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Jonny May

Discover the professional secrets behind ragtime with this in-depth workshop. You’ll learn the 4 essential Rag Rolls and the Ragtime stride left hand which we will apply to a traditional song.

Course Objectives
  • Discover advanced ragtime arranging techniques
  • Apply 4 Rag Rolls to the melody
  • Understand how to combine rag rolls
  • Play the Mary Had a Little Lamb Rag
Learning Focus
  • Exercises
  • Lead Sheets
  • Songs

Course Lessons

Ragtime Crash Course 2 – Lesson 1

Lead Sheet Melody & Chords, Stride Left Hand, Forward Rag Roll

Ragtime Crash Course 2 – Lesson 2

Reverse Rag Roll, 8th-Note Roll

Ragtime Crash Course 2 – Lesson 3

Triplet Roll, Combined Rolls, Bass Walkups, Ornaments

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