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Everything you need to know to play gospel piano with a contemporary sound and feel. Perfect for beginner church musicians and piano vocalists.

The Sharp Four Walkdown jazz chord progression adds an element of surprise to the Extended Turnaround...a must-know piano chord substitution!

Expand your harmonic vocabulary with piano color chords—a must have skill for singer/songwriters and for contemporary piano accompaniment.

Shine a light on complex and shadowy jazz scales with this simple approach for piano improv on a minor 2-5-1 with the melodic minor scale.

Here's a look at one of Canada's most honored jazz pianists and composers of all times, the illustrious Oscar Peterson.

Learn how to improvise a hip piano solo over neo soul chord progressions. This easy piano improv approach only uses 1 pentatonic scale.

All levels can play and improvise serene piano soundscapes on the most beautiful minor chord progression with immersive, guided learning.

Learn 3 steps to transform an ordinary turnaround chord progression into a bluesy piano accompaniment groove.

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