Rockin Blues Bass Lines 1

Jonny May
Level 2

Learn 12 essential blues accompaniments.  If you want to play shuffles, slow blues with walking bass lines, country blues, stride, or boogie, this is the course for you.

Course Objectives
  • Learn 4 Blues Shuffles for a solid left-hand foundation
  • Explore 4 Blues Walking Techniques
  • Master Chunky Blues, Countryesque Blues, Stride Blues, & Blues-Boogie Octaves
Learning Focus
  • Accompanying
  • Basslines

Course Lessons

Rockin Blues Bass Lines 1 – Lesson 1

Blues Chords, 12-Bar Blues Form, Shuffle Patterns 1 & 2

Rockin Blues Bass Lines 1 – Lesson 2

F7 & G7 Variations, The Turnaround, Shuffle Patterns 3 & 4

Rockin Blues Bass Lines 1 – Lesson 3

Blues Walking Bass #1, #2, #3, #4

Rockin Blues Bass Lines 1 – Lesson 4

Countryesque Blues, Chunky 4-On-The-Floor, Boogie Octaves, Stride Blues

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