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Learn how to play Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas lead sheet in a Jazz Ballad or Cocktail Jazz piano style using 8 essential improv techniques.

Learn to play Jingle Bells in a jazz swing piano style, including how to color your chords with extensions & alterations, how to swing your melody, & more.

Learn how to improvise jazz piano with in 6 steps. You'll learn the Turnaround Progression, Mixo-Blues scale, & 3 exercises to master jazz improv.

Learn 2 jazz piano intro runs that work on any lead sheet, including Cocktail Jazz, Jazz Swing, Latin Jazz, Blues, Bossa Nova, Samba, and Jazz Ballads.

Learn 3 essential blues piano Fire Licks and riffs to create an exciting blues improvisation. You'll improv over 12 Bar Blues with your teacher Jonny May.

Learn to play Ragtime Piano with Disneyland Piano Legend Johnny Hodges. You'll learn rag rolls, ornaments, the wolfe whistle, and 6 rag roll exercises.

Learn 3 exercises to master Cocktail Jazz Piano over the Turnaround Progression using Major Blues Scale (Gospel Scale), 8ths, triplets, and slides.

Learn how to use upper structure triads to improvise jazz piano over the turnaround progression, also called Rhythm Changes.

Learn 3 essential blues intros that work over just about any blues tune.  Plus, use these as blues outros.

Learn how to comp or accompany in a blues band using rich quartal voicings and chromatic chord connectors.

Learn Minor 11 Parallel Quartals, an essential technique if you want to improvise modern jazz.

One of the simplest beginner approaches to jazz improv.  You'll learn 2 chords, 1 scale, 8ths, triplets, turns, slides, & runs.

Learn 3 essential approaches for walking jazz bass lines over the 2-5-1 chord progression.  

Learn how to transform the Ode to Joy lead sheet into a swing arrangement in 3 simple steps.

Learn 7 blues styles, including the Shuffle, Burlesque, Slow Blues, 4-On-The-Floor, Jazzy Blues, Boogie Blues, & Funk Blues.

Master groove coordination with 4 exercises for all levels so you can accompany any pop song.

Learn the signature Elton John accompaniment pattern that works over almost any pop or rock song progression.

Learn this infectious boogie groove, including a signature boogie bass line, crunchy boogie chords, and a boogie groove.

Learn to improvise using the "Gospel Scale," also known as the pentatonic b3 scale. This can be used over almost any style.

In this lesson, you'll learn the melody to "The Way You Look Tonight", lead sheet chord shells, cocktail stride left hand, right hand harmonies, and improv

Learn how to play "open" piano chords, how to use bass movement, 4 groove techniques, and powerful bass open 5ths

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