Contemporary & New Age Piano – Track 1

Follow this Learning Track to get started with the contemporary style.

Section 1

Inspirational Progressions & Improv

Learn essential contemporary chord progressions and improvisation tools to get started.

Contemporary Progressions and Improv 1

Learn 6 of the all-time most beautiful Contemporary progressions. Learn closed & open position left hand accompaniment, how to harmonize the melodies, & how to improvise over each progression.

The Love Progression

Learn the beautiful progression used in hundreds of love songs, the Love Progression. Discover left hand & right hand improv techniques for creating gorgeous melodies & textures.

Pop & Contemporary Piano Accompaniment: The One Chord Wonder

Learn the incredible chord that will transform your pop and contemporary piano accompaniment. With the One Chord Wonder, your chords will sound gorgeous.

Section 2

Inspirational Songs

Express yourself with these inspirational contemporary songs, and find ideas to create your own.

Go the Distance from Hercules 1

Learn this inspiring arrangement of Go the Distance.  You'll learn each note & practice tips, plus how to develop a beautiful contemporary piano arrangements like this.

Wherever We Go

Learn a romantic and inspirational beginner contemporary ballad ideal for weddings or anniversaries. This song features a syncopated melody harmonized in 6ths, suspensions, and simple left hand textures.

One Moment More

Learn a beautiful contemporary piece that uses lots of black keys. Perfect for a wedding or inspirational occasion, this driving pop ballad is filled with sweeping arpeggiated harmonies.

The Rose

Play a haunting pop ballad reminiscent of your favorite movie or video game soundtracks with arpeggiated rhythms, colorful 7th chords, suspensions, and pedal bass lines. 

Section 3

Sentimental Progressions & Improv

Learn chord progressions & techniques that have a more reflective and sentimental quality.

The Sentimental Progression 1

Learn the sad progression used in hundreds of different songs. Discover the chords, harmonization approaches, 5 accompaniments with song examples, & improv techniques.

6 Passing Chords For Pop Musicians

Learn 6 Passing Chords using Inversions and Secondary Dominants. A super valuable tool.

Section 4

Sentimental Songs

Add new songs to your repertoire that sound pensive and wistful.


Learn a gorgeous contemporary piece reminiscent of the famous Forrest Gump theme song. Learn the syncopated left hand, the melody, and how to harmonize in 3rds.


Play a contemporary piece inspired by composers such as Yann Tiersen and Ludovico Einaudi. Improve your coordination with syncopated rhythms and melodies that ascend & descend.


Learn a beautiful contemporary piece in the key of B Major. This song includes a syncopated left hand accompaniment and a sequenced melody harmonized in 3rds. A perfect song to share with a loved one.

I’ll Be Falling More In Love With You – 1

Learn a sentimental pop ballad in the style of Randy Newman or Elton John. This beautiful piece uses colorful harmony, open chord voicings, and a melancholy melody to pull at the heart strings.

Section 5

Dramatic Progressions & Improv

Play minor progressions that are dark & mysterious to expand your possibilities.

Halloween Progression

Scare your friends with the spookiest progression ever, the Halloween Progression. You'll learn 2 minor chords that can be played endlessly down the piano, plus the creepy rocking style. 

The Most Epic Piano Groove In 3 Easy Steps!

Learn one of the most epic piano grooves of all time! It is is used in many films, rock, & contemporary music.

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Level 2
New Age
5 sections
Learning Focus
  • Learn the foundations of contemporary piano with new chord progressions
  • Practice a variety of improvisational tools to express your own musical ideas
  • Add songs to your repertoire that sound inspirational, sentimental, and dramatic
Full Description

Learn to play & improvise in the style of artists such as Yiruma & Ludovico Einaudi. These contemporary piano lessons are organized by the feeling they create, so that you can express a variety of emotional colors on the piano.

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