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Discover essential skills for a crafting a solo jazz piano arrangement of Jimmy Van Heusen's popular standard "It Could Happen to You."

Learn how to play soulful R&B piano chords and improvise, even as a beginner. This lesson makes pro piano concepts accessible to all levels.

Learn how to easily create beautiful contemporary folk music on the piano using patterns and characteristics of popular folk artists!

Play captivating chord melodies with Drop 2 Voicings, a sophisticated arranging techniques used by pianists like Bill Evans and Barry Harris.

Discover the songwriting techniques behind 5 iconic 80s power ballads. Afterward, you'll be able to write your own "ear candy" piano intros.

Learn to emulate the signature Bruce Hornsby piano style featured on iconic tunes such as "The Way It Is" and Mandolin Rain."

Take your jazz improv up a notch with double time lines using 16th notes. Explore double time licks for all levels over 2-5-1 progressions.

The essential guide for students of all levels to master playing jazz licks with professional sound…including what makes the pros sound so good!

What's the difference between a standard blues and a minor blues? Explore the essential minor blues form in detail in this dedicated lesson.

Get audiences on their feet with Jonny's Top 10 Piano Funk Licks. Explore irresistible licks for every playing, level from beginner to pro.

Discover why "polychords" are so important for jazz and blues piano. This mental framework is the fastest way to play hip piano voicings!

Hone your intuitive sense of swing in this dedicated lesson on jazz articulation with ghost notes. Includes tips for bass, melody and harmony.

Learn how to use the Lydian Augmented Scale and Major 7(#5) Chords to create intriguing improv lines and surprising chord substitutions.

Play minor 2-5-1 progressions in 5 levels—from beginner to pro. These voicings are perfect for minor tunes like "Summertime" and "Beautiful Love."

Your mission...if you choose to accept to master the minor major 7th chord, "the spy chord," including how to use it in your playing!

Learn how to play jazz melodies in the classy Locked Hands piano style (aka "Block Chords") of Milt Buckner made popular by George Shearing.

Learn how to draw on modal interchange to create unique chord progressions with borrowed chords. Then, use borrowed chords in reharmonization.

Create rich polychordal jazz piano voicings using the minor triad as an upper structure for major, minor, dominant, altered dominant sounds.

Learn to comp and improv on "Giant Steps"…one of the most feared and revered jazz tunes. Then master reharmonization using Coltrane changes.

An essential guide for understanding and mastering various two-hand voicings techniques used by jazz pianists when comping in an ensemble.

Learn the “Top 5 Funk Chords Every Pianist Must Know” and funk piano grooves in the style of Herbie Hancock, Bill Withers and Bruno Mars.

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