O Christmas Tree 1

Jonny May
Level 2

Learn a fun swing arrangement of O Christmas Tree.  Discover how to transform the lead sheet with swing techniques like shells, slides, fills, & tremolos, plus learn to improvise over it.

Course Objectives
  • Learn a Jazz version of the classic, O Christmas Tree
  • Master the Melody and Chords while adding Swing and Color to this holiday classic
  • Explore adding Chord Shells, Fills, and Arpeggiation
  • Learn a fun Intro, Tag, and Bluesy Soloing techniques
Learning Focus
  • Improvisation
  • Lead Sheets
  • Songs
Course Resources
Lesson Sheet Lesson-sheet-O-Christmas-Tree-1.pdf Download

Course Lessons

4 / 5 lessons completed (80%)

O Christmas Tree 1 – Lesson 1
19:29 Completed

Lead Sheet Melody & Basic Chords

O Christmas Tree 1 – Lesson 2
30:16 Completed

Left Hand Chord Shells, Swinging the Melody

O Christmas Tree 1 – Lesson 3
27:14 Completed

Harmonizing the Melody, Swing Variations, Slides, Fills, Tremolos

O Christmas Tree 1 – Lesson 4
14:53 Completed

3 Intro Options, Improvisation Scale: F Bluesy Pentatonic

O Christmas Tree 1 – Lesson 5

Creating Phrases in Your Improvisation, Outro, Final Touches

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