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Everything you need to know to play gospel piano with a contemporary sound and feel. Perfect for beginner church musicians and piano vocalists.

The Sharp Four Walkdown jazz chord progression adds an element of surprise to the Extended Turnaround...a must-know piano chord substitution!

Expand your harmonic vocabulary with piano color chords—a must have skill for singer/songwriters and for contemporary piano accompaniment.

Shine a light on complex and shadowy jazz scales with this simple approach for piano improv on a minor 2-5-1 with the melodic minor scale.

In this workshop, we’ll learn a variety of exercises to train your voice. We’ll explore common accompaniment patterns for vocal warm ups, and learn about resonance and breath support. Finally, we will apply what we learn in a performance of the classic folk song, “Shenandoah.”

In this course we will learn the major turnaround in all 12 keys using 7th chords. We will cover two positions for the chords, and explore a variety of rhythms to use for comping and playing lead sheets. This progression is essential to master for jazz and pop songs.

Learn how to improvise a hip piano solo over neo soul chord progressions. This easy piano improv approach only uses 1 pentatonic scale.

All levels can play and improvise serene piano soundscapes on the most beautiful minor chord progression with immersive, guided learning.

Learn 3 steps to transform an ordinary turnaround chord progression into a bluesy piano accompaniment groove.

The ultimate 2-5-1 jazz scale exercise will unlock your potential as an improvisor and help overcome choppy, directionless improv lines.

In this Live Workshop, we'll learn how to play a traditional minor blues. We'll master the chord progression, 7th chords, an original melody, accompaniment patterns, and a variety of essential solo techniques.

Discover and eliminate 10 common piano technique mistakes. These pesky little habits are "The Usual Suspects" behind many performance slips.

Explore the dreamy sound of the whole tone scale and four piano applications. This guide covers theory, fingering, runs and historical usage.

Understand and improvise with musical modes on piano. Learn to easily remember each mode, what chords to use and how to play modal progressions.

Explore the tritone to play crunchy blues piano comping riffs like Oscar Peterson, Beegie Adair and Monty Alexander.

Learn to master piano chord inversions in weeks instead of years with the 21 Inversion Exercise containing all diatonic chords in all inversions.

In this workshop, we'll learn about the incredible minor turnaround. We'll look at songs that use this essential jazz progression, talk about various voicing approaches, and explore comping rhythms. We’ll also discuss how to add reharmonization and how to solo to get a professional sound.

Learn how professional jazz pianists draw on the chromatic scale using neighbor notes and enclosures to add interest to their solo lines.

Learn to play 5 sad piano chord progressions representing hundreds of songs spanning all genres including pop, rock, jazz, new age and film.

Learn 3 incredible tricks with sus chords—transform major, minor & dominant chords into beautiful piano voicings by layering sus chords!

Learn how to transform piano lead sheets with chord extensions & alterations. Using 8 common chord progressions, you'll understand how to apply these piano techniques to create a richer and more interesting sound.

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