Latin Jazz Piano – Track 2

Follow this Learning Track to master the Latin Jazz style.

Section 1


Master the elements of Latin Jazz with original songs.


Latin Jazz Sugar Cubes

A Latin Jazz Cuban style original with Montuno patterns and 2 syncopated left hand bass lines. Watch your hands move like two salsa dancers as you play lush jazz chords and learn to solo.

Bossa Nova Girl From Foreign Lands 2

Transform a lead sheet into a Bossa Nova with the song, "Girl From Foreign Lands." Using the bossa rhythm and techniques such as open & closed position, you'll be "Bossafy" any lead sheet.

Happy Birthday in 7 Styles – Lesson 2

Latin Samba Style

Pineapple Island

Learn this fun Latin-inspired melody with a bossa groove in the left hand, a playful melody harmonized in 3rds & 4ths, and chord pops. Pineapples are way tastier than Canteloupes, don't you agree?

Section 2


Discover the techniques behind improvisation in Latin Jazz.


Latin Jazz Soloing

This in-depth soloing course covers scales, single and double note riffs, octave riffs, and runs. Latin inspired melodies are included as the starting point of improvisations.

Bossa Nova Soloing Challenge

Discover how to solo over Brazilian Bossa Nova. Topics include the Bossa Nova rhythm, left hand accompaniment grooves, soloing scales & exercises, turns, brushes, outlining chords, & enclosures.

Section 3


Learn how to accompany yourself or play in a band with these essential Latin grooves and song examples.


Cycle of Fifths in 3 Jazz Styles 2

Explore the Cycle of 5ths Progression in 3 Jazz Styles: Swing, Bossa Nova, & Cocktail Piano. An essential course for comping on tunes like Fly Me to the Moon, Autumn Leaves, & All the Things You Are.

Bossa Groove 251 Exercises – Position 1

Learn and master your "position 1" rootless jazz voicings with these bossa nova 251 exercises in all keys. This is immediately applicable to creating accompaniments for hundreds of songs.

Bossa Groove 251 Exercises – Position 2

Learn and master your "position 2" rootless jazz voicings with these bossa nova 251 exercises in all keys. This is immediately applicable to creating accompaniments for hundreds of songs.

Silent Night – Bossa Accompaniment 2

Create a relaxing atmosphere with this beautiful Bossa Nova accompaniment of the classic Christmas tune Silent Night. With jazzy chord voicings and the Bossa rhythm, you'll never hear it the same way again.

Holiday Samba Accompaniment

Learn how to play The Christmas Song as a Latin Samba accompaniment. We explore the Samba rhythm, chord progression, how to jazz-up the chords, and chord reharmonizations.

Jazz Intro and Outro Runs

Learn 6 gorgeous jazz runs up the piano that you can use as intros or outros (endings) for just about any jazz tune.  You'll learn the formulas behind these upper structures plus the "setup chord".

The Girl From Ipanema – Accompaniment

In this course, you will learn how to create a beautiful bossa nova accompaniment to "The Girl From Ipanema." Jonny teaches the A section of the song for all playing levels, progressively adding more syncopated rhythms to the accompaniment. Yannick explores the B section of the song and expands on the groove and musical concepts involved.

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Latin Jazz
3 sections
Learning Focus
  • Play songs in the Latin Jazz Style
  • Discover the keys to soloing on a Bossa
  • Learn grooves to accompany on the piano with confidence
Full Description

With this structured Latin Jazz Piano Learning Track, you’ll expand your knowledge of Latin Jazz with fun songs, improvisation techniques, and accompaniment grooves.

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