Jonny May

Learn how to transform a lead sheet into a jazz waltz with the Jazz Waltz Challenge. Learn the chords, rootless voicings, stride-waltz bass, & how to embellish the melody with turns & fills.

Course Objectives
  • Learn to play in a Jazz Waltz Style
  • Master the melody of “Someday I’ll Play This Song”
  • Explore two left hand patterns and ways to embellish the melody
  • For All Levels
Learning Focus
  • Chords
  • Lead Sheets
  • Songs
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A solid piece for practice and performance
A tune that is fun to play and listed to but is also a great excercise for some key skills: stride, rootless voicings and trills.
Great fun
Enjoyed this course immensely! I’m used to playing stride in 4/4, so it was interesting to play it in a different time signature that I don’t often play in. Pretty little melody which sounds great with the turns! Fun challenge really enjoyed it!
Amazing course!
Excellent content, great explanation. Thank you professor Jonny May for you patience and detail explanation. I enjoyed the course.
Beautiful tune! Lovely to play
The advanced left hand was tricky, but thanks to this beautiful song, "rootless voicings" made a lot of sense suddenly. That's actually what elegance looks like in music.

Course Lessons

Jazz Waltz Challenge – Lesson 2

Root Position Chords & Rootless Chords

Jazz Waltz Challenge – Lesson 3

The Stride Waltz Left Hand Pattern

Jazz Waltz Challenge – Lesson 4

Putting the Hands Together, Adding Turns & Fills

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