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In this workshop, we’ll learn a variety of exercises to train your voice. We’ll explore common accompaniment patterns for vocal warm ups, and learn about resonance and breath support. Finally, we will apply what we learn in a performance of the classic folk song, “Shenandoah.”

In this course we will learn the major turnaround in all 12 keys using 7th chords. We will cover two positions for the chords, and explore a variety of rhythms to use for comping and playing lead sheets. This progression is essential to master for jazz and pop songs.

Learn how to play Clair De Lune by Claude Debussy. We will explore the form, harmony, and unique stylistic elements that make this one of the most beloved classical pieces.

In this Live Workshop, we'll learn how to play a traditional minor blues. We'll master the chord progression, 7th chords, an original melody, accompaniment patterns, and a variety of essential solo techniques.

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Everything you need to know to play gospel piano with a contemporary sound and feel. Perfect for beginner church musicians and piano vocalists.

The Sharp Four Walkdown jazz chord progression adds an element of surprise to the Extended Turnaround...a must-know piano chord substitution!

Expand your harmonic vocabulary with piano color chords—a must have skill for singer/songwriters and for contemporary piano accompaniment.

Shine a light on complex and shadowy jazz scales with this simple approach for piano improv on a minor 2-5-1 with the melodic minor scale.

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