Latin Jazz Soloing

Jonny May
Level 3

This in-depth soloing course covers scales, single and double note riffs, octave riffs, and runs. Latin inspired melodies are included as the starting point of improvisations.

Course Objectives
  • Discover 4 left hand comping patterns
  • Learn single & double note riffs based on the blues scale
  • Practice syncopated octave riffs and Latin melodies
  • Master flashy runs on the piano
Learning Focus
  • Groove
  • Improvisation
  • Riffs
Course Resources
Lesson Sheet Lesson-sheet-Latin-Jazz-Soloing.pdf Download

Course Lessons

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Latin Jazz – Soloing – Lesson 1

The Regular & High Cuban Groove

Latin Jazz – Soloing – Lesson 2

Shells, Comping Patterns, A Blues Scale, A Minor Scale

Latin Jazz – Soloing – Lesson 3

Single & Double Note Riffs

Latin Jazz – Soloing – Lesson 4

Octave Riffs, Single & Combined

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