Jonny May

Master advanced stride techniques with the classic tune, “After You’ve Gone.” You’ll discover how to stylize and embellish the melody while jumping with the left hand from root to chord.

Course Objectives
  • Learn the melody and chords
  • Master 2 stride left hand patterns
  • Create right hand embellishments with rolls, fills, punches, runs, and slides
  • Solo using the chord tone approach
  • Explore characteristic stride rhythms
Learning Focus
  • Improvisation
  • Lead Sheets
  • Songs
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Excellent and inspiring as always!
Love the simplicity of the concepts combined with the professional execution of them! This course definitely gave me a ton to get running with immediately, a lot to chew on and play with, and also gave me a nice arrangement style to reach for to push me to the next level. Great breakdown of the stride style that I’m going to bring over to other tunes.

Course Lessons

After You’ve Gone 2 – Lesson 2

2 Left Hand Stride Approaches

After You’ve Gone 2 – Lesson 3

Right Hand Stylization

After You’ve Gone 2 – Lesson 5

Improv on Chord Positions

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