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Jonny May

The most comprehensive course on Blues improvisation! Learn essential techniques for generating blues lines, including 8ths, triplets, lower/upper positions, slides, harmonies, patterns, & more.

Course Objectives
  • Learn the Blues form, Chords, Scales and shuffle
  • Explore how to create Blues Solos with Slides
  • Learn to play in Multiple Octaves with Harmonized Lines
  • Learn 8 Awesome Licks, 8 Fancy Runs
Learning Focus
  • Exercises
  • Groove
  • Improvisation
Featured Reviews

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amazing blues lessons
in my life, i did not know anything about blues, but now, i know, and i can continue in my blues journey.
Great introduction to playing Blues
I only wish video courses like this would have been available 35 years ago, where could I be now. Looking forward to intermediate version.
Great foundation
a step by step approach is always beneficial
comprehensive and well-taught
a great introduction to the blues - step by step and very well organized!
It was great!
Couldn’t have been better! Very professional!
It was great!
Couldn’t have been better! Very professional!
Getting started
Well, starting this awesome course. I hope that I am not overwhelmed. I consider myself between a beginner and intermediate level. So much to learn. Happy to be here 😍😋🤪
Awesome course
took a couple of years to get to the base of the mountain, but now i'm there and climbing :)
Took a while but well worth it
I really enjoyed this course. I felt I’ve made great progress and I’m looking forward to starting the next step.
Very solid , super introduction to the blues piano
I appreciate very much your empathy and encouraging. You are a great teacher. Thank you!
Excellent course!
Amazing content, great explanation. Thank you very much Professor Jonny May. I can’t wait to study this course. Thank you very much.
Easily Understandable
Excellent introduction to basic blues techniques. I could clearly track my progress as I went through the course.
50+ woman can look and sound cool! Who’d have thunk it! Truly inspiring Jonny, love it.
Amazing and fun
Very easy to grasp
10 lesson blues challenge
So much content in here and the playing permutations are endless. I’m playing like a beginner but I’m just gonna keep on to my heart’s content.
Great licks!
Learning really fun and nice sounding licks to play over the 12 pattern…just great!
Bite Size Learning Pays OFF!!!
For years I have struggled to play the Blues. I know the Blues Scales but just couldn't put it together. This program breaks things down into manageable pieces that you can build upon. My Blues playing is slowly coming together. Using the backing track takes things to another level. Great program.
Fun and suprising
Excellent course. Very methodical approach. Jonny May has found a very clever way how to guide a student into a difficult world of improvisation. Hats off to him!
my first course
this was my first course and I learned a lot - still need to practice all of it, but it starts to make fun playing around...
Great start for improvising
Freedom from following music all the time as per my classical training.
Great lesson
Better than I expected!
Fun and easily do-able.
I really enjoyed the challenge.
I learned so much and this changed my playing
The things I learned about blues playing on this course have stayed with me and are now part of my playing. I don't even practice that much (I should practice a lot more than I do). It was easy to follow, and I feel ready to progress to the next level of blues playing.

Course Lessons

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 1 – Lesson 1

3 Blues Chords, 12-Bar Blues Form, Blues Groove

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 1 – Lesson 2

Easy Blues Shuffle, Medium Blues Shuffle

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 1 – Lesson 3

Blues Scale, 8th Note Exercise, Triplet Exercise, Playing in Multiple Octaves

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 1 – Lesson 4

Low Position Notes, Principles of Soloing, Improvising Quarter Notes, 8th Notes, Triplets, Patterns, Down-Slides, Line-Building Tips

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 1 – Lesson 5

Upper Position Notes, Improvising Quarter Notes, 8th Notes, Triplets, Patterns, Up-Slides

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 1 – Lesson 6

Combing Upper/Lower Positions and Slides

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 1 – Lesson 7

Harmonizing Your Melody, Harmonizing Up-Slides & Down-Slides

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 1 – Lesson 8

Multiple Octave Lines, Slides, Harmonization, Patterns

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 1 – Lesson 10

4 Fancy 8th-Note Runs, 4 Fancy Triplet Runs

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