Blues Piano – Track 2

Follow this Learning Track to master the blues style.

Section 1

Blues Foundations

Review the essential elements of the blues form, chords, and soloing.

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 2

The most comprehensive course on Blues soloing. Learn essential techniques for generating awesome blues lines, including harmonized 8ths & triplets, slides, turns, rolls, runs, smash licks, and more.

3 Exercises To Master Blues Piano

Learn 3 blues scale exercises to master blues improvisation, including 8th notes, triplets, and patterns.

7 Pillars of Blues Piano

Learn 7 blues styles, including the Shuffle, Burlesque, Slow Blues, 4-On-The-Floor, Jazzy Blues, Boogie Blues, & Funk Blues.

Section 2

Medium Blues

Apply what you've learned so far with some classic blues tunes in a medium tempo.

St Louis Blues Challenge

Take the St Louis Blues Challenge, where we'll develop the lead sheet into a blues shuffle arrangement. Learn techniques like shuffle grooves, melodic embellishments, slides, & chord pops.

4-On-The-Floor Blues 2

A comprehensive course on the 4-On-The-Floor blues, where you'll 6 essential left hand techniques.  With 2 Easy, 2 Medium, and 2 Advanced grooves, you'll have a variety of accompaniment options.

Ultimate Advanced Blues Shuffle

Learn an essential Blues Shuffle with Chord Rolls & Bass Anticipations

Section 3

Blues Improvisation

Learn the tools to improvise a blues solo with confidence. These courses cover riffs and a variety of soloing techniques.

The Bible of Blues Riffs 2

The most comprehensive course on Blues licks and riffs! You'll learn 60 of the coolest riffs, including single-note riffs, double-note riffs, punches, tremelos, rolls, glissandos, ostinatos, & runs.

How to Create a Blues Solo

Dive into blues soloing with this comprehensive course.  Learn 4 left hand accompaniments, slides, turns, rolls, upper/lower positions, Pentatonic lines, big crunchy chords, and more.

Essential Blues Piano Scales: Major & Minor Blues Scale

Learn 2 essential blues scales for blues piano improv: Major Blues Scale and Minor Blues Scale. Learn an exercise and how to improvise a blues solo.

G Blues Improvisation 2

Learn how to improvise blues piano in the key of G, including 8ths, triplets, harmonized lines, slides, turns, licks, riffs, runs, and smash licks.

Top 10 Funky Blues Riffs

Learn 10 Awesome Funky Blues Riffs with Syncopation, Turns, Runs, and Harmonized Notes.

Section 4

Stride Blues

Learn the characteristic left hand jumps that create a burlesque and broadway kickline sound.

Cruella De Vil 2

Master Vaudeville era-style piano with this Burlesque Blues version of Cruella De Vil. From the lead sheet, apply Burlesque Blues left hand, right hand harmonies, fills, slides, & soloing techniques.

Broadway Kickline Blues 2

Learn the tools behind the Bluesy Broadway Kickline Style with this exciting arrangement. Discover how to combine techniques such as sliding, tremolos, blues rolls, and punched notes.

Burlesque Blues Footsie Woman

Master Vaudeville-style piano with the Burlesque Blues. Learn essential techniques like 5-Note Blocked Chords, the Burlesque Blues left hand, Fills, bass walkups, & improvisation techniques.

Happy Birthday in 7 Styles – Lesson 5

Broadway Kickline Style

Section 5

Slow Blues

Discover the stylization of slow blues to create a sultry New Orleans sound.

Slow Bernie Blues

Create the classic slow blues sound with this original tune. "Bernie's Blues" covers all the essentials to groove in this style with fills, slid notes, and reharmonization.

Slow Blues Left Hand Approaches 2

A total of 8 must-know left hand patterns to take your slow blues playing to the next level. With the shuffle, stride, bass walk-ups & broken 10ths, you'll have all the tools you need to jam with the pros.

Slow and Soulful Blues

Discover how to play in the style of Ray Charles with this soulful improvised blues arrangement. You'll learn a reharmonized blues with rich left hand chords and expressive riffs.

Section 6

Jazzy Blues

Apply reharmonization and extended harmonies to get a more jazzy sound in your blues playing.

Jazzy Blues Comping 1

Learn the art of jazz comping on the Jazzy-Blues chord progression, used in tunes like Route 66.  You'll discover how to add colored notes to the chord, use chord shells, and develop blues fills.

Rockin Blues Bass Lines 2

Learn 12 must-know blues bass lines techniques to rock out on any blues tune. We dive into walking bass, jazzy-blues, 4-on-the-floor, stride blues, jump blues & more.

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Level 3
6 sections
Learning Focus
  • Fill in the gaps of your blues knowledge
  • Take your soloing skills to the next level with pro-level riffs and improv techniques
  • Discover a variety of blues sub-genres to express yourself freely
Full Description

Take your blues playing to the next level with this guided Learning Track. Each course, lesson, and sheet is designed to expand your knowledge of blues soloing, stylization, and accompanying.

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