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Jonny May

The most comprehensive course on Blues licks and riffs! You’ll learn 60 of the coolest riffs, including single-note riffs, double-note riffs, punches, tremelos, rolls, glissandos, ostinatos, & runs.

Course Objectives
  • Review 7th chords and 12 bar blues form
  • Master the 4 left hand comping patterns
  • Understand how to use the blues scales and slides
  • Explore single and double note riffs, rolls, punches, ostinatos, and runs
Learning Focus
  • Basslines
  • Groove
  • Improvisation
  • Riffs
Featured Reviews

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Great blues Riffs course
A great follow up to the first Blues RIffs course. Presented very patiently and very easy to understand and master.
Really great module.
Everything is fantastic to learn and when you get an exercise under your fingers is such a great feeling. Going to probably keep saying this but PWJ is the BEST value for money I ever spent!
The Bible of Blues Riffs2- fun stuff - the best
Jonny is such a great teacher—absolutely love his courses. He really breaks down movements, tempo, fingering and suggests many ideas for playing these riffs in solos and accompaniments. Took a while to get through the course because there is so much content, but the effort was worth it in the end. I will definitely revisit this course to stay fresh using all these riffs. Truly was a lot of fun. Finish this course and you will definitely be grooving in style with confidence.
There are so much to digest and practice, but Johnny explained all 60 riffs in detail. I really wanted to play something like these for a long time, but I tried to figure out by myself and no luck. So I'm really glad that I decided to take PWJ lessons. Even only this course is worth paying. Thank you!
One of my favorite courses!
This course is what got me into blues. It's super practical, teaches several riffs to add to your repertoire. It gave me immediate results which was very satisfying :)

Course Lessons

The Bible of Blues Riffs 2 – Lesson 1

Blues Form, Shuffle Patterns

The Bible of Blues Riffs 2 – Lesson 2

4 Left Hand Options, Blues Scale, Slides, Single-Note Riffs

The Bible of Blues Riffs 2 – Lesson 4

Punches, Tremolos, Glissandos

The Bible of Blues Riffs 2 – Lesson 6

10 Ostinatos and 5 Runs

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