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In the August 2019 Q&A, Jonny answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general.

July 2019 Update

This month, we released 3 new courses, 4 Quick Tips, 30 One-Minute Tips, and 6 Smart Sheets.

Intermediate/Advanced Live Workshop (7/27)

In the July live workshop, you learned 6 essential funk & smooth jazz grooves, 6 licks, 5 chord positions, & 4 right hand chord rhythms.

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Beginner/Intermediate Live Workshop (8/24)

08/24/2019 10:00 am

A Passionate Online Community

Douglas Rowley
Douglas Rowley
01:59 20 Aug 19
I highly recommend taking the journey with Jonny and the PWJ community. It is much more than just an on line tutorial. The video posting, feedback, and interaction with other students from all over the world is priceless. I have only been a member since April and I truly feel I have made incredible progress. This is a working community. We have work shops, monthly Q&A’s , daily tips, incredible website, and more. The website will provide beginners and pros with monthly challenges, downloadable backing tracks, lesson sheets, incredible arrangements, etcDon’t miss out! Price to join for one year is what I would spend for 3 one hour lessonsLooking forward to getting to know all new members.
Julie Perry
Julie Perry
01:28 20 Aug 19
I have literally played the piano most of my 71 years and love all genres of music but could only play if I had the music in front of me.I have wanted to be able to just sit down and play anything without music and have it sound amazing, but I lacked the know how. I have looked at other online programs but they were really expensive and seemed complicated. Then the 10 Day Blues Challenge with Jonny came in my email in April of this year, 2019. I did it and was hooked; and the price to sign up was affordable. Jonny's teaching is clear and there are printouts to practice. I am motivated by the many courses and challenges he offers as well as the great community of musicians that post and give encouragement. I am learning how to play a variety of chords and scales and use them to improvise songs and make them sound amazing! The courses are geared to every level from beginning to advanced. Jonny and his team is highly interactive with each student. Jonny is the best! Thank you, Jonny!
Terry Hopley
Terry Hopley
10:17 17 Aug 19
I’ve loved piano for most of my 81 years but always found learning was too boring and too difficult. Just ten months ago I discovered PWJ and I can’t believe how it has transformed my musical ambitions. Within a few weeks Jonny had me playing the music I have always loved and I can really enjoy playing for myself, my family and friends. I know my progress will continue at a rapid pace with the support of Jonny and the great circle of friends I have discovered within his unique community. It’s never too late to start ... especially by joining PWJ.
Natalia Ledger
Natalia Ledger
23:14 12 Aug 19
I have a musical education, but have never played jazz music. Having discovered PWJ site for myself, I realized that this is the source that I have been looking for a long time. Jonny May is really a wonderful musician, teacher and organizer!This is really a great platform for learning, because the site has a clear structure, on which all lessons are built and there is feedback. I am very happy to be part of the community, not to be a loner. I began to master blues with great pleasure. I try to regularly share my results with friends on our Facebook page. Gradually, I hope to master the other sections. I wish all of us inspiration and success! Thank you Jonny!!!
Yvonne Yeroyan
Yvonne Yeroyan
06:43 10 Aug 19
If only I had this course years ago! You’ll get to interact with a fun and engaged group of pianists and will have no shortage of things to learn and try; from weekly goals to monthly challenges to quick tips and more. Jonny May also has a unique ability to make complicated techniques and info easy to achieve and understand. You’ll learn a lot in a short time by a skilled pianist who will push you to great new heights. I highly recommend this course.
Hiram Leon
Hiram Leon
00:20 10 Aug 19
I highly recommend Piano With Jonny (PWJ). The main challenge that I had before becoming a member (student) of Piano With Jonny was recording and posting my practice sessions within the PWJ member community. I've been playing piano for 15+ years. However, since becoming a member (student) with Jonny my playing is improving on daily basis.Jonny is an amazing teacher, and motivator. The Piano With Jonny community of members are very positive and supportive, and they always give encouraging feedback. If anyone is looking to improve their piano skills, or if you're new to the piano and looking to learn, this is definitely the place to be!
