills. For the past 13 months, PWJ has not only heightened my Jazz knowledge and Jazz playing abilities, but above and beyond those learning skills, PWJ has provided connections and support with a world-wide, on-line music community that comprises the friendliest, kindest, most spirit-boosting collection of talented musicians I have ever had the opportunity to meet in my entire life.
PWJ offers an amazing treasure trove of piano lessons geared for every playing level and encompassing every Jazz genre you can imagine including: Jazz playing foundations; monthly piano challenges; student collaborations; live on-line members’ events; quick tips about jazz playing techniques; monthly live student recitals; special guest teachers; and a huge library of Jazz arrangements; plus so much more.
If expanding and boosting your Jazz piano skills and connecting to an incredible community of talented musicians is your music dream — I highly recommend joining and start making those dreams become reality TODAY!
Claudia Combs
Matt Thompson
Matt Thompson
19:48 24 Aug 20
I discovered PWJ via YouTube. I started playing piano in Jan 2020 and, despite buying a course on Udemy, didn't feel I was making any real progress, so signed up for PWJ in June.

You get a few welcome emails to get you started and these were really useful for helping you find your feet. The site itself has a forum where members ask questions, provide suggestions, or PWJ make announcements.

A private Facebook group allows members to post progress videos in a closed, supportive environment.

The best things about the site are:

1) The amount of content is mind blowing, enough to keep you busy for years
2) The content is well arranged in various ways e.g. learning tracks aimed at different levels, music styles, or focus. There are also regular Q&A sessions, student recitals, and more
3) The sense of community. PWJers are very welcoming and will always provide positive feedback. Want some constructive criticism? Just ask, but it will still be nice. This is great for people lacking confidence.

I would highly recommended signing up for PWJ to anybody interested in learning piano or indeed existing players wanting to take their playing to the next level. You won't regret it.
Laura Vonland Unterweger
Laura Vonland Unterweger
22:09 05 Aug 20
Learning about improvisation; getting to know other musicians who are passionate about their craft; the fact that there are courses in most styles of music and just about every aspect of music theory.
Steven Brooke
Steven Brooke
19:52 29 Jul 20
There is an art to teaching, which many of even the best players have not achieved. Jonny's teaching techniques and strategies are absolutely on par with his consummate pianistic abilities. In my opinion, whatever your starting skill level, there is no better learning platform for piano than Jonny May's.
Bryan Ward
Bryan Ward
17:56 27 Jul 20
I have been studying piano for many years and have a degree in instrumental music. However, my skills have always centered around classical training and technique.

I discovered Piano with Jonny through Facebook and began watching the free videos and tutorials. The thing that impressed me was the methodology that that Jonny uses with his lessons. The lessons are very thorough and well paced. Jonny does a great job explaining the basics and helping his students understand the music theory behind why things work the way they do. In other words, the lessons are about more than just learning lines, runs, riffs, and chords. Instead, the lessons are structured around solid music fundamentals.

I began working through the lessons a few months ago and I have been focusing on the Blues Lessons and Challenges. Since then, I have learned how the blues patterns and scales work and I’m now able to improvise in the blues style. Thanks to PWJ, I have improved in an area of my playing that has always been a struggle for me as a pianist.

Piano with Jonny is more than just a membership. It is a family of musicians who share and encourage each other through videos and comments. This is important because musicians need a circle of friends who who are working toward the same goals.

Piano with Jonny offers lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced musicians so the lessons will work for any level of proficiency.
Based on my experience, I am convinced that students who begin at their proficiency level, follow the courses as they are presented, and consistently practice, they will improve and meet their goals.
Kevin Slaughter
Kevin Slaughter
17:33 27 Jul 20
So I’ve always wanted to learn how to play cocktail jazz / improv / soloing. I went through 5 or 6 piano teachers without any luck.

I stumbled upon PWJ in Facebook. I couldn’t sign up fast enough for the jazz trial class. Loved it.

That said, after I finished, I balked and didn’t take advantage of the deeply discounted member price. Regretted it.

December rolled around and I got an email from PWJ with a special holiday price. I didn’t hesitate this time. I couldn’t pull the MC out of my wallet quickly enough.

Two things I love about this program:
1) the variety of courses and how they are structured. They start with the basics and build to an advanced level.
2) the community is SO supportive. It doesn’t matter where you are on the piano spectrum of playing, everyone is pulling for you to achieve and advance.

5 STARS !!!
Paul McFarland
Paul McFarland
00:48 05 Jul 20
Jonny beautifully brings together the classical and jazz piano worlds in a way I've never seen! I wish I had access to this when I was young, and am so grateful for an opportunity to learn again from a world class teacher at an affordable price. Highly recommended!
Joshua Evans
Joshua Evans
14:31 04 Jul 20
I’ve been a member for 9 months now. I will say that this is definitely a top tier learning platform. There is just so much content. Jonny is not here to get as much money from people as possible. He TRULY cares about his students learning experience. He is constantly putting out loads of great content every month. PWJ is also great, because there is a wide variety of learning topics, so it is very appealing to almost all piano players. I HIGHLY recommend you start the free 14 day trial, and if you don’t like it, just cancel it. What have you got to lose?
Matt Knowlden
Matt Knowlden
22:08 15 Jun 20
Having struggled for many years trying to learn the piano, with a few brief lessons here and there, I had reached a brick wall and truly thought my learning potential and growth had ended. However, since joining PWJ a year ago, I have been given a whole new outlook to the piano and so grateful for this learning experience. The results so far are fantastic and PWJ Facebook community is so encouraging, it just keeps my drive and motivation on fire.

Matt Knowlden
Guillaume William Riviere
Guillaume William Riviere
17:05 11 Jun 20
Where should I start? In short I would simply say that Jonny makes learning piano easy and fun!

But I'll have to say a little more than that...

I tried to self teach myself for a while but I realise now that I wasted precious time! I learnt so much more with Jonny the past 2 months than I did the past 2 years!

First of all, the learning platform is second to none. There is a huge amount of content there that's very well organised. With the great filter system you can easily find courses, lead sheets, smart sheets, arrangements or anything you can think of.

Jonny's way to teach is fun and he nearly makes it easy. It's hard to explain but if you watch any of his tutorial videos on YouTube you will probably see what I mean.

There is a monthly challenge running every month based on a different style of music or particular song. I didn't take part of it yet as I prefer to focus on learning all my foundations properly first but I can see the community getting heavily involved and learning so much from it. I look forward to take part of it.

