Jonny May

Discover how to comp with walking bass lines, shells chords, and crunchy rootless voicings.  After this course, you’ll be able to confidently accompany other musicians on tunes like Route 66!

Course Objectives
  • Learn the melody and chords
  • Explore walking bass techniques
  • Discover shells & add 9th and 13ths to color chords
  • Use these techniques to improve your comping skills!
Learning Focus
  • Accompanying
  • Basslines

Course Lessons

Jazzy Blues Comping 2 – Lesson 1

Missouri Blues Melody

Jazzy Blues Comping 2 – Lesson 2

Developing a Bass Line: 5ths, Upper Neighbors, Swung 8th Notes

Jazzy Blues Comping 2 – Lesson 4

Rootless Voicings, Altered Chords

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