Harrison Moss
Harrison Moss
18:28 05 May 19
I highly recommend Piano With Jonny (PWJ). I've played piano from a young age, but one day, I wanted to take it to the next level. I didn't really know how or where to start. I did tons of research into online piano instruction (both free + paid) and even started taking lessons again. I signed up for PWJ, not really knowing what to expect and just to try it. After being a member for some time, I can say without a doubt, PWJ is the BEST instruction around. It is one of the best investments in my musical education I've ever made. PWJ offers lessons on many styles (jazz, pop, rock, blues, etc.), along with downloadable sheet music, backing tracks (to play along), and quality instruction from Jonny himself. Jonny continuously adds content and engages with members in a friendly and responsive way. Not only is PWJ content-rich, it is evident that Jonny truly loves teaching and helping others achieve their musical dreams. PWJ has helped me reach musical heights I honestly never thought possible! I can't recommend it enough.
Shawn Cramer
Shawn Cramer
17:24 25 Apr 19
After discovering Piano with Jonny, I can’t walk by the piano at my home now without playing something. Jonny helped me finally fulfill a bucket-list dream of mine - to play blues and jazz piano. His videos are helpful, well paced, thorough and positive. His affordable membership is one of the best investments I’ve made in a long time.
Lars Vormeland
Lars Vormeland
15:34 29 Mar 19
I highly recommend Piano With Jonny. I have been playing piano for many years now. Since I was 7, I’ve had many teachers that tried to motivate me to practice daily, but most of my practice happened only during a lesson. Then when I was 15, I couldn’t stand it anymore and quit the lessons, thinking I could do it by myself. So I did it for a few years before other priorities took over. From then on I’ve played every now and then, but it wasn’t structured. A couple of years ago, I was asked to be in the already established band – they needed a piano player for a concert they were going to have in just one month. I decided that I must practice more and in need of a teacher that could motivate me and teach me something new to develop my skills further. I have played during that concert and became a permanent member of the band, but I still couldn't find the right teacher. So I’ve expanded my search and found Jonny May’s piano school. It took me a few months before I became a member, but I should have done it years ago, because I’ve learned so much in such a short time! I could choose exactly what I need to learn from all kind of different styles available in the course. In addition, Jonny May was personally available, despite having hundreds of students. Membership in PWJ also allows access to the forum with other piano players, who shared their experience and challenges. There is also question and answer section where I could get live answers to my questions. I have learned more during the last year in PWJ than in my previous 20 years of piano lessons. Most importantly, I stay motivated to learn more. I have learned some pieces by heart – something I thought I could never master. So just throw yourself into it – you won’t regret it. It is worth every penny!
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy
16:20 22 Mar 19
I’ve taken piano lessons off and on for years, but none of the teachers has taught and inspired me more than Jonny May. I’ve been a happy PWJ member now for almost two years now. I originally discovered his work on YouTube, specifically, how to play a very impressive and fun Happy Birthday performance piece in 7 different styles, traditional, latin, swing, ragtime, etc. And I get to learn from the guy who played at Disneyland for 9 years! I KNEW this arrangement was far beyond my skill level, but Jonny’s videos broke down the fingering, the timing, the dynamics, and the notes so clearly, and with lots of encouragement, that I kept at it, and I can play it now! Along with Jonny’s instructional videos are support resources like “Musicnotes”, where you can see the sheet music, slow the tempo down, or transpose the key if you need to! A great help! I also love the fact that he makes himself available for LIVE Q&A sessions regularly, and he’s very responsive to his student’s questions and challenges online, I feel like I’ve definitely come to the right place to learn the style of piano I’ve always wanted to learn, and styles that I didn’t even know that I wanted to learn! Latin jazz is FUN!! Jazz, ragtime, blues, rock, improv… Jonny is a master at these styles, and lucky for us, he’s also a passionate, patient, encouraging teacher who clearly appreciates and loves to engage with all of his students. He has hundreds of hours of curated piano lessons for all playing levels and styles, and he’s created a passionate community of supportive members from all over the world. Come join us!