Which brings me to mention the Facebook Group/Community. I've never been part of such an amazing community, filled with supportive people. No judging or negativity there, only support and constructive feedback which has an immense value.

So in conclusion Jonny he is an enthusiastic teacher and fantastic piano player - he really care about our piano journey and success.

If you consider getting the Piano With Jonny membership it's not just a list of courses and music sheets, it's an evolving and engaged platform that will fast track your progress and piano goals!
Masako Cross
Masako Cross
13:27 23 May 20
I’m a singer/songwriter and have always wanted to sing to a piano accompaniment by myself, not rely on piano players but haven’t tried seriously for so long as I didn’t have confident. Along the way, I had piano teachers but most of them are using very difficult theory which I had allergic to.

Specially I was trying to be able to do impro for Jazz standard songs but haven’t received lessons that enable for me to play it. When I first watched Jonny’s lesson video, I was able to play and was a sensational moment.

Specifically, the lesson is built by very small steps and the 360 degree input style (verbally, vision, scores, backing track and all) are super easy to understand as well as the lesson videos are organized so well in the site and help us easy to start, restart or enjoy different types of music simultaneously.

Not to mention the network among lesson mates. People with the same enthusiastic about music encouraging each other and that giving me and my daughter a great motivation to practice.
I joined PWJ with my 11 years old daughter. She's really enjoying practicing.

I encourage people who are considering to join PWJ, this is the place to enjoy practicing piano and share the joy of music with friends!
Chantal Dobbelaere
Chantal Dobbelaere
18:21 11 May 20
After 6 years of classical piano school, I needed a new challenge. I considered learning another instrument or taking a new direction with piano. So I searched YouTube and was led to Jonny May. After seeing his Quick Tips, I felt so enthusiastic about learning, so I decided to give PWJ a try! I have been a member of PWJ for 8 months now and have had the most fun on my piano ever! None of my previous teachers taught me this way, and I find that I am progressing fast with PWJ. Even though learning takes time, Jonny is very efficient in how he teaches. Whatever your level is, whatever style you want to learn, you'll find lots of courses for your interests! With these lessons I am set for the rest of my life! I've already made my decision for this next year: instead of classical music school, I'll be studying at PWJ!

A great added value and incentive is also the community. You play for a very enthusiastic, positive and worldwide audience, you always get applause whatever your level is! I have no stress at all to play for the students and I spend hours watching their videos! They are all very inspiring and educational. If you want to learn jazz, blues, latin, bossa nova, gospel, pop, and rock and roll... come to PWJ! You will not regret it! Thanks, Jonny, for all these extensive, challenging, fantastic courses and Quick Tips. Thank you for the solid advice, for being so responsive to us, and the fun and beautiful songs we learn!
Emma Collingwood
Emma Collingwood
11:25 05 May 20
I've been intending to learn the piano for most of my adult life but I'm a confessed serial quitter and have never stuck at it... that is until I found PWJ. I signed up because I loved Jonny's bluesy style of playing, but I was delighted to find so much more than online lessons. I have tried other online platforms in the past but have felt very alone in my practicing, and have given up just weeks later. At PWJ though, I feel like I'm part of a community. Jonny and my fellow students know who I am. They know what I'm practicing and how I'm progressing. I love that I can share my progress with everyone because the accountability keeps me motivated. I enjoy the monthly challenges that keep me on track and achieving my goals, because I have a deadline to work to, I love the student collaborations where we all get to play together, and I eagerly await the live shows and parties where we get together and chat with Jonny. The best part of PWJ is that there is so much on offer - take what works for you; leave what doesn't. No one judges. Everyone is friendly and I can promise you, you'll start to love practicing and will make the progress you have been dreaming of!
Susana Marta Rolfo
Susana Marta Rolfo
21:30 21 Apr 20
Having worked in education for more than thirty years, in my country, Argentina, I easily recognize a well-structured curriculum, course, lesson, a proficient teacher and a motivating
All these qualities I've found in PWJ educational platform.
From the very first day of my membership I've been blown away by the difference between this way of learning versus taking private lessons, which is a solitary task.

First of all I'd like to say that on PWJ I find very interesting :
#The huge quantity of well-prepared resources available at any time.
#The interesting extra-activities that keep us happily busy many hours, and that make us lose the notion of time we've been sitting at the piano.
#The proficiency of Jonny as professional and teacher. His genuine interest for teaching and for the improvement of his students. He not only answers quickly all the questions, gives
advice, shares his musical secrets with everybody, but is also an extraordinary human being, very sensitive , always attentive to the emotional needs of the members of this community.
His uplifting messages cheer everybody up.
#The awesome Facebook Community, so supportive and inspirational.

Finally ,I can say that I've learnt more musical theory in these four months I´ve signed up to PWJ than in all the years I've been taking private classic piano lessons.
Ken Zimmerman
Ken Zimmerman
16:57 08 Apr 20
I would describe Piano With Jonny as having two main components: 1) The website with all the course material, and 2) the interactive community that you become a member of.

At first I joined for the course material. Specifically, I loved Jonny's course on blues piano, and how he breaks down his complex blues playing into small, manageable techniques that you can practice separately, making it easier to track your own progress. In these lessons Jonny demonstrates each technique individually and slowly, with an overhead camera view, along with the sheet music of what he's playing. So for me, as an aspiring jazz pianist, his lessons are an amazing opportunity to see and hear great piano technique that is very difficult to learn in any other way.

But I soon realized, after having joined for a couple of weeks, that the real value of Piano With Jonny--very difficult to put a price on this--is the interactive community of pianists of all levels that you become a member of. This community turns out to be an incredible source of motivation and encouragement. It centers around an exclusive FaceBook group, in which members post videos of their current progress on whatever they happen to be working on, and also provide words of encouragement and advice on the videos of others. This community has a fascinating dynamic; many members find others working on the same thing, and their postings become motivation for each other. Others find themselves overcoming performance anxiety by taking the first step of posting a video. Your lifetime goal of one day finally learning to play the piano--which you might put off for years-- is suddenly transformed into small, daily, achievable goals. I find myself practicing more than I ever have, and actually enjoying it!
Brendan Dixon
Brendan Dixon
02:30 01 Apr 20
I came to Piano with Jonny (PWJ) with a long background in music, including some classical piano training. I had also tried various other methods, including private instruction and other online sites. While those had their benefits, I have progressed farther and faster at PWJ than using any other method.

