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Jonny May

Learn the art of jazz comping on the Jazzy-Blues chord progression, used in tunes like Route 66.  You’ll discover how to add colored notes to the chord, use chord shells, and develop blues fills.

Course Objectives
  • Learn the melody and chords
  • Explore Shell Chord Voicings
  • Discover Jazzy Blues techniques
  • Apply 2nd & 6th (9th & 13th) to color chords
  • Use the Blues Scale to create Fills
Learning Focus
  • Accompanying
  • Basslines
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First proper lesson - really enjoyed it
The walking bass really helped me to get a feel of the passing chords into the next bar
Excellent next step to forming more interesting chords
Really looking forward to practising these to get them stuck in my head to help in my accompanying
Very useful foundations
Good foundation on how to accompany with cool grooves and chord alterations. Thanks Jonny!
Great course
Thank you for this great course. Nice because it's not very intense, but still some useful things mentioned in it, so it's easier to get through than some courses.
Jazz Comping

Course Lessons

Jazzy Blues Comping 1 – Lesson 1

Missouri River Blues Melody

Jazzy Blues Comping 1 – Lesson 2

Root Position 7th Chords

Jazzy Blues Comping 1 – Lesson 3

Left Hand Shell Chords & Groove

Jazzy Blues Comping 1 – Lesson 4

Right Hand Chord Tones

Jazzy Blues Comping 1 – Lesson 5

Adding 2 & 6 Colors to Chord, Blues Fills

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