Bossa Nova Soloing Challenge

Jonny May
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

Discover how to improvise/solo over Brazilian Bossa Nova. Topics include the Bossa Nova rhythm, left hand accompaniment grooves, soloing scales & exercises, turns, brushes, outlining chords, & enclosures.

Course Objectives
  • Learn to Solo in the Bossa Nova Style
  • Start off by learning how to Groove Over a Bossa
  • Explore tons of new Soloing Techniques and play with a Backing Track
Learning Focus
  • Basslines
  • Groove
  • Improvisation

Course Lessons

Bossa Nova Soloing Challenge – Week 2

5 Note Scales, Advanced Scales, and Connection Exercises

Bossa Nova Soloing Challenge – Week 3

Principles of Soloing, 8th Note Up and Down-Lines

Bossa Nova Soloing Challenge – Week 4

Triplets, Turns, Brushes, Outlining Chords, & Enclosures

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