Jonny May is a fantastic instructor. His courses are not short, show-off snippets, but in-depth skills teaching. Jonny always explains, shows, and guides in ways that are easy to understand. I always learn from every course I take, even in so-called beginning courses Jonny teaches things that took years for me to discover by other means.

And you cannot beat the price! I consider PWJ easily my best piano investment (other than my piano itself) I have made. I encourage anyone to check it out. You'll be glad you did!
Judy Wooten Meyers
Judy Wooten Meyers
18:55 25 Mar 20
He makes jazz and the blues so easy to understand and use. I've been playing piano for 65 years and always wanted to learn jazz. Now, I am!!!
Michael LaDisa
Michael LaDisa
05:45 24 Mar 20
PWJ has been a game changer for me. Since joining PWJ I am more motivated, better equipped, and more confident in all my music performing and teaching endeavors. I have also made some great friends near and far.
Gina Ooi
Gina Ooi
14:16 04 Mar 20
PWJ is a game changer! My children (age 10 and 11) and I have been learning from PWJ for almost a year. Before PWJ, we were learning piano the traditional way that often entails playing unrecognizable music that makes it challenging to stay motivated especially today when the numerous distractions leave our children with the overwhelming desire to quit. PWJ has so many well-structured lessons with music that is extremely FUN to play and enjoyable to listen to while helping students build a solid foundation and technique the FUN way. Unlike before, we are now having a blast developing a repertoire of beautiful music with super cool rhythms, melodies, harmonies and applicable styles that we are happy to share with friends and family. For example, my 11-year-old son has recently enjoyed learning a song called "Jonnylito". The rhythm and melody are so captivating that his friends and family dance and groove to it when he plays. That is just one of many examples. PWJ has a magical way of making even beginner songs sound quite advanced, amazing and cool like no other. We also enjoy the benefits of learning at our own pace at the comfort of our own home from a true professional who is also very personable. As a member of PWJ, we have enjoyed the friendly community that provides much positivity, motivation, inspiration, support and encouragement. We see our journey with PWJ as a lifetime pursuit and we are excited and proud to be a part of the amazing PWJ family.
Gillian Marty
Gillian Marty
18:07 26 Feb 20
I studied jazz with a teacher for several years and he was OK. He had learned piano jazz at Berkeley. But he never gave me structure or exercises. Whenever I asked him How could I play this piece? he would rattle off a dazzling rendition of the piece which I couldn’t grasp and then say, Well you can do something like this ! Jonny actually gives you the KEYS to playing jazz, improvisation , blues, chord structures etc
Angela Senicz
Angela Senicz
13:45 18 Feb 20
I can without hesitation recommend Piano with Jonny as a fantastic learning environment for anyone who wants to go beyond simply reading sheet music. I have looked for years for someone who could teach this approach, and have tried learning what I can from books, but progress was slow until I found PWJ. I am amazed at how far I have come in just 3 short months. The courses are very well designed and easy to follow, in part because Jonny is wonderful at breaking down concept into simple steps that are easy to follow. But one of the greatest values and unique parts of the site is the community support. Sharing progress and asking questions of others in the group is motivating and inspiring, I can't praise this feature enough. It is never a chore to "practice" the piano, most of us find that on the contrary we have to force ourselves to sometimes take a break and attend to household chores or work. Joining PWJ has been life changing for me!
Chris Eijlders
Chris Eijlders
15:26 16 Feb 20
PWJ gave me back the joy of playing the piano. Last years I was playing obligatory in church.
Already playing for 40 years and dreaming of playing blues and other styles like latin and jazz (and integrate them in worship 😀)
Jonny learned me to play the blues, to improvise and above all: the understanding of scales, fingering, harmonisation and so much more…
Jonny is an excellent teacher and the PWJ platform (video’s, learning tracks, activity registration, etc.) is very helpful for my practice routine.
Also the interaction with other students is great and very stimulating to keep on developing new skills.
Practicing and playing piano 🎹 are now the most joyful moments in my life 😍
Felicia Seigler
Felicia Seigler
01:25 16 Feb 20
Before joining Piano With Jonny I was getting bored with my playing because I didn't have music that was challenging me or that was fun to play. Now with PWJ I have so many styles, arrangements, and lessons to choose from, and it's not just another lonely online course- it's a community of pianists of all levels who encourage and inspire everyone, AND you can get one-on-one assessment from Jonny May himself! How cool is that?! I only wish I had joined sooner!
Nancy DeHaven Hall
Nancy DeHaven Hall
21:53 15 Feb 20
PWJ is one of the best things I’ve done for my piano playing in years!

First, some background: I’m an advanced pianist and piano teacher in Chicago, Illinois. I’ve been playing for over 50 years, I have a degree in music theory, I’ve studied jazz piano with a well-known teacher. I’ve been teaching piano (mostly classical, but some jazz) for the past 28 years, and maintain a studio of about thirty students. I also have extensive experience playing piano at private functions, in restaurants and hotel lobbies, certain department stores known for their live piano music, and on dinner cruise ships.

But I’d grown bored of my playing. I knew that studying one-on-one would be expensive, and my work schedule is such that finding a time both I and the teacher were available would be difficult. I was somewhat hesitant to sign up for PWJ, because I thought that it would just be more of what was available from books or for free on YouTube. Why should I pay when I could just watch videos and teach myself? Nevertheless, I looked at the various online lessons available, and of those, PWJ seemed to me to be the best option. So somewhat reluctantly, I signed up.

Wow, what a great experience it has been in just the short time (a few months) I’ve been a member! Already I’m learning new ways to play pieces that I’ve been playing for years, I’m learning jazz theory that I’ve either learned and forgotten or never learned. I’m learning ways to freshen up my playing, which had become stale to me (and probably to those listening as well!). As a member, I have access to dozens and dozens of courses (with more being added every month!) so I can follow my interests and needs. I can, of course, schedule my lesson time to suit my work schedule; when I have time I can watch and work on a lesson or two, when I don’t have time, I don't have to show up for a lesson unprepared nor do I have to pay for a lesson I can’t attend.