David Moody
David Moody
21:22 20 Mar 19
For a long time I was just teaching myself, and not doing a very good job at it. Then I moved overseas and didn't have access to a piano for over 11 years, just small keyboards, and during that time I progressively lost a lot of skill (though I didn't really know that until I was finally able to buy a piano and tried playing it!). I've had to go back to basics re-learning scales and other exercises to try and build up the skill, but I wasn't really going anywhere. So, I bit the bullet and bought a course from Piano With Jonny, and it was a revelation. I learned so much about improvising while rebuilding lost skill. I then bit the bullet again and bought a second course, and the wow-factor hit again. I loved every moment of doing the courses, and especially the frequent interactions with other students in the Facebook group. I loved it so much I bought into the 12 month membership. I'm still working on finger agility, and rebuilding lost skills, but in much more interesting, fun and beneficial ways. I'm now learning swing with walking bass, and so much more. I've always enjoyed playing ragtime, but could only play what was written, but since doing the December monthly challenge I can now improvise with it, and improvise non-ragtime songs into ragtime. PWJ isn't just about learning to play the piano, it's about learning how to be creative, original, fresh. It's about sharing where you're at, no matter how good or bad you are, and knowing that you will only receive advice and massive encouragement in return. It's about building mutual supportive relationships with others in the online community.Jonny's teaching style through the online platform is far better than anything else I've ever encountered, including face-to-face lessons, and I would strongly recommend that anyone give it a go.
Kris Stump
Kris Stump
03:02 20 Mar 19
As a guys that trained in classical piano from 6 years old until 18 I have continued to play in other arenas until now 58. I stumbled upon the blues challenge and really had a blast improving improvisation skills but most importantly HAVING FUN! It brought back some memories and techniques from jazz and improvisation lessons from years ago and it was very well taught. I decided to buy a membership to PWJ for a year and don’t know how much time I will be able to spend on it but feel like it will be well worth it. I will get out of it what I put into it. God bless PWJ!
Michael von Kessel
Michael von Kessel
15:24 14 Mar 19
I played the piano since I was 13 years old. Largely without guidance and tuition, I tried out a few teachers but we either didn‘t connect as they were classically trained and I only wanted to do, jazz, blues and rock’n’roll piano, or the money was too tight, or a combination of both, so the relationship never lasted long. I largely played what I had learnt in a course for electronic organs back in the seventies, chords in my left, melody in my right, and so I played for decades, having fun, enjoying myself but not making any headway musically. Then I discovered the internet and youtube, which was better than nothing, and I came across Jonny‘s youtube channel. I was instantly hooked but didn‘t sign up. Instead I spent a fortune with a piano teacher at my son‘s music school who either checked his whatsapp messages in our sessions or lamented about his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile I kept contact with Jonny, and - surprise - although I was not a paying member at that time but only a youtube follower, I always got nice, positive replies within 24 hours, and I got hooked by his unique teaching style which exactly fitted my needs. Easily accessible well-structured lessons at my preferred practice time, no commuting to sessions with teachers, no last-minute cancellations, no being afraid about delayed trains, no waste of time, advice just a mouse-click away if needed, and he even told me when he would make temporary discounts available for new members.It still took me about two years for finally signing up, and all I can say is I fail to comprehend why it took me so long, but I‘m so glad I finally did. Jonny and his team were extremely helpful with setting me up on the system as we had to master a few technical problems, and when I finally got access to the full curriculum I was blown away by the mass of well laid-out courses now available to me. And on top comes this wonderful PWJ members facebook group which instantly became my virtual musical family. When I posted my first video I was literally sh****ing my pants, and I was overwhelmed by the positive, heartwarming and constructive feedback I received. The group creates a positive atmosphere where everybody is willing to grow and to share which really sucked me in, and this gave me a tremendous motivational boost. I have played more piano in the last three months since I joined PWJ than in the decade before, and everybody in my environment keeps telling me that I get better and better. Jonny is always there to help with questions about the courses or certain technique-related questions, he gives fantastic feedback (don‘t know when the man sleeps) to every video I post, he is always available on FB messenger, he does fantastic monthly live Q&A sessions and Live Workshops on Facebook which are now like family gatherings, and he puts out great monthly challenges and new courses all the time. Being a lawyer by profession, I am normally not overly emotional in my communication but I have to say it, I simply love this man. He brought so much good to my musical life, he really turned it around completely, and he did what nobody did before - he made me proud of what I have achieved so far, and he made me looking so much forward to my musical journey with him and the PWJ members. Thanks Jonny, glad to know you!
