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Learn 3 steps to transform an ordinary turnaround chord progression into a bluesy piano accompaniment groove.

The ultimate 2-5-1 jazz scale exercise will unlock your potential as an improvisor and help overcome choppy, directionless improv lines.

Discover and eliminate 10 common piano technique mistakes. These pesky little habits are "The Usual Suspects" behind many performance slips.

This month, we’re taking a look at the famous American jazz musician, Vince Guaraldi, who is best known for his musical contributions to the Peanuts show.

Explore the dreamy sound of the whole tone scale and four piano applications. This guide covers theory, fingering, runs and historical usage.

Understand and improvise with musical modes on piano. Learn to easily remember each mode, what chords to use and how to play modal progressions.

Explore the tritone to play crunchy blues piano comping riffs like Oscar Peterson, Beegie Adair and Monty Alexander.

Learn to master piano chord inversions in weeks instead of years with the 21 Inversion Exercise containing all diatonic chords in all inversions.

This month, we are featuring Chick Corea, a prolific jazz pianist and innovative composer, who seduced the public with his creativity and verve.

Learn how professional jazz pianists draw on the chromatic scale using neighbor notes and enclosures to add interest to their solo lines.

Play John Williams' Jurassic Park theme song on piano and Michael Giacchino's Jurassic World theme...all while exploring the compositional process.

Learn to play 5 sad piano chord progressions representing hundreds of songs spanning all genres including pop, rock, jazz, new age and film.

Learn 3 incredible tricks with sus chords—transform major, minor & dominant chords into beautiful piano voicings by layering sus chords!

Learn 3 steps to play soulful piano sounds using gorgeous chord clusters found in neo soul, R&B, contemporary pop and gospel music.

This month, we'll learn about the charismatic jazz musician Fats Waller and his contributions to the fun stride piano style.

Explore 5 levels of piano chord substitution techniques for all playing levels including diatonic subs, secondary dominants, 2-5-1's and more!

Play lounge jazz piano to create the perfect mood whenever people gather. This sophisticated blend of bebop & blues is the perfect ambience for any occasion.

How do jazz legends develop a powerful command of jazz piano skills? Not without a plan! Explore the 5 Pillars in our Jazz Piano Practice Guide.

An essential guide for beginners pianists to master all diatonic chords in 3 months and play beautiful diatonic chord progressions on piano.

This month we celebrate the contributions of Herbie Hancock to jazz as a living art form with inspiring quotes, must-see performances and more!

Discover how to improvise jazz piano with the half-whole diminished scale (or "dominant diminished"), including scale exercises in all 12 keys.

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