Jonny May

In this workshop, Jonny will walk you step-by-step on how to craft a beautiful jazzy blues arrangement of Summertime.

We’ll start with memorizing the lead sheet melody & analyzing the chords. We’ll stylize the chords with 3 left hand stride patterns: even stride, swung stride, and straight stride. Once we master the left hand, we’ll embellish the right hand using 7 essential techniques: 3/7 harmony, punches, tremolos, slides, blues scale, interval rocking & octaves.

To complete the arrangement, we’ll learn how to compose an intro & outro, how to create a solo using 1 scale, and Jonny will reveal his 3 primary techniques for creating lines.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have all the tools you’ll need to arrange a classic tune in the slow jazzy blues style!

Course Objectives
  • Memorize the lead sheet melody & chords
  • Stylize chords with 3 left hand stride patterns
  • Discover 7 techniques for dressing up the melody: 3/7 harmony, punches, tremolos, slides, blues scale, interval rocking & octaves
  • Arrange an intro & outro
  • Create a solo using 1 scale
  • Learn Jonny's 3 primary techniques for creating lines
Learning Focus
  • Analysis
  • Lead Sheets
  • Songs
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