Jonny May

Learn how to improvise blues in the key of G. You’ll learn the blues chords, the 12-bar blues form, 3 left hand shuffle accompaniments, the G blues scale, and how to improvise using 8th notes, triplets, lower position & upper position lines, slides, harmonized lines, patterns, licks, and runs.

Course Objectives
  • Learn the G blues chords & 12 Bar Blues Form
  • Discover 3 left hand accompaniments, including the Charleston, 4-On-The-Floor, & 8th-note shuffle
  • Learn the G blues scale and exercises to master it
  • Explore improv techniques like 8ths, triplets, lower & upper position soloing, & slides
  • Master licks, riffs, & runs
  • Learn the 3 line building guidelines to create interesting lines
Learning Focus
  • Basslines
  • Exercises
  • Improvisation
  • Riffs
  • Scales
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Application of old ideas into a new key reinforced concepts in both keys
Previously we took this course in the key of C. The new course is identical except that it's in the key of G. Thus in theory we should already know all the key ideas, it's a matter of adapting them to the new key. As we've already studied these ideas, JM does not go through all the examples but picks and chooses as he goes along. Thus, it's left to the user to go through the missing material. What did I like about the course? That it reinforces ideas introduced earlier so we improve our playing both in C and G. Playing along with JM as he goes through the exercises.

Course Lessons

G Blues Improv 1 – Lesson 1

Smart Sheet Features, Blues Chords, & 12-Bar Blues Form

G Blues Improv 1 – Lesson 2

Charleston, 4-On-The-Floor, & 8th Note Blues Shuffle

G Blues Improv 1 – Lesson 3

G Blues Scale, 8th note exercises, & how to create lines

G Blues Improv 1 – Lesson 4

Triplet exercises & creatine lines

G Blues Improv 1 – Lesson 5

Slides, slide exercises, & lower & upper position soloing

G Blues Improv 1 – Lesson 6

Harmonized 8ths & slides

G Blues Improv 1 – Lesson 7

Blues licks & riffs

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