In addition to the courses themselves, which are excellent, the PWJ community is a wonderful group of piano students who encourage each other, support each other, create study groups to work together in the same course, and most importantly, cheer each other on. I’m not really a “joiner” in that regard…. in groups both in person and online I’m usually a lurker. But this group has brought me out of hiding. We are encouraged to share videos of our progress, which I and many of my new PWJ friends do on a regular basis. When I first heard about this, I thought, “Yeah, that’s going to be dominated by a bunch of show-offs. No thank you.” I couldn’t have been more wrong. The videos people share range from beginners just starting out at the piano to advanced players who have regular gigs and have been playing for years, and of course everything in between. And there is no fear of having to post a “perfect” video. Just like the best in-person classrooms, people post where they are, mistakes and all. In fact, I’ve often told my own students who are learning to improvise for the first time, “You have a disadvantage in that it’s only you, the beginner, and me, the teacher. When I first learned to improvise, I was in a group with five other people, some of who had degrees in piano performance, all learning, making mistakes, and growing together. It made it much easier (and more fun).” The PWJ community helps create that same atmosphere, that we’re all learning together, and there’s no competition, no shame in being a beginner, and no shame in making mistakes or not knowing something. We’ve all seen rude, critical, and even cruel people in the online groups we’re a part of. But I’ve never encountered that in PWJ. It’s simply not part of the group dynamic. I can’t imagine it would be tolerated, either.

I’ve never met Jonny, but I can tell you that he is not only a good teacher, but it’s obvious that he is a warm and generous person. He didn’t set up a website and walk off to let it run itself. He regularly adds new courses, he has monthly workshops — long workshops in which he answers questions and teaches new things. He creates monthly challenges that many in the group participate in; he interacts with us in the PWJ members Facebook group. It’s clear to me he’s always thinking of ways to make PWJ even better for the members.

Since joining PWJ, my piano growth has gotten back on track after having been on a plateau for many years. I’m excited about the new things I’m learning and putting into practice. I’m not isolated (as playing the piano can be!) because I connect daily to others around the world who are also learning and growing. I’m watching them progress, I see my own progress, and I feel encouraged to keep my own practice going.

I heartily recommend becoming a PWJ member!
Micky Mc
Micky Mc
14:41 14 Feb 20
I started playing the keyboard on stage at the age of 16 without taking lessons. Since then, I have been trying to take piano lessons for a while, either with a teacher or on several online sites. I did not find my pleasure, I felt alone in my learning because for me music is not to play for only yourself. I discovered Jonny's site, I first took a monthly subscription, then an annual one (which I rarely do ) because I felt that I was no longer isolated in my learning.
I found through courses, challenges and this wonderful community that feeling of playing with others like in a band. It's great 👍

Since recently that I am on the site, I can say that my motivation has returned, my dreams have become possible.
I highly recommend Piano With Jonny for the quality of the lessons, the approach which is from the start to play different styles, and without forgetting this sharing in this extraordinary community which never leaves you alone in front of a question

Do I progress? yes it is undeniable.☺️

I am French, and it is not a barrier to subscribe to the site in particular by the clarity of the explanations and of the documents accompanying the lessons.
Dina Melucci
Dina Melucci
21:31 13 Feb 20
I have been trying to teach myself jazz for 40 years. I only got so far, I needed some help. I decided on PWJ mainly because the blues courses appealed to me, but there is so much more! Now I find myself playing several genres in multiple styles. I am impressed that Jonny shares "trade secrets" unlike some other courses, that keep that private. I am now using devices that I only dreamed of doing. Also, the course motivates you to practice! Playing is really half the battle and knowing WHAt to play s the other half. I no longer need to rely on just reading, I am free to improvise at will. Such freedom not needing sheet music any longer. I never thought this would happen, and it likely wouldn't have with out PWJ. Thank you Jonny for help getting me get a little closer to my piano dreams!
Александр Жаворонков
Александр Жаворонков
19:29 13 Dec 19
I am 45 years old last and I've never learned to play until last year I suddenly had the desire. I played a little electric guitar, but it is very difficult to play the guitar alone without a band. But with the piano, I could play alone with both the accompaniment and melody. I started watching some videos on YouTube and accidentally stumbled an offer to participate in 10-Days Blues Challenge from Piano With Jonny. This turned out to be exactly what I needed, and Jonny May captivated me with his approach to training. His course had an excellent combination of fully understandable material and pacing. I realized that Jonny's courses taught my favorite styles of music that I have always wanted to play... the rhythm of the blues, boogie, and rock and roll. I also realized that is very difficult find motivation when you play by yourself, and Piano With Jonny has an amazing Facebook community. In the community, I upload videos with my progress and peoples' support means a lot to me. I am very grateful to Jonny and his program! This is the best program and I sincerely recommend it to all fans of the piano!
Deborah Black
Deborah Black
18:40 13 Dec 19
The courses are so clear and well-structured. Jonny teaches you how music works in a fun, joyful, step-by-step approach.
Keiko Clovis Siemon
Keiko Clovis Siemon
20:08 03 Dec 19
You'll improve your skills so quickly and understand the theories by Jonny's lessons.Each lesson has so many great advices and he makes it so much fun for us!And the PWJcommunity is awesome!I love is so much!
Robert L Primrose
Robert L Primrose
19:03 02 Dec 19
Piano with Jonny (PWJ) is the best thing since sliced bread! I have played piano (self taught) on and off over 45 years. Since retirement I have been drawn back to the piano but found myself only brushing off old tunes previously learned. I came across the PWJ course and Wow, I am really on fire to learn. Jonny’s course is so thought out and so well done, it’s incredible. I feel like a kid in the candy store trying bits and pieces of the numerous offerings before I lock into a specific style area. My interests are blues, jazz, gospel, funk and Jonny covers it all. I have been working at it for a few months and my playing has improved considerably. The course is logically structured with progressive lessons for beginners to advanced. I particularly love the built in song sheet function that allows you to slow down the music, see notes on a keyboard, transpose, and print out. The courses also have professional background tracts that you can play along with!
Jonny May is not only a talented and accomplished musician, he is an exceptional teacher- clear and concise. You can see he really cares about what he is doing. The PWJ community is a terrific worldwide network of people who share a common interest- the piano. You can video and share your progress, get feedback and support. I find this very motivating. I could go on and on... but the bottom line is, this a great course, a great bang for your buck, and a great find in this era of online instruction. I highly recommend it.
Tammy MacBryde Farr
Tammy MacBryde Farr
13:50 30 Nov 19
Before I discovered piano with Jonny I was so bored. I had tried taking more piano lessons. I even got a new piano thinking that would get me excited about playing again. I wanted to learn new things like improv and how to play without sheet music. When I came across the PWJ Blues Challenge, all of that changed. I wasn’t even through the challenge before I knew I was going to become a member. Jonny and his crew are responsive and engaged in my learning and I don’t feel isolated in my piano education journey. Most of all, it’s brought the fun back into playing and learning.
Erik Sacré
Erik Sacré
10:07 29 Nov 19
I had been taking classical piano lessons for several years which I really enjoyed but I also felt the urge to expand my horizon and to learn different styles, especially jazz. I looked at dozens of online courses, but most lessons seemed to be of the kind where the student is supposed to copy the teacher and play the exact same arrangements.
Fortunately, I discovered Piano with Jonny. What struck me is how much effort Jonny puts into explaining the techniques that lead to those arrangements. He really provides a set of tools that I can use on other songs or improvisations. I also like the fact that the same base material (lead sheet) is used to create different styles of music (swing, Latin, ballad, ragtime…)
Although I feel I have gotten more than my money’s worth with these courses & workshops there is one thing that completely took me by surprise and that adds an enormous amount of value: The Piano with Jonny community. This is a place where people upload videos showing their progress. The community is super friendly & helpful. It is a real help in keeping me motivated.
Suzanne Hayball
Suzanne Hayball
08:21 28 Nov 19
I’ve been a member for about 6 months and have to say it has been the best decision. Prior to that I’d been having private lessons for a few years but having got the basics I wanted to move away from classical and more towards jazz styles and my teacher wasn’t able to help with that. I therefore turned towards online lessons on you tube and came across Jonnys free challenge. His lessons are so structured and break down concepts for any level of playing - I was hooked and enrolled for membership within a few days. My enthusiasm for learning is sky high and I love being able to access the lessons online so I can turn to it whenever it suits. The community is brilliant and provides massive support and encouragement - something else which was lacking with private lessons. The membership is such value for money; there’s always something going on with Q & A sessions, workshops, monthly challenges and member collaborations. I love PWJ and know that my piano playing is improving; better still, I’m really enjoying the journey.
David Silos
David Silos
04:32 28 Nov 19
The Piano With Jonny site is amazing just to start! Before starting PWJ, about year and half ago, I was trying to teach myself and this was not the most efficient way to learn. Since joining my playing has definitely improved just by learning from the instructional videos and monthly challenges that Jonny has put together. I am learning to play different styles I had no idea where to even start (blues, stride, bossa nova!!) His teaching method is easy to follow and challenging at the same time, but just like anything else you have to practice to get better! If you want to learn piano, you have come to the right place!
Ana Laura Letkeman Lozano
Ana Laura Letkeman Lozano
01:02 28 Nov 19
PWJ has helped me learn and really understand the theory, from a very simple way. I can actually see my progress, learn to play new genre, I find it cool to play with the backing track, specially when I'm starting a new course. I feel more confident when playing without a sheet music, even if I started learning with one. Thank you so much Jonny!
Charles Smith
Charles Smith
23:22 11 Nov 19
Johnny breaks down ideas very well. I never feel lost when watching a video me makes. His live question and answer sessions are top notch.

