Holiday Piano – Track 1

Follow this Learning Track to get started with your favorite holiday songs.

Section 1


Play holiday tunes in the swing genre.

O Christmas Tree 1

Learn a fun swing arrangement of O Christmas Tree.  Discover how to transform the lead sheet with swing techniques like shells, slides, fills, & tremolos, plus learn to improvise over it.

Greensleeves (What Child Is This) 1

Learn how to create an easy waltz-swing arrangement of Greensleeves.  We explore the lead sheet, simple left hand shells, 2 waltz grooves, how to harmonize the right hand, and soloing tricks.

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear – Waltz 1

Learn how to play It Came Upon a Midnight Clear in a jazz waltz piano style.  We'll cover chord shells, right hand harmony, slides, fills, & turns, 3 exercises for soloing.

Section 2


Play holiday tunes in the blues genre.

Silent Night Rhumba 1

Learn a New Orleans Blues Rhumba version of Silent Night with slides, tremolos, rolls, and blues improv. If Dr. John ever got his hands on Silent Night, this is how he might play it!

Section 3


Play holiday tunes in the Latin genre.

Silent Night Bossa Accompaniment 1

A beautiful Latin Bossa Nova accompaniment for Silent Night. Using chord shells and a root-fifth bass approach, this rendition will have all your friends singing along during the holidays!

Section 4


Play holiday tunes in the contemporary genre.

Away in a Manger 1

Learn Away in a Manger in a gorgeous Contemporary style.  Working from a lead sheet, we discuss left hand accompaniment patterns, the right hand arpeggiation technique, and more.

Away in a Manger

Learn Away In A Manger in a Contemporary Style & how to transform major/minor chords into Sus 2 & Sus 4 chords.

Section 5


Play holiday tunes in the ragtime genre.

Jingle Bells Challenge

Take the Jingle Bells Rag Challenge, where you'll learn how to develop the lead sheet into a super fun ragtime arrangement. Explore Rag Rolls, the Stride Left Hand, and more.

Jingle Bells Accompaniment

Learn a super fun Jingle Bells accompaniment that you can sing along with! You'll discover how to play "through-lines" to create a more interesting accompaniment.

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Level 2
Jazz Swing
Latin Jazz
5 sections
Learning Focus
  • Learn how to stylize lead sheets in styles like swing, cocktail jazz, and contemporary
  • Discover how to accompany other musicians
  • Understand how to transform simple chords into jazzier harmonies
  • Learn arranging techniques like filling, harmonizing, and embellishing
  • Explore improvisation techniques
Full Description

With this structured Holiday Learning Track, you’ll learn your favorite holiday songs and how to apply various styles such as swing, blues, Latin, contemporary, and ragtime to each one.

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