Elizabeth Ingalls
Elizabeth Ingalls
01:32 12 Mar 19
Hi, I’m a new member. I joined last week after taking the Blues Challenge. I want to tell you that I am very happy I became a member. I returned to the piano about 4 years ago after a long hiatus and had been relying on youtube instructional videos and band workshops to learn. I found the youtube videos helpful but your lessons as a member of piano with Jonny are much better because they are structured in such a way that they really lock in the concepts and skills needed to be able to play many styles, transpose, improvise and really get comfortable with the instrument. Each lesson has building blocks that take you the next step and since they are presented in bite size pieces you don’t feel overwhelmed. I have already completed your blues and jazz challenges studied Sugar Cubes, and Funk. I need a lot of practice to get them perfect but can take the concepts and apply them to my playing right away. Your program is quickly filling a lot of gaps in my knowledge. Receiving your email today with yet another lesson prompted me to write this testimonial for you today. I really appreciate your dedication and willingness to share new things so often to keep us motivated. For anyone on the fence about becoming a member I can tell you this is well worth it. Thank You Jonny May!A smile,Liz
Josh Walsh
Josh Walsh
00:52 10 Mar 19
I studied classical piano at a conservatory for 5 years and was pretty well rounded pianist when I left. But, I wanted to learn to play jazz and improvise. I got stuck and plateaued. Jonny and his team have scratched that itch and my skills have grown substantially. I’m amazed by the progress shown by his other students, from beginners through professionals. The content really is top notch, and Jonny is always adding new stuff.
Brenda Frias-Heyer
Brenda Frias-Heyer
02:01 08 Mar 19
Before I discovered Piano With Jonny I spent quite some time trying to find the proper piano teacher online, and I struggled learning their teaching styles and staying motivated. Ever since I joined PWJ I have been able to learn the main foundations, different piano styles, and have raised my playing-level of difficulty. Also, being part of such a supportive and fun PWJ community is incredible, I am truly thankful for Jonny's interaction and dedication with his students. It is not usual to find a piano teacher with such great teaching skills and knowledge, I now understand why Disneyland Park hired Jonny years ago as the youngest piano performer...forever grateful I have landed on Jonny's land :)
Phillip Goltiao
Phillip Goltiao
00:57 08 Mar 19
What makes Piano With Jonny so special?1. The Coach - Jonny explains difficult techniques in a very simple and easy to understand way. There's sheet music for those that like to read music, and there's a clear visual of the keys and proper fingers if you like to play by watching.2. Types of Music/Quality of Material - Ragtime, Jazz, Blues, Contemporary, and you get to move at your own pace.3. Amazing support group on Facebook - Pianists need encouragement, or they have more questions that can be answered by fellow students that have worked on the same song.4. Q&A support/liveworkshops - You really get to interact with Jonny! That's pretty special. 😃
Kathryn M. Jopes
Kathryn M. Jopes
22:53 07 Mar 19
I hadn't sat down at a piano for 50 years until last year. Found Jonny's site, became a member and off and running. He teaches all levels of instruction. You can start, restart the videos, learn at your own pace. You can learn theory or songs or both. If you want to play the piano and add enjoyment to your life, this is the site.
