Slow Blues Left Hand Accompaniment 1

Jonny May
Level 2

Learn a total of 8 essential left hand patterns for playing slow blues. You can immediately apply techniques such as 4-on-the-floor or open stride to inject a fresh approach to your blues jams.

Course Objectives
  • Learn Chris’s Blues
  • Play along with a Backing Track
  • Explore Straight 8th and Quarter note Grooves
  • Discover how to use Stride Left Hand Patterns over a Slow Blues
Learning Focus
  • Accompanying
  • Basslines
  • Lead Sheets

Course Lessons

Slow Blues Left Hand Accompaniment 1 – Lesson 1

Chris’s Blues Melody & Chords, & 2 Left Hand Techniques: Four-On-The-Floor, Even 8ths

Slow Blues Left Hand Accompaniment 1 – Lesson 2

6 More Left Hand Techniques: Syncopated 8ths, Shuffle, Closed Stride, Closed Stride + Pickups, Open Stride, Open Stride + Pickups

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