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Captivate your audience with mysterious and awe-inspiring piano textures reminiscent of popular film scores using the dorian scale and 3 improv techniques.

Learn slow jazz and blues piano improvisation right now! Essential chords & professional techniques for beginner, intermediate & advanced jazz pianists.

The 10-Step ultimate roadmap to learn jazz piano from beginner to pro—7th chords, chord shells, extensions & alterations, rootless voicings, drop 2s & more!

Super-charge your jazz improv with these 3 must-have jazz piano licks. Note-by-note explanation of how professional pianists create authentic improv lines.

Learn Oscar Peterson piano improvisation licks and riffs using major and minor blues scales, chord outlines, blues ornaments and harmonized lines.

Learn how to play smooth jazz piano in 3 steps. You'll learn the most important smooth jazz chord progression, grip, and scale to improvise with freedom.

Learn how to make dissonant piano chords sound beautiful! You'll learn 3 dissonant chords, how to transform them, and how to use them in chord progressions.

Learn how to improvise contemporary piano even if you are are a beginner. You'll learn an essential chord progression and improv techniques.

Learn the most beautiful piano chord of all time, the Heaven Chord. Learn how to use it in a chord progression, as an accompaniment, and as a song intro.

Learn how to improvise a jazz piano solo on any jazz standard. Using the "parent scale" method, soloing and improv on jazz tunes has never been easier.

Learn how to play smooth blues piano licks using 3 essential Grips. You'll discover how to connect blues licks and riffs to improvise seamless blues lines.

Learn how to play jazz piano like Herbie Hancock. Learn the Signature Herbie groove used on tunes like Watermelon Man, Cantaloupe Island, & Chameleon.

Learn how to play stride piano in the style of Fats Waller. Building from a lead sheet, you'll learn the stride left hand and right hand embellishments.

Learn how to play jazz piano if you are a complete beginner. In this lesson, you'll learn 4 essential jazz chords, 1 scale, and 3 improvisation exercises.

Learn 2 essential blues scales for blues piano improv: Major Blues Scale and Minor Blues Scale. Learn an exercise and how to improvise a blues solo.

Learn how to improvise jazz piano with chord enclosures. You'll learn an essential enclosure exercise, left hand accompaniment techniques, and how to solo.

Learn how to practice scales for jazz piano. You'll learn the modes and how to connect them over a fun swing progression called The Turnaround.

Learn how to play jazz swing piano accompaniment with Fly Me to the Moon. You'll learn the chords, how to "comp", and 3 essential bass lines for all levels.

Learn the essential tools to improve your online teaching setup. We cover the hardware you need, the most popular video conference platforms, and additional tips to teach professionally online.

Learn the most important improv exercise for jazz piano, including the best chord progression, 3 essential scales, and 2 connecting scale exercises.

Learn how to play Contemporary Gospel and R&B Piano in 3 Steps. You'll learn passing chords, how to color your chords, and essential rhythms.

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