Maxence Seytre
Maxence Seytre
07:38 07 Mar 19
Hello everyone,Since I suscribed on the website, I've been learning a tone of things. Thank you Jonny for teaching us all these piano styles. It is such a pleasure to work on your lessons everyday. Before joining the community, I wondered several times where to find well-structured jazz, rock, boogie lessons and it seems I've found you 😄. Thank you all for your precious advice and kind words. From France with love ❤
Salvatore Moranti
Salvatore Moranti
22:16 06 Mar 19
Prior to starting with Piano with Jonny I had looked all over at online Piano instruction. I was so overwhelmed with the amount of info I didn’t know where to start or what to work on. There was no clear path. Jonny teaches songs. True story. More importantly though Johnny teaches you theory and why something works and how something works so you can apply it to other songs and styles you want to play. Lastly- Jonny is engaged. He is always around and is quick to answer questions about a course or an issue you are having. He cares about the students. It also helps that Jonny is fun! Listen to the man play- how. An you not be inspired?
Ellen Friedlander Martinson
Ellen Friedlander Martinson
19:48 06 Mar 19
As a veteran pianist starting classical piano lessons at the age of 6, I had been looking for someone locally to teach me a variety of new styles. I found out about Piano with Jonny at the perfect time. His teaching method is very concise and engaging and although everything is online he’s available to answer questions. I’ve learned so much from him at a fraction of the price I would’ve paid someone for face-to-face lessons and I’m part of a wonderful and supportive community. Best decision I’ve made to skyrocket my keyboard skills!
Jesse Ferlianto
Jesse Ferlianto
01:31 06 Mar 19
My piano had been sitting idle for years....and before that I didn't bother to invest in a piano. Lacked inspiration, and was frustrated and stuck. Seemed like too high a hill to climb to learn things like the blues or jazz....anything I played wasn't enjoyable after listening to the great piano players. Jazz music and improv exposes your level in a big way, and it caused me to stop trying and focus on other fun pursuits.Then I heard one of Jonny's performances on YouTube....and got curious. Written arrangements got me interested to dip my toe in the water again. Then I was exposed to short skill-based challenges that served as the building blocks of many of the different genres of piano music. Improvising lines started to become fun, even though I was essentially just starting from scratch again.I'm a new student here and love Jonny's passion and talent specifically in breaking down all kinds of music into small, digestible parts. It makes the goals seem achievable. I've had jazz teachers in the past who were masterful players but couldn't articulate what they were doing, or how they put it together. So a lot of it felt disjointed and piecemeal, or simply went over my head. Love how Jonny blends classical training with the world of improv piano music and theory. There's a lot of depth there and a patience to both pull up to explain concepts from a 10k feet view, as well as get nitty gritty at the molecular level of piano playing. I also love how Jonny's materials teach you to become both a solo piano player as well as a part of a multi-piece combo. Stylistically I love how Jonny plays, arranges, writes, and interprets. Pure entertainment...virtuosic and complex enough but not too esoteric at the risk of alienating people.Love the passion, love the positivity, and the care Jonny brings to his work. It's definitely a genuine labor of love! Looking forward to learning more from Jonny as well as my fellow classmates.....!!!
James Driver
James Driver
01:24 06 Mar 19
There are so many choices when it comes to learning music now:You could try to find a local teacher, but it's really hard to know what you're going to get. Will you get along, will you do your practice in time for the next lesson, will you be able to learn styles that motivate and challenge you?You could find a whole bunch of random lessons all overt the internet, but will there be enough structure for you to understand and progress?Piano with Jonny presents a great hybrid model. You can watch Jonny on YouTube and know that you'll love the styles he plays (and teaches). You can take the lessons at your own pace, but if you commit to uploading one video of your practice each week, you'll have the same accountability as you get from going to private lessons. It doesn't take long to learn Jonny is one of the nicest guys around and loves teaching. The community is super active - Jonny's always answering questions and giving great feedback. Everyone else is super-supportive too.All of the lessons are structured into pathways based on style (swing, latin jazz, blues etc.), or in the fundamentals group (keys, scales etc.). When new content is added, it gets put in the right pathway and at the right level so it's easy to know what's coming next.I like the teaching style. There's sheet music if you want it, but with video, you can learn by watching and trying. Jonny is determined to teach people the tools necessary for improvising! We learn by starting with a "lead sheet" - it's just the notes you would hum and all of the chords. Then we build the piece up with great techniques in the left and right hands for a rich sound. We're not just learning to play the piano, we're learning to be musical!I'm looking forward to learning to play solos and improvise with confidence. I'm sure Piano with Jonny will help me get there.