Yes, there are many excellent piano players. But, Johnny is also a great teacher.
Mark Eskritt
Mark Eskritt
21:34 09 Nov 19
Piano with Jonny provides great courses to everyone form beginners through advanced players. I've picked up improvisation techniques that I currently use when playing jazz, and I'm starting to learn ragtime piano. Piano with Jonny also has great tips for improving blues accompaniment and soloing which I use when play gigs with a band that I am a part of. My only problem is that there is so many lessons provided, that sometimes I cannot decide which lesson to pursue (but actually Jonny has tips for handling that as well). There is also a great supportive community through facebook that provides feedback and inspiration. I'm very glad that I have joined this community.
Oscar Firth-Robertson
Oscar Firth-Robertson
03:17 09 Nov 19
I started playing piano since I was young, but never took it seriously. Since I finished school in year 12, I decided to take piano into my stride. Self teaching myself Jazz through various YouTube videos and books. Until I came across Piano with Jonny. PWJ offered me a platform that I was able to work at my own pace and my own ability, building my confidence in many genre's such as: Ballad, Stride, Ragtime, Blues and Swing, to just name a few. I quickly joined the facebook group, that is filled with over 1000 other members of this platform, to share our own progress and encourage others. This was been super beneficial for my growth, as it has provided me with a sense of community.
If you are wanting to progress your musical ability, I would highly recommend PWJ, as Jonny has a way of teaching that does not discriminate against any playing levels. Whether you have been playing for 10 years, or 10 minutes, you'll find something to learn.

Additionally, there is monthly challenges offered, that come in a weekly episode. By the end of the month, without realising it, you have learnt a new style/piano piece. Do yourself a flavor, give it a go. You wont regret it.
Sebastian Simian
Sebastian Simian
11:35 08 Nov 19
I came here to learn jazz and improvisation.
I had 2 teachers from whom I learned the fundamental things for which I am grateful and some things are also found here, but none taught me to improvise in the true sense of the word.
I think anyone can improvise, but not everyone can explain or make you understand.
I mean, I improvised and before I came here, I was doing it by ear but without understanding and I couldn't explain what I did there in that improvisation and evolution is slow.
Improvising is an art, a science, more precisely, always discovering something new, but it is absolutely necessary to have knowledge in your tool bag if you want to discover that something.
Now I want to learn other genres: blues and Latin and ragtime and boogie and gospel and funk even Disney and the list can go on.
I am very glad that I made this decision to join Piano With Jonny, and if you want the same thing as me you will definitely find what you are looking for here.
Megan Kuhl
Megan Kuhl
01:10 08 Nov 19
I joined Piano With Jonny to learn jazz, blues - anything improv! Despite 10 years of lessons and playing by ear since I was 4 years old, I am constantly learning something new from Jonny!
My playing has definitely improved since branching out into these new genres. My favorite thing is the monthly challenge - it's just that, a challenge that gets me out of my comfort zone and encourages me to share my progress with the facebook community. Side bonus - the community is FANTASTIC. You won't be disappointed!
Teri Johnson
Teri Johnson
18:18 19 Sep 19
When I moved to E. Coast from Seattle, I looked for a new blues piano teacher, but didn't find a great match. Most of the teachers only teach classical. When I found Piano With Jonny it was like hitting the piano learning jackpot! The flexibility and range of choices is awesome and Jonny breaks down each bite-size segment into practice routines that pay off immediately. The community challenges are encouraging, uplifting and inspire me to be a better musician. The result is I'm having fun and learning more every day. My playing is demonstration to me that this is a great value. If you have always imagined sitting down to play beautifully, know that it is within reach sooner than you ever imagined with a little daily investment of your time and attention.
Sam Argier
Sam Argier
19:17 18 Sep 19
Piano With Jonny has been an amazing experience. As someone who took classical piano lessons from ages 8 to 18, it has been nearly 20 years since I've played piano regularly. I have always wanted to learn jazz piano, so I decided to join Jonny's program. The experience has far and away exceeded my expectations. What I love most about Jonny's approach is the way explains everything and makes it very clear no matter your skill level. I have learned so much about theory and how to play these fun piano styles. He lays everything out for you in the lessons, and the PWJ community is full of awesome people that support you along the way. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned player, I highly recommend Piano with Jonny if you want to grow as a pianist.
Rie Kitamura
Rie Kitamura
21:58 15 Sep 19
Since I discovered PWJ, my playing has changed rapidly, it has improved technically and has become more colourful with new chords and styles.

