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Jonny May

Learn the incredible chord, the sus2 chord, that will transform your pop and contemporary piano accompaniment. If you are playing regular major and minor chords and not sure how to get that gorgeous, lush sound, this course will give you those tools.

Course Objectives
  • Discover the notes of the “one chord wonder”
  • Learn how to use this in major & minor chord progressions
  • Apply the chords to “Amazing Grace” and other songs
  • Explore new grooves and arpeggiated patterns
Learning Focus
  • Accompanying
  • Chords
  • Groove
  • Reharmonization
Featured Reviews

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good insight into the many uses of a simple pattern
well taught and not difficult
Very good as the parent of popstinatos!
very new for me
Frankly this is the first time to know about this magic chord, Thanks Jonny
Fun! for me a thorough repetition
very good explanation. The lesson sheet is excellent and very helpful!
Fun and easy to follow
Thanks so much for this course - I'm finding it easy to figure out basic accompaniment now and am less hesitant playing in different keys!!!
One chordtacular
Thanks for creating a simple way to approach pop songs

Course Lessons

Pop & Contemporary Piano Accompaniment: The One Chord Wonder – Lesson 1

Normal & Spread Position, Major & Minor Progressions, Adding Colorful Notes

Pop & Contemporary Piano Accompaniment: The One Chord Wonder – Lesson 2

Primary & Secondary Chords, Normal & Spread Position, Example Song, Second Cluster Open & Spread Positions

Pop & Contemporary Piano Accompaniment: The One Chord Wonder – Lesson 3

Pop Grooves 1 & 2, Arpeggiated Patterns 1 & 2, Extra Patterns, Playing In All Keys

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