Maeva Liebling
Maeva Liebling
12:53 03 Mar 19
I wasn’t sure what at first what to expect from an online class, but now, I’m hooked! Jonny is not only an excellent performer, he's a truly outstanding teacher! I really appreciate how everything is divided into small, manageable chunks, how we're given many tools to become more independent, and how we are provided with a solid theoretical background without ever being bored. The PWJ community is also really great - very supportive, and a big source of inspiration.Highly recommended!
Vashti Summervill
Vashti Summervill
16:42 02 Mar 19
Before Piano With Jonny I was really stuck as a musician. I was bored with what I was playing and felt very limited. I understood theory but not how to apply it. I now know how to voice interesting and beautiful chords and apply them to standards and originals. This has been especially helpful to me as a vocalist who accompanies herself. I am also gaining a much broader understanding of styles and how to get certain sounds and grooves.In my year and half of being a member, I have grown more than I ever through possible. I now have about 30 songs in my repertoire (and counting) and I am able to play one hour gigs on my own. I am writing more than ever too. Jonny is not only an amazing musician, he is a gifted teacher. Those two gifts don't always go together. I am also a teacher and it has been fun to apply what I learn with Jonny with my students. Jonny's is actively involved in the community. Yannick is as well. Their constant encouragement and feedback is incredibly meaningful. I also find the encouragement and feedback from fellow PWJ members makes this a very special place to learn and grow. There are so many lessons available to us as members and Jonny is always creating more. The monthly challenges, quick tips and live sessions are amazing. I have to remind myself to focus because there is truly so much offered. Such a huge return on a small financial investment. I will end by saying that the deeper I go with this work the more I learn about myself. It isn't always easy studying at this level. I am noticing that my commitment is starting to pay off and my learning is accelerating. I still hit plateaus but with each one I'm able say..."Ah! I've been hear before and persevered to the other side. It was so worth it. Remember how far you have come. Keep going!"Piano With Jonny has changed my life. Thank you!
Teri Shelton
Teri Shelton
17:58 01 Mar 19
I can honestly say that I've learned more about playing the piano in the last two years on Piano With Jonny than I have ever learned in my lifetime! I could have never imagined that I could be playing Blues and Burlesque style piano. Not only is Jonny an incredible piano player, but he's an incredible teacher! His explanations are concise, and I actually look forward to learning something new every day. The best part is that I can learn any style that I choose whether it's Blues, Funk, Gospel, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Ragtime, and so much more! Joining Piano With Jonny is truly one of the best decisions I've ever made!
Geoff Coope
Geoff Coope
12:06 01 Mar 19
I first saw YouTube videos of Jonny playing, and was amazed at his skill and talent, so, after looking on his website, I decided to take the option of a free trial membership. I quickly realised that this was for me, and took the up full membership.The tuition system at PWJ is ideal for me, as a relative beginner, everything is well explained in the video, and there is downloadable sheet music for music readers, and also backing tracks. Each lesson progresses in stages, so that an intermediate player, or an advanced player can start part way through, and yet a beginner going from the start can sound good quickly.I played guitar and bass in groups as a teenager, and bought a piano and taught myself to play a few basic chords. When I retired from work I decided to learn to play properly, and now, at the age of 75, this is my only hobby, and I love it. I am improving gradually, and, due to being asked to record myself and post videos to the members Facebook page, I have received lots of encouragement from people all over the world. I can also look back at them and see how I have improved, and that gives me great satisfaction. I would tell anyone who is interested in learning to play the piano, this is without doubt the best place to learn. Thank you, Jonny May, for the hours of pleasure Piano With Jonny has given me.