Learning how to make music is the most exciting thing and makes me feel free, not just playing what is on the sheet.

Each lesson has its learning focus and I can learn them step by step at my own pace everyday.

I enjoy practising with backtracking and sharing my progress with other members, getting motivation and inspiration from them, not like practicing alone.

Now, practicing is my daily routine, what I keep in my mind is consistency and to finish what I've started.

As Jonny says "learning piano is like a journey", and as long as I have a destination, I'm sure he will guide me the right way.
Joe Spencer
Joe Spencer
02:58 15 Sep 19
I LOVE Piano With Jonny; in fact I’m kind of hooked. I used to play the piano when I was a kid, playing ragtime on any open public piano I could find. But regrettably I took 30+ year break before starting it back up again about 4 years ago. When I resumed I couldn’t find a focus or structure in my playing, as I kept trying unsuccessfully to start exactly back where I left off as a kid. Piano With Jonny helped me to reassess where I am currently at, what I can do now, and what I would like to do in the future. Jonny is a smooth instructor who is able to teach at all skill levels. The recorded on-line lessons are allowing me to learn, re-learn, and refine piano skills and music genres at my own pace. There is no pressure, unless I want to get the challenges in on a reasonable time with mutual support from fellow members attempting to do the same. PWJ is a VERY supportive on-line community of piano students who want to help each other out. And PWJ has helped me to finally set up a practice structure and focus that I lacked when I started back up.
Debbie Wolfe
Debbie Wolfe
04:24 14 Sep 19
Arpeggios. That's all I really knew how to do when it came to improv. As a result, I had some very boring arrangements with no excitement and life. I'm in the thick of learning here in PWJ and my arrangements are morphing into more exciting pieces. I find myself sitting at the piano to practice jazz ballad soloing instead of scrolling through Instagram. Can I play Baby Shark in different styles now? Yep, and the kiddos love it.

Jonny is a master teacher with an incredible knack for building curriculum that teaches far beyond the notes on a page. Just a beginner? He's got it. Advanced piano player?
Yep, he's got you covered. I've played piano for 30 years and am amazed at breadth of material I'm learning: the new techniques, scales I didn't know existed, jazz chords, and ways to practice to become a proficient soloist. Jonny provides the tools, then shows us how to use them so our piano playing can soar with the stars. I highly recommend Piano with Jonny!
Olga Espinosa Fernández
Olga Espinosa Fernández
20:08 13 Sep 19
Creo que él sabe hacer de lo difícil algo fácil porque te desmenuza el trabajo de tal manera que vas progresando de manera paulatina pero segura.
Los vídeos están detallados y las partituras están súper claras.
También el hecho de saber que formas parte de una comunidad te anima a seguir .
Estoy muy contenta de pertenecer al grupo.

I think he knows how to make the difficult easy because he shreds your work in such a way that you are progressing gradually but surely. The videos are detailed and the scores are super clear. Also knowing that you are part of a community encourages you to continue. I am very happy to belong to the group. I totally recommend it. Thank you Jonny
Steve West
Steve West
08:02 24 Aug 19
My college degree is in music education and piano was my major instrument. After graduating I was tired of it and didn’t play for 30+ years. Then I wandered back to playing the piano, but there was still another dimension missing. I started looking around online to expand my musical horizons, especially with improvisation. Some sites were very expensive. Some hadn’t updated their site in years. Some had too much of a focus on one musical style area. And then I found Piano with Jonny. Wow! What an amazing experience this has been. There are so many lessons, with more created each month, that I will be kept busy and challenged for years!! Not only am I starting to improvise, which was impossible for me, but I have found other musical styles that excite me. An added benefit of PWJ is the vibrant and active Facebook group. We share videos of our playing and interact with each other. Jonny is also there as our teacher providing positive feedback. Now I consider these members as friends. We’ve never met, but I hope to meet some of them when I’m traveling. Jonny has opened up a whole new piano-playing world for me! Thank you, Jonny, for what you do to inspire each of us. You are truly the best!!!
Douglas Rowley
Douglas Rowley
01:59 20 Aug 19
I highly recommend taking the journey with Jonny and the PWJ community. It is much more than just an on line tutorial. The video posting, feedback, and interaction with other students from all over the world is priceless. I have only been a member since April and I truly feel I have made incredible progress. This is a working community. We have work shops, monthly Q&A’s , daily tips, incredible website, and more. The website will provide beginners and pros with monthly challenges, downloadable backing tracks, lesson sheets, incredible arrangements, etc

Don’t miss out! Price to join for one year is what I would spend for 3 one hour lessons
Looking forward to getting to know all new members.
Julie Perry
Julie Perry
01:28 20 Aug 19
I have literally played the piano most of my 71 years and love all genres of music but could only play if I had the music in front of me.I have wanted to be able to just sit down and play anything without music and have it sound amazing, but I lacked the know how. I have looked at other online programs but they were really expensive and seemed complicated. Then the 10 Day Blues Challenge with Jonny came in my email in April of this year, 2019. I did it and was hooked; and the price to sign up was affordable. Jonny's teaching is clear and there are printouts to practice. I am motivated by the many courses and challenges he offers as well as the great community of musicians that post and give encouragement. I am learning how to play a variety of chords and scales and use them to improvise songs and make them sound amazing! The courses are geared to every level from beginning to advanced. Jonny and his team is highly interactive with each student. Jonny is the best! Thank you, Jonny!
Natalia Ledger
Natalia Ledger
23:14 12 Aug 19
I have a musical education, but have never played jazz music. Having discovered PWJ site for myself, I realized that this is the source that I have been looking for a long time. Jonny May is really a wonderful musician, teacher and organizer!
This is really a great platform for learning, because the site has a clear structure, on which all lessons are built and there is feedback. I am very happy to be part of the community, not to be a loner. I began to master blues with great pleasure. I try to regularly share my results with friends on our Facebook page. Gradually, I hope to master the other sections. I wish all of us inspiration and success! Thank you Jonny!!!
Hiram León
Hiram León
00:20 10 Aug 19
I highly recommend Piano With Jonny (PWJ). The main challenge that I had before becoming a member (student) of Piano With Jonny was recording and posting my practice sessions within the PWJ member community. I've been playing piano for 15+ years. However, since becoming a member (student) with Jonny my playing is improving on daily basis.
Jonny is an amazing teacher, and motivator. The Piano With Jonny community of members are very positive and supportive, and they always give encouraging feedback. If anyone is looking to improve their piano skills, or if you're new to the piano and looking to learn, this is definitely the place to be!
Harrison Moss
Harrison Moss
18:28 05 May 19
I highly recommend Piano With Jonny (PWJ). I've played piano from a young age, but one day, I wanted to take it to the next level. I didn't really know how or where to start. I did tons of research into online piano instruction (both free + paid) and even started taking lessons again. I signed up for PWJ, not really knowing what to expect and just to try it.

