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No ending? No problem! Learn these 7 beautiful endings for jazz tunes to hold your audience's attention to the last note every time!

Learn simple and effective ways to create hip jazz piano chord substitutions.

Analyzing the brilliant Sonny Rollins' solo from his timeless recording of "St. Thomas."

Learn to transform any hymn into a gospel piano arrangement with these essential gospel piano techniques on "Amazing Grace."

Learn the bossa nova chord progression and melt into the Brazilian jazz piano sound pioneered by composer Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Halloween is simply way more fun when you add these spooky sounds to your piano bag of tricks.

How to approach "Autumn Leaves" on piano in a jazz trio setting including tasty 4-note and 6-note chord voicings for two hands.

Join Jonny and composer Joshua Foy as they discuss the influence of jazz and other compositional devices in the film music of John Williams.

Learn to solo confidently with the most important scale for piano improv that works on any song in any style over any chord progression.

Learn the 7 signs that plague amateur piano accompanists and then how to fix them with beautiful professional techniques and patterns!

Learn how to get more jazzy lines when you improvise with the major scale by outlining diatonic 7th chords in your right hand.

Learn to play bebop piano in 6 steps. This lesson explores upper & lower neighbors to generate sweet bebop lines with that chromatic "rub."

Learn simple techniques to play beautiful jazz piano melodic harmonization with block chords in the style of George Shearing.

The complete guide to jazz scales, learn the best and most important scales for improvisation over the most common chord types for jazz piano!

Learn to play cinematic piano sounds in the style of Hans Zimmer, including how to improvise piano music for contemporary film in 4 steps.

Learn the most powerful piano chords, including the power chord progression itself and accompaniment and improv techniques to bring them out!

Want to embellish the traditional 12-bar blues form with a bebop sound? Learn to play bebop blues piano in 3 simple steps for all levels.

Learn to play beautiful pop piano improv using super easy pinkie grips that sound great! Then explore descending rolls to add gorgeous fills.

Learn modern jazz piano soloing techniques to enhance your sound by improvising with quartal shapes that sound amazing!

What makes certain chords sound jazzy? Learn everything you need to know about jazz piano chords and simple steps for constructing voicings.

Learn how to take a classical piece of music and turn it into a swinging jazz piano tune using jazz rhythms, chords, and fills on Für Elise!

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