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Jonny May

A beautiful Latin Bossa Nova accompaniment for Silent Night. Using chord shells and a root-fifth bass approach, this rendition will have all your friends singing along during the holidays!

Course Objectives
  • Learn the Chords of Silent Night
  • Play the Bossa rhythm
  • Discover the Root – Fifth bass
  • Explore Chord Shells to simplify harmony
Learning Focus
  • Accompanying
  • Groove
  • Lead Sheets
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Sing Jonny!
Jonny, your singing was very helpful, especially in Lesson 3, in seeing how this style can be applied to so many other songs. I’m gonna go off reservation and practice “bossification” of a few easy songs in books I have lying around. It’s hard for me to think of the chord notes (3/7) on the fly, though I can typically work them out within 2-3 seconds. I’m hopeful this will become easier and quicker with practice.

Course Lessons

Silent Night – Bossa Accomp 1 – Lesson 2

Jazzing Up the Chords, Changing the Time Signature, Practice Tips

Silent Night – Bossa Accomp 1 – Lesson 3

Bossa Nova Technique, Application to Silent Night

Silent Night – Bossa Accomp 1 – Lesson 4

Playing with the Backing Track

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