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With his bluesy runs, trippy songs, and eccentric outfits, New Orleans' famous piano player Dr John is sure to make an impression.

'Tis the season to let your heart find home with a warm and tender jazz piano ballad arrangement of "I'll Be Home for Christmas."

In honor of Thanksgiving, I wanted to express my gratitude towards music. Hopefully, this will inspire you to reflect upon how music has impacted your life in a positive way.

Learn essential techniques to play Brenda Lee's holiday classic, "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," in a jazz piano style.

Spread joy and happiness with the Happy Piano Chord Progression—a contemporary pop piano groove that is overflowing with good vibes.

The Magic Run is the ultimate piano run to captivate your audience's attention during your introduction, ending or anytime in between.

Learn 5 common ways that jazz pianists use diminished 7th chords to add variety, momentum and color to their piano arrangements and improv.

This month, we're learning about Art Tatum, a fascinating American pianist whose influence on jazz music is sometimes overlooked, yet legendary.

Level-up your jazz piano voicings for the 2-5-1 chord progression by exploring critical considerations in 5 levels—from beginner to pro!

Discover the beautiful sound of Jonny's favorite jazz piano chord—where it comes from, how to build it, and most importantly—how to use it!

Explore 4 progressive piano improvisation approaches to solo on Stevie Wonder's timeless R&B love ballad, "Ribbon in the Sky."

Play the top 5 Coldplay piano riffs and explore songwriting and the creative process behind the most successful band of the 21st century.

This month's featured piano player is Ray Charles. He was an American singer, songwriter, and pianist, who is considered by many as one of the most iconic and influential artists in history.

Everything you need to know to play gospel piano with a contemporary sound and feel. Perfect for beginner church musicians and piano vocalists.

The Sharp Four Walkdown jazz chord progression adds an element of surprise to the Extended Turnaround...a must-know piano chord substitution!

Expand your harmonic vocabulary with piano color chords—a must have skill for singer/songwriters and for contemporary piano accompaniment.

Shine a light on complex and shadowy jazz scales with this simple approach for piano improv on a minor 2-5-1 with the melodic minor scale.

Here's a look at one of Canada's most honored jazz pianists and composers of all times, the illustrious Oscar Peterson.

Learn how to improvise a hip piano solo over neo soul chord progressions. This easy piano improv approach only uses 1 pentatonic scale.

All levels can play and improvise serene piano soundscapes on the most beautiful minor chord progression with immersive, guided learning.

Learn 3 steps to transform an ordinary turnaround chord progression into a bluesy piano accompaniment groove.

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