Go the Distance from Hercules 1

Jonny May
Level 2

Learn this inspiring arrangement of Go the Distance.  You’ll learn each note & practice tips, plus how to develop a beautiful contemporary piano arrangements like this.

Course Objectives
  • Learn the melody, chords, and how to play in the Pop Style
  • Discover how to create Intros and Outros
  • Explore how to add dynamics and improve phrasing
  • Use a variety of techniques and learn this fun, catchy arrangement
Learning Focus
  • Reading
  • Songs

Due to publisher restrictions, the downloadable sheet is not available for this course. However, you can view the smartsheet

Course Lessons

Go the Distance 1 – Lesson 1

Intro, Open Inspirational 5ths

Go the Distance 1 – Lesson 2

Full Verse, Melody and Chords, Hands Together

Go the Distance 1 – Lesson 3

The Chorus, Technique Tips, Dynamics

Go the Distance 1 – Lesson 4

The Outro, Magical Chords, Accents and Phrasing

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