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Learn essential piano techniques used by Shaun Martin of Snarky Puppy to play neo soul and contemporary gospel, including passing chords, slip notes & more.

Learn a simple approach to play and improvise beautiful piano music right now for beginner and intermediate piano students using only 2 chords!

Learn how to craft a slow jazzy blues piano arrangement of George Gershwin's classic tune "Summertime." Using the lead sheet, we'll stylize the left hand chords, embellish the right hand melody, compose an intro/outro, and complete the arrangement with an advanced solo!

Learn how to compose a beautiful jazz waltz with Jonny's essential arranging techniques. We'll master left hand accompaniments, melodic writing, and harmonization.

Learn the classic George Gershwin tune "Summertime" in the slow jazzy blues style.

Learn to play a funk piano solo using essential techniques for beginner and intermediate pianists such as Funky 4ths, Stacked 4ths and the C Blues Scale.

Learn the most important fundamentals for the Key of E Major with the scale, diatonic chords, and common chord progressions. Then put it all together with an original tune, “In the Country.”

Mix jazz scales into your blues piano improv to add interest and variety with this breakdown of the Dominant Diminished scale for all playing levels.

Transform your piano sound by enhancing your major chords with jazzy chord extensions found in smooth jazz and R&B styles using this simple trick.

Confidently improvise jazz piano over minor chords with authentic lines using the Dorian mode & essential techniques including enclosures & chord outlining.

Learn slow jazz and blues piano improvisation right now! Essential chords & professional techniques for beginner, intermediate & advanced jazz pianists.

A quick and comprehensive guide for understanding, practicing and applying chromatic neighbors in jazz piano improvisation for all levels.

Learn everything you need to know about the piano pedals, including pedaling techniques, exercises, and how to use the pedal on a variety of styles.

Discover advanced piano modulation techniques to elevate any arrangement using the Danny Boy lead sheet as an example.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to modulate any arrangement to create an exciting lift in your piano songs.

Discover the most important piano scale for improvising over any musical style - the Major Blues Scale. We’ll cover left hand accompaniments, right hand embellishments, and we'll explore several advanced techniques for improvising with this scale over various styles.

Captivate your audience with mysterious and awe-inspiring piano textures reminiscent of popular film scores using the dorian scale and 3 improv techniques.

The 10-Step ultimate roadmap to learn jazz piano from beginner to pro—7th chords, chord shells, extensions & alterations, rootless voicings, drop 2s & more!

Learn the most important piano scale for improvising over any musical style - the Major Blues Scale. We’ll cover essential exercises to master finger control, dexterity and speed, and we'll explore several techniques for improvising with this scale over various styles.

Learn how to play smooth jazz piano in 3 steps. You'll learn the most important smooth jazz chord progression, grip, and scale to improvise with freedom.

Learn how to make dissonant piano chords sound beautiful! You'll learn 3 dissonant chords, how to transform them, and how to use them in chord progressions.

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