Ido Bernstein
Ido Bernstein
07:41 01 Mar 19
I’m so glad I found Piano With Jonny! I started playing piano at age 7 and was classically trained. Through the years, I started playing less and less and really lost that love of playing that I had when I was younger! I first signed up for the free trial not knowing what to expect. After a day of working through a course on the website, I emailed Yannick at PWJ and asked if I could bypass the free trial period and get access to the full membership right away. I was really hooked from the beginning.I remember posting my first video on the PWJ community Facebook page and being really nervous. I’m not the kind of person who likes to put himself out there and definitely not post videos of myself. After that first video, I got such great feedback from Jonny and the other members, that a spark had been ignited. Getting such wonderful encouragement from the PWJ community, gave me such a boost of confidence that I started practicing more and posting more. It’s cool to look back at all of the videos that I’ve posted on the PWJ FB page over the last couple of years. It’s like having a diary of my progress.I love the way Jonny teaches and breaks down his lessons. He starts with basic concepts and then expands on those concepts. I have learned how to play so many great styles that used to be so foreign to me as a classically trained pianist. Besides all of the great lessons on the website, there is a monthly challenge which is one of my favorite things. Basically, every month you learn a different style or song, and it’s broken up into 4 weekly videos. The videos are so easy to follow and each video builds upon the previous video. By the 4th video you’re playing a complete song or have learned a new style. Besides Jonny’s teaching style, the thing I love most is having this online PWJ community. This community, which feels like a family, is so supportive and friendly. We all have a common goal, to become better pianists. When we surround ourselves with like minded people who encourage us, we tend to grow the most. I think this online community is one of the things that sets PWJ apart from other online courses. For me, Jonny’s teaching style mixed with his videos, live workshops, monthly challenges, and topped with the support of the online community, makes PWJ a formula for success. I look forward to continue learning and growing as a pianists for many years to come with PWJ!
Joel Renk
Joel Renk
07:38 01 Mar 19
As a 55-year-old, who has been playing the piano for 42 years, who has had five private piano teachers over the years, who has also in the past been a student of several other on-line piano courses, I can honestly say that joining and becoming a member of PianoWithJonny has by far been the best thing I have ever done to improve my skills at the piano. Jonny is extremely dedicated to his online students and he provides very detailed lessons, in so many musical styles, that greatly benefit students at all levels, beginner through advanced. Jonny and his on-line students are also very motivating and very kind, as seen through the countless posts and comments on the PWJ Facebook page. You absolutely will feel like you a family member at PWJ. Under PWJ my piano skills have greatly improved and I couldn't be happier. The only regret I have was not finding and joining PWJ sooner. Sincerely, Joel Renk
Kurt Snider
Kurt Snider
05:21 01 Mar 19
🎹🌈Thanks Jonny for all you do to teach and inspire us to fly to levels that we have only dreamed about. We are very fortunate to have someone so caring and generously reaching out with a masters touch to coach us along. You always have the right words to encourage and teach. Words cannot adequately describe my appreciation for you. Thank you❣️🎶
Anthony Malizia
Anthony Malizia
03:17 01 Mar 19
I've been a member for a year and a half, and from the VERY first interaction with Jonny and the community, I was addicted. Some say hooked, some say drawn in, I say addicted. It's an ongoing community, we communicate almost every day out of the year and for me at least, everyone has been like family, simply put. That really is what sets PWJ apart from anything else, and the welcome dance we give. We love to see all the new members come in and post their videos, or ask questions that pertain to music. That's literally what we all look forword to. It's a learning platform that just keeps growing and growing. It's insane, it really is. The biggest problem at least for me was the fact that I was banging my head against the same spot on the same wall repeatedly, over and over, day after day- not going anywhere. It didn't matter what song I learned or how I sounded, I just didn't have the know how to go about getting my songs heard. It wasn't untill about the first few weeks in that Jonny- the KING himself said to me to take baby steps, to realize that the only way to grow was to push yourself to do more than you thought you could, and the more