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Jonny May

Learn the tools for how to create an awesome blues solo. Each week, discover new techniques like 8ths, Triplets, Lower/Upper Position, Harmonized Lines, Slides, Turns, & Rolls.

Course Objectives
  • A Comprehensive Challenge on Blues Soloing
  • Create Solo Lines with Quarter Notes, 8th Notes & Triplets
  • Apply Slides, Turns, and Rolls to Sound Like a Pro
Learning Focus
  • Basslines
  • Groove
  • Improvisation
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my second blues course
after the 10 day blues challenge, I quickly worked through this... I love the rolls and turns
good stuff
good info and learning, thanks
Loved this course like most courses on the site. But really enjoyed the Int/Adv Rolls at the end! I originally joined PWJ a while ago with no prior knowledge of blues and boogie. That’s certainly changed! 👍😁
My First Blues Improve.
My head felt super blank at first but I'm playing something now. 1hr practice everyday should get me somewhere.
Blues improv challenge
In a word - Fantastic! Very clear explanations for all the levels. I’ve played piano for some time now, but never come across anything that is so well structured and clear in the way that Jonny teaches. I’m currently working on intermediate level and in the past, I have found that my improvisations were very repetitive and just going up and down the blues scale. This course has given me so many more tools and I especially love playing the turns.
Very challenging
I am enjoying the up and down eight notes and triplets.
Great intro to Blues improv
Good mix of beginner and intermediate blues skills

Course Lessons

Blues Improvisation Challenge – Lesson 1

The Blues Form, Shuffle, and 2 Left Hand Grooves

Blues Improvisation Challenge – Lesson 2

C Blues Scale, Upper & Lower Position, 8th Notes & Triplets

Blues Improvisation Challenge – Lesson 3

Quarter Notes, 8th Notes, Slides & Turns

Blues Improvisation Challenge – Lesson 4

Multiple Octaves, Blues Rolls

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