Jingle Bells Rag

Jonny May
Level 3

Master this flashy ragtime rendition of Jingle Bells, arranged by Disneyland Main Street Pianist Johnny Hodges.  Learn the Christmas “Bell” Introduction, Rag Rolls, Bass Crossover, and more.

Course Objectives
  • Learn every note of the original Johnny Hodges Arrangement
  • Master the flashy introduction, the ragtime left hand, and the “Rag Rolls” technique in the right hand
  • Understand glissandos and ornamentations
  • Explore fast arpeggios, and crossing the hands for the bass solo
Learning Focus
  • Reading
  • Songs

Course Lessons

Jingle Bells Rag – Lesson 1

Christmas “Bell” Introduction, Verse 1 with Stride Left Hand and Chromatic Ornaments

Jingle Bells Rag – Lesson 2

Chorus 1 with Rag Rolls, Left Hand Variations

Jingle Bells Rag – Lesson 3

Bass Crossover Solo

Jingle Bells Rag – Lesson 4

Verse 2, Final Chorus, Outro

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