you can push yourself out of your comfort zone, the more comfortable you will be out in public. And so far it's been proven to work. Let's talk about motivation- I used to have it- it was SKY high, but lost it somewhere along the way. It all came to a boiling point though when I first realized what this thing was all about. It was HUGE. And I kept saying to the other members how huge it was, and I was like dumbfounded at the fact that- in this day and age, why this has not been adopted yet. Who woulda thought, online lessons? Take it at your own pace and making it work for you... You no longer had to have a plan for the upcoming week or two untill you next at home lesson? I mean it was a no-brainer. Brilliance at it's BEST! And, the most exciting part isn't what it offers, it's who's running it. I mean who doesn't like disneyland, right? I'm like a 12 year old kid, I swear to god I am, when I take an online lesson on a different style or to learn a different disney song. I just love it here, it's like family- maybe I mentioned it already, but it's true. With all the material that's been going up every month and the time you spend on it learning it, and the way he maps it out for you, you will just see what I mean. It's like it's magic. There's just way too much work to be done. At one point i was working on like 3 songs plus learning a different style as well as building my technique, which is one of the reasons why I think this is the real deal! There are so many other piano sites out there, and if you asked me, noone can compare. I don't care if you used to play in disneyland and ended up being an uber driver and your looking for other ways to improve your playing. This is IT baby, all in a nutshell. Since I’ve been an active member- I have moved mountains and leaped the tallest buildings. All because of jonny and his unique teaching style- of how to bring the best YOU out! There is just so much going on right here, that it's literally growing as we speak! And last but not least, you get out of it what you put into it... and trust me, if u want to get THE most out of ur time spent learning from Jonny, YOU need to put 100% in every little thing that you do!🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ken Hawthorne Sr.
Ken Hawthorne Sr.
01:51 01 Mar 19
PWJ can take your music to a whole new level. A place where you can enjoy learning music you love! Learning with a teacher who cares and will share all that he knows without holding back!A group of many people who will also help along the journey of the love of music. I have learned more with PWJ the fun way than ever before! Playing and learning is fun again! Ken
Rich Barton
Rich Barton
00:16 01 Mar 19
A couple years ago, I sincerely thought I had a great fundamental understanding of the piano. If I tried my best, I could mimic any arrangement and play it well. After signing up for Piano With Jonny, I realized just how wrong I was about my skillset.Not only did Piano With Jonny introduce me to new piano styles (Jazz, Stride, Ragtime, Blues, etc), it also helped me with something I never thought I'd be able to do - understand what I play instead of just following the sheet music. Every course comes with a roadmap that builds upon one another to ensure you truly understand what you're learning. There are beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics for everyone! If I'm ever stuck on something, all I have to do is ask Jonny directly. He's extremely responsive and will go out of his way to make sure your questions are answered - he is the best teacher.Every month, Jonny likes to give us a "challenge" in a different genre. One month you'll learn a Jazz Christmas arrangement, the next you'll work on improvising over a Blues pattern, then move onto a beautiful Contemporary arrangement, etc. Each one of these challenges, along with live-streamed workshops, gives you the building blocks to take any song and play it in any style imaginable.One of the best parts of Piano With Jonny is the community Jonny has created. We are encouraged to post progress videos of whatever we're working on, and with that comes some of the most motivating, encouraging feedback one can imagine from this passionate community. I honestly wouldn't be anywhere near as excited to practice piano if it wasn't for them.This program as a whole is fantastic, and I highly encourage anyone to sign up and join our passion.
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No. Sheet music is provided as an additional learning resource for students who want it. Our courses will help you become familiar with music notation, but all the notes are clearly demonstrated with the light-up keyboard.

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Definitely not! Many of our students are late beginners who simply want to pick up a new hobby to stay mentally sharp. We help you ignite your passion for music at any age.

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