Contemporary & New Age Piano – Track 2

Follow this Learning Track to master the contemporary style.

Section 1

Inspirational Progressions & Improv

Learn new contemporary chord progressions and improvisation tools.

Contemporary Progressions and Improv 2

Learn 8 of the all-time most gorgeous Contemporary piano progressions. We discuss left hand accompaniment options, how to build the harmonies, & how to improvise over each progression.

The Love Progression Challenge

Learn the art of improvisation with the Love Progression Challenge. In this challenge, discover techniques like 3rds, 6ths, patterns, & effects to create beautiful improvisations.

Pop Piano Improv Happy Monday

Jam on one of the happiest piano progressions ever! In this course, you'll learn the "Happy Monday" Progression plus how to improvise over it with the pentatonic scale, riffs, and harmonized notes.

Section 2

Inspirational Songs

Express yourself with these inspirational contemporary songs.

Go the Distance from Hercules 2

Learn this beautiful Contemporary piano arrangement of Go the Distance. Discover contemporary arranging techniques and Jonny's formula formula for building a compelling arrangement.


Learn this inspiring contemporary tune, Believe, composed by Jonny May.  You'll learn the arrangement note-for-note while Jonny explains his contemporary arranging techniques.

When Ol’ Dublin Sings

Imagine soaring over the green hills and coast of Ireland with this gorgeous piece. Take flight with 16th note passages, sweeping harmonies, a beautiful bridge section, and a classic melody.

Forever Yours

Play a driving contemporary piano ballad in the style of artists such as Ben Folds. This virtuosic arrangement includes a syncopated melody, full chord textures, and beautiful arpeggiated patterns.

The Flying Bear

Play an improvised piece in the style of composers such as Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz. This epic piece tells the story of a heroic bear who overcame the odds and learned to fly.

Starting Over Again

Learn a punchy and upbeat pop contemporary tune that is tons of fun to play. This song features suspended chords, syncopated bass, key changes, and a big buildup to the final chorus.

Section 3

Sentimental Progressions & Improv

Learn chord progressions & techniques that have a reflective and sentimental quality.

The Sentimental Progression 2

Learn the sad progression used in hundreds of different songs. Discover the chords, harmonization approaches, 7 accompaniments with song examples, & improv techniques.

6 Passing Chords For Pop Musicians

Learn 6 Passing Chords using Inversions and Secondary Dominants. A super valuable tool.

Section 4

Sentimental Songs

Learn songs that sound pensive and wistful.

I’ll Be Falling More In Love With You – 2

Play an advanced version of this beautiful ballad in the style of Billy Joel or Elton John. Learn big lush chords, expressive arpeggios, and the full solo section from Jonny's performance.

Home Again

Express yourself with this lush pop contemporary arrangement. Discover colorful chords, suspensions, harmonized sixths, and arpeggiated chords that cover a broad range of the keyboard. 

Section 5

Dramatic Progressions & Improv

Play minor progressions that are dark & mysterious to create a new sound.

Film Improvisation

Explore the sounds of John Williams, Hans Zimmer, & Danny Elfman in the Film Improv course. You'll learn this essential progression used by many film composers, common melodic riffs, and improv tools.

Halloween Progression

Scare your friends with the spookiest progression ever, the Halloween Progression. You'll learn 2 minor chords that can be played endlessly down the piano, plus the creepy rocking style. 

Epic Piano Groove 1

Learn one of the most epic piano grooves of all time! It is is used in many films, rock, & contemporary music.

Section 6

Dramatic Songs

Learn songs to express your most powerful emotions.


Learn an inspirational contemporary piece reminiscent of film composers such as Hans Zimmer & Thomas Newman. This cinematic piece reaches an epic climax with driving rhythms and 16th notes.

Freedom Bound

Explore the sounds of John Williams, Hans Zimmer, & Danny Elfman in this improvisation based on the Film Improv Course. You'll learn the progression and dozens of exciting melodic riffs.

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Level 3
New Age
6 sections
Learning Focus
  • Learn a variety of chord progressions for contemporary piano
  • Discover improvisational tools to express your inner musical genius
  • Play songs that sound inspirational, sentimental, and dramatic
Full Description

With this structured Contemporary Piano Learning Track, you’ll expand your knowledge with new chord progressions, improvisation tools, and songs that capture a variety of emotions.

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