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Learn the signature Elton John accompaniment pattern that works over almost any pop or rock song progression.

Learn this infectious boogie groove, including a signature boogie bass line, crunchy boogie chords, and a boogie groove.

Learn to improvise using the "Gospel Scale," also known as the pentatonic b3 scale. This can be used over almost any style.

In this lesson, you'll learn the melody to "The Way You Look Tonight", lead sheet chord shells, cocktail stride left hand, right hand harmonies, and improv

Learn how to play "open" piano chords, how to use bass movement, 4 groove techniques, and powerful bass open 5ths

Common Minor 7 chord progressions

F#m7, Bm7, C#m7, Swing Groove, Chord Inversions

Ebm7, Bbm7, Abm7, Funk Groove, Chord Inversions

Am7, Dm7, Em7, Pop Groove, Chord Inversions

Cm7, Fm7, Gm7, Latin Groove, Chord Inversions

4 Ways to Build Minor 7 Chords, Shapes & Chord Symbols

The Funk / Smooth Jazz progression & 5 Right Hand Chord Options

6 Funk/Smooth Jazz Licks & Riffs

Funk/Smooth Jazz Bass Lines #4-6

Funk/Smooth Jazz Bass Lines #1-3

4 Funk/Smooth Jazz Right Hand Rhythm Options

6 Funk & Smooth Jazz Licks and Riffs

Funk & Smooth Jazz Bass Lines #4-6

Funk & Smooth Jazz Bass Lines #1-3

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