Ragtime & Stride Piano – Track 2

Follow the Ragtime & Stride Learning Track to master these styles.

Section 1


Learn the Ragtime style.

Ragtime Crash Course 2

Discover the professional secrets behind ragtime with this in-depth workshop. You'll learn the 4 essential Rag Rolls and the Ragtime stride left hand which we will apply to a traditional song.

America the Beautiful Rag Challenge

Learn America the Beautiful in a Ragtime Style.  Starting with the lead sheet, we apply rag rolls and the ragtime-stride left hand.  An essential Ragtime course!

Wake Me Up

Learn how to develop a Pop arrangement with Jonny's Wake Me Up (Avicii) arrangement. You'll learn every note, fingering, & practice tips, plus arranging techniques for Pop and Ragtime.

Jingle Bells Rag

Master this flashy ragtime rendition of Jingle Bells, arranged by Disneyland Main Street Pianist Johnny Hodges.  Learn the Christmas "Bell" Introduction, Rag Rolls, Bass Crossover, and more.

Chinatown, My Chinatown

Play this classic Ragtime hit from the Tin Pan Alley songwriter repertoire. This arrangement features turns, rag rolls, a hand cross-over solo, and lots of melodic ornamentation.

I Want a Girl Just Like the Girl Who Married Dad

Play a classic ragtime song from the turn of the century by Harry Von Tilzer. This arrangement features rag rolls, quick left hand jumps, and ornamentation to get your foot tapping.

3 Classical Themes in Ragtime

Learn Jonny's viral ragtime renditions of the classical songs, "Fur Elise," "Clair De Lune," and "the 5th Symphony" by Beethoven. This arrangement is an exact note-for-note transcription.

Section 2


Learn the stride style.

The Bare Necessities 2

Explore Stride and Ragtime with this flashy arrangement of Bare Necessities! Learn essential Stride & Ragtime techniques like fills, ornaments, stride-runs, rag-rolls, and more.

Ode to Joy

Learn the building blocks of stride piano with this fun stride arrangement of Ode to Joy.  Discover how use triplet rolls, stride runs, turns, & stride harmony as we dissect each note of the arrangement.

Happy Birthday in 7 Styles – Lesson 4

Ragtime & Bass Crossover Styles

Baby I’m A-Wishin’

Nobody will be able to resist getting on the dance floor when you play this jaunty and upbeat 1920's style stride piece. Along with the melody and left hand stride, you'll learn a full solo.

Section 3


Learn the stride-waltz style.

Once Upon a Dream Jazz Waltz 2

Discover Stride-Waltz techniques like chord rocking & sweeping rolls with this beautiful arrangement of the Disney tune Once Upon a Dream. A fun hand cross over solo is included.

Jazz Waltz Challenge

Learn how to transform a lead sheet into a jazz waltz with the Jazz Waltz Challenge. Learn the chords, rootless voicings, stride-waltz bass, & how to embellish the melody with turns & fills.

Section 4

Combined Styles

Learn how to combine ragtime, stride, and other styles.

Happy Birthday in 7 Styles

Make your friend's birthday party unforgettable with Happy Birthday in 7 fun styles. We'll explore traditional, Latin Samba, Swing, Stride, Ragtime, Bass Cross-over, & Broadway Kickline.

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Level 3
4 sections
Learning Focus
  • Understand the building blocks of ragtime, stride, & waltz piano
  • Master the jumping left hand, bass walkups, & bass crossover soloing
  • Explore melodic embellishments like ornaments, triplet rolls, & chord sweeping
  • Learn stride-waltz techniques like jazzy rootless voicings, turns, & fills
Full Description

With this structured Ragtime & Stride Learning Track, you’ll master the essential techniques of ragtime, stride, and stride-waltz music with techniques like rag rolls, ornaments, & bass treatment.

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