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Learn how to play Contemporary Gospel and R&B Piano in 3 Steps. You'll learn passing chords, how to color your chords, and essential rhythms.

Learn how to make any major chord sound jazzy on the piano with Cut 4 approach. You'll discover how to jazz up chord inversions plus best chord voicing.

Learn 3 techniques for slow blues piano improv, including blues chords, 12-bar blues form, the harmonized blues scale, 8th lines, triplet lines, and slides.

Learn how to create happiness at the piano with 4 improv techniques, the happiest chord progression of all time, and a sweet left hand accompaniment.

Learn 3 exercises to improvise minor jazz piano, the minor turnaround progression, essential grooves, scales for soloing, 8th notes, turns, & patterns.

Learn how to play Contemporary Praise and Worship piano accompaniment using extensions, cluster chords, inversions, and extended groove patterns.

Learn 5 rhythm exercises for blues piano improv. We'll cover the blues scale, 12-bar blues form, & 1-measure & 2-measure "Rhythm Templates".

Learn how to play Bossa Nova Piano in 5 Steps. You'll learn the lead sheet for Girl from Ipanema, left hand accompaniment, & right hand harmonies & fills.

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