After being a member for some time, I can say without a doubt, PWJ is the BEST instruction around. It is one of the best investments in my musical education I've ever made.

PWJ offers lessons on many styles (jazz, pop, rock, blues, etc.), along with downloadable sheet music, backing tracks (to play along), and quality instruction from Jonny himself. Jonny continuously adds content and engages with members in a friendly and responsive way. Not only is PWJ content-rich, it is evident that Jonny truly loves teaching and helping others achieve their musical dreams. PWJ has helped me reach musical heights I honestly never thought possible! I can't recommend it enough.
Shawn Cramer
Shawn Cramer
17:24 25 Apr 19
After discovering Piano with Jonny, I can’t walk by the piano at my home now without playing something. Jonny helped me finally fulfill a bucket-list dream of mine - to play blues and jazz piano. His videos are helpful, well paced, thorough and positive. His affordable membership is one of the best investments I’ve made in a long time.
Lars Vormeland Lilleng
Lars Vormeland Lilleng
15:34 29 Mar 19
I highly recommend Piano With Jonny. I have been playing piano for many years now. Since I was 7, I’ve had many teachers that tried to motivate me to practice daily, but most of my practice happened only during a lesson. Then when I was 15, I couldn’t stand it anymore and quit the lessons, thinking I could do it by myself. So I did it for a few years before other priorities took over. From then on I’ve played every now and then, but it wasn’t structured. A couple of years ago, I was asked to be in the already established band – they needed a piano player for a concert they were going to have in just one month. I decided that I must practice more and in need of a teacher that could motivate me and teach me something new to develop my skills further. I have played during that concert and became a permanent member of the band, but I still couldn't find the right teacher. So I’ve expanded my search and found Jonny May’s piano school. It took me a few months before I became a member, but I should have done it years ago, because I’ve learned so much in such a short time! I could choose exactly what I need to learn from all kind of different styles available in the course. In addition, Jonny May was personally available, despite having hundreds of students. Membership in PWJ also allows access to the forum with other piano players, who shared their experience and challenges. There is also question and answer section where I could get live answers to my questions. I have learned more during the last year in PWJ than in my previous 20 years of piano lessons. Most importantly, I stay motivated to learn more. I have learned some pieces by heart – something I thought I could never master. So just throw yourself into it – you won’t regret it. It is worth every penny!
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy
16:20 22 Mar 19
I’ve taken piano lessons off and on for years, but none of the teachers has taught and inspired me more than Jonny May. I’ve been a happy PWJ member now for almost two years now. I originally discovered his work on YouTube, specifically, how to play a very impressive and fun Happy Birthday performance piece in 7 different styles, traditional, latin, swing, ragtime, etc. And I get to learn from the guy who played at Disneyland for 9 years! I KNEW this arrangement was far beyond my skill level, but Jonny’s videos broke down the fingering, the timing, the dynamics, and the notes so clearly, and with lots of encouragement, that I kept at it, and I can play it now! Along with Jonny’s instructional videos are support resources like “Musicnotes”, where you can see the sheet music, slow the tempo down, or transpose the key if you need to! A great help! I also love the fact that he makes himself available for LIVE Q&A sessions regularly, and he’s very responsive to his student’s questions and challenges online, I feel like I’ve definitely come to the right place to learn the style of piano I’ve always wanted to learn, and styles that I didn’t even know that I wanted to learn! Latin jazz is FUN!! Jazz, ragtime, blues, rock, improv… Jonny is a master at these styles, and lucky for us, he’s also a passionate, patient, encouraging teacher who clearly appreciates and loves to engage with all of his students. He has hundreds of hours of curated piano lessons for all playing levels and styles, and he’s created a passionate community of supportive members from all over the world. Come join us!
David Moody
David Moody
21:22 20 Mar 19
For a long time I was just teaching myself, and not doing a very good job at it. Then I moved overseas and didn't have access to a piano for over 11 years, just small keyboards, and during that time I progressively lost a lot of skill (though I didn't really know that until I was finally able to buy a piano and tried playing it!). I've had to go back to basics re-learning scales and other exercises to try and build up the skill, but I wasn't really going anywhere. So, I bit the bullet and bought a course from Piano With Jonny, and it was a revelation. I learned so much about improvising while rebuilding lost skill. I then bit the bullet again and bought a second course, and the wow-factor hit again. I loved every moment of doing the courses, and especially the frequent interactions with other students in the Facebook group. I loved it so much I bought into the 12 month membership.
I'm still working on finger agility, and rebuilding lost skills, but in much more interesting, fun and beneficial ways. I'm now learning swing with walking bass, and so much more. I've always enjoyed playing ragtime, but could only play what was written, but since doing the December monthly challenge I can now improvise with it, and improvise non-ragtime songs into ragtime. PWJ isn't just about learning to play the piano, it's about learning how to be creative, original, fresh. It's about sharing where you're at, no matter how good or bad you are, and knowing that you will only receive advice and massive encouragement in return. It's about building mutual supportive relationships with others in the online community.
Jonny's teaching style through the online platform is far better than anything else I've ever encountered, including face-to-face lessons, and I would strongly recommend that anyone give it a go.
Kris Stump
Kris Stump
03:02 20 Mar 19
As a guys that trained in classical piano from 6 years old until 18 I have continued to play in other arenas until now 58. I stumbled upon the blues challenge and really had a blast improving improvisation skills but most importantly HAVING FUN! It brought back some memories and techniques from jazz and improvisation lessons from years ago and it was very well taught. I decided to buy a membership to PWJ for a year and don’t know how much time I will be able to spend on it but feel like it will be well worth it. I will get out of it what I put into it. God bless PWJ!
Michael von Kessel
Michael von Kessel
15:24 14 Mar 19
I played the piano since I was 13 years old. Largely without guidance and tuition, I tried out a few teachers but we either didn‘t connect as they were classically trained and I only wanted to do, jazz, blues and rock’n’roll piano, or the money was too tight, or a combination of both, so the relationship never lasted long. I largely played what I had learnt in a course for electronic organs back in the seventies, chords in my left, melody in my right, and so I played for decades, having fun, enjoying myself but not making any headway musically. Then I discovered the internet and youtube, which was better than nothing, and I came across Jonny‘s youtube channel. I was instantly hooked but didn‘t sign up. Instead I spent a fortune with a piano teacher at my son‘s music school who either checked his whatsapp messages in our sessions or lamented about his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile I kept contact with Jonny, and - surprise - although I was not a paying member at that time but only a youtube follower, I always got nice, positive replies within 24 hours, and I got hooked by his unique teaching style which exactly fitted my needs. Easily accessible well-structured lessons at my preferred practice time, no commuting to sessions with teachers, no last-minute cancellations, no being afraid about delayed trains, no waste of time, advice just a mouse-click away if needed, and he even told me when he would make temporary discounts available for new members.

