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Jonny May

The most comprehensive course on Blues soloing. Learn essential techniques for generating awesome blues lines, including harmonized 8ths & triplets, slides, turns, rolls, runs, smash licks, and more.

Course Objectives
  • Learn the Blues form, Chords, Scales, and Shuffles
  • Master Blues harmonized Lines with Slides
  • Learn how to play turns and rolls & how to combine them with runs
  • Learn 10 Awesome Licks, 6 Flashy Runs, Tremolos, and Smash Licks
Learning Focus
  • Exercises
  • Groove
  • Improvisation
Featured Reviews

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good to do it a second time after Covid Period
good teaching
Absolutely awesome
Taken 3 months but completed the course. Thank you Jonny for your boundless generosity and superb teaching. Life changing stuff. Practice. Practice. Practice….
Challenging and Rewarding
Well done. I appreciate the patience in teaching these principles and Im looking forward to mastering them.
Mountain of information and techniques.
Some content a bit above my level but very inspiring, just takes me a bit longer. Arthritic hands, particularly the index fingers and thumbs makes an extra challenge but that’s what them old digits need to keep moving.
Great stuff.
Jonny, really good. Sometimes you get carried away, but that is good too and fun. Looking forward to more stuff to explore.

Course Lessons

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 2 – Lesson 1

3 Blues Chords, 12-Bar Blues Form, Blues Groove With Colorful Chords

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 2 – Lesson 2

Easy Blues Shuffle, Medium Blues Shuffle

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 2 – Lesson 3

C Blues Scale, 8th-Note Exercise, Triplet Exercise, 2 Patterns

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 2 – Lesson 4

Principles of Soloing, One-Octave Lines, Harmonized Lines, Two-Octave Lines, Line Building Tips

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 2 – Lesson 5

Down-Slides, Up-Slides, Double-Slides, Combined Slides, Harmonized Slides

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 2 – Lesson 6

Three Turns, Combined Turns, Turn-Runs

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 2 – Lesson 7

Roll 1, Roll 2, Two Roll-Runs

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 2 – Lesson 8

10 Awesome Licks, 3 Harmonization Tricks

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 2 – Lesson 10

2 Off-The-Beat Rolls, 3 Tremolos, 4 Smash Licks

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