Cruella De Vil 1

Jonny May
Level 2

Learn Cruella De Vil in Vaudeville era style piano (Burlesque Blues). From the lead sheet, we apply the Burlesque-blues left hand, right hand harmonies, slides, fills, & discuss soloing techniques.

Course Objectives
  • Learn Cruella De Vil in a Burlesque Blues Style
  • Learn left hand stride patterns
  • Use soloing techniques to improvise a Slow Jam intro
  • Discover new ways to arrange and take solos
Learning Focus
  • Lead Sheets
  • Songs

Course Lessons

Cruella De Vil 1 – Lesson 1

Lesson Overview, Right Hand Melody, Left Hand Chords

Cruella De Vil 1 – Lesson 2

The Left Hand Stride Pattern

Cruella De Vil 1 – Lesson 3

Right Hand Harmonies, Slides, and Fills

Cruella De Vil 1 – Lesson 4

The Slow Jam, Soloing Techniques, and Variations

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