It still took me about two years for finally signing up, and all I can say is I fail to comprehend why it took me so long, but I‘m so glad I finally did. Jonny and his team were extremely helpful with setting me up on the system as we had to master a few technical problems, and when I finally got access to the full curriculum I was blown away by the mass of well laid-out courses now available to me. And on top comes this wonderful PWJ members facebook group which instantly became my virtual musical family. When I posted my first video I was literally sh****ing my pants, and I was overwhelmed by the positive, heartwarming and constructive feedback I received. The group creates a positive atmosphere where everybody is willing to grow and to share which really sucked me in, and this gave me a tremendous motivational boost.

I have played more piano in the last three months since I joined PWJ than in the decade before, and everybody in my environment keeps telling me that I get better and better. Jonny is always there to help with questions about the courses or certain technique-related questions, he gives fantastic feedback (don‘t know when the man sleeps) to every video I post, he is always available on FB messenger, he does fantastic monthly live Q&A sessions and Live Workshops on Facebook which are now like family gatherings, and he puts out great monthly challenges and new courses all the time.

Being a lawyer by profession, I am normally not overly emotional in my communication but I have to say it, I simply love this man. He brought so much good to my musical life, he really turned it around completely, and he did what nobody did before - he made me proud of what I have achieved so far, and he made me looking so much forward to my musical journey with him and the PWJ members. Thanks Jonny, glad to know you!
Elizabeth Ingalls
Elizabeth Ingalls
01:32 12 Mar 19
Hi, I’m a new member. I joined last week after taking the Blues Challenge. I want to tell you that I am very happy I became a member. I returned to the piano about 4 years ago after a long hiatus and had been relying on youtube instructional videos and band workshops to learn. I found the youtube videos helpful but your lessons as a member of piano with Jonny are much better because they are structured in such a way that they really lock in the concepts and skills needed to be able to play many styles, transpose, improvise and really get comfortable with the instrument. Each lesson has building blocks that take you the next step and since they are presented in bite size pieces you don’t feel overwhelmed. I have already completed your blues and jazz challenges studied Sugar Cubes, and Funk. I need a lot of practice to get them perfect but can take the concepts and apply them to my playing right away. Your program is quickly filling a lot of gaps in my knowledge. Receiving your email today with yet another lesson prompted me to write this testimonial for you today. I really appreciate your dedication and willingness to share new things so often to keep us motivated. For anyone on the fence about becoming a member I can tell you this is well worth it. Thank You Jonny May!
A smile,
Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh
00:52 10 Mar 19
I studied classical piano at a conservatory for 5 years and was pretty well rounded pianist when I left. But, I wanted to learn to play jazz and improvise. I got stuck and plateaued.

Jonny and his team have scratched that itch and my skills have grown substantially. I’m amazed by the progress shown by his other students, from beginners through professionals.

The content really is top notch, and Jonny is always adding new stuff.
Brenda Frias-Heyer
Brenda Frias-Heyer
02:01 08 Mar 19
Before I discovered Piano With Jonny I spent quite some time trying to find the proper piano teacher online, and I struggled learning their teaching styles and staying motivated. Ever since I joined PWJ I have been able to learn the main foundations, different piano styles, and have raised my playing-level of difficulty. Also, being part of such a supportive and fun PWJ community is incredible, I am truly thankful for Jonny's interaction and dedication with his students. It is not usual to find a piano teacher with such great teaching skills and knowledge, I now understand why Disneyland Park hired Jonny years ago as the youngest piano performer...forever grateful I have landed on Jonny's land :)
Phillip Goltiao
Phillip Goltiao
00:57 08 Mar 19
What makes Piano With Jonny so special?
1. The Coach - Jonny explains difficult techniques in a very simple and easy to understand way. There's sheet music for those that like to read music, and there's a clear visual of the keys and proper fingers if you like to play by watching.

2. Types of Music/Quality of Material - Ragtime, Jazz, Blues, Contemporary, and you get to move at your own pace.

3. Amazing support group on Facebook - Pianists need encouragement, or they have more questions that can be answered by fellow students that have worked on the same song.

4. Q&A support/liveworkshops - You really get to interact with Jonny! That's pretty special. 😃
Kathryn M. Jopes
Kathryn M. Jopes
22:53 07 Mar 19
I hadn't sat down at a piano for 50 years until last year. Found Jonny's site, became a member and off and running. He teaches all levels of instruction. You can start, restart the videos, learn at your own pace. You can learn theory or songs or both. If you want to play the piano and add enjoyment to your life, this is the site.
Luis White
Luis White
07:38 07 Mar 19
Hello everyone,

Since I suscribed on the website, I've been learning a tone of things. Thank you Jonny for teaching us all these piano styles. It is such a pleasure to work on your lessons everyday. Before joining the community, I wondered several times where to find well-structured jazz, rock, boogie lessons and it seems I've found you 😄. Thank you all for your precious advice and kind words.
From France with love ❤
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