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Jonny May

Learn to improvise over a Jazz ballad with Jazz Ballad Soloing Challenge. Working with the Turnaround Progression, we explore scales, lower/upper positions, exercises, chromatic connectors, & more.

Course Objectives
  • Learn to solo in the Jazz Ballad style
  • Play rootless voicings and different left hand grooves
  • Explore different scales and positions
  • For all levels
Learning Focus
  • Chords
  • Groove
  • Improvisation
  • Scales
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Mind Bending and Exhilarating!
This course is great for anyone who doesn't want to wait years to learn to solo. I learned I am capable of creating Jazz Ballad solos at any level. There is something to be gained for every playing level. Beginners don't have to wait to learn an advanced concept, and the more advanced player will find out if there are any "dropped stitches" in their musical fabric by paying attention to the beginner lessons. The concepts are clearly laid out and the backing track is a huge support. With patience and consistency for even a few minutes a day, the results will impress your family and friends. This course is a real confidence builder!
Great teaching
Brilliant clarity. Extra morsels to further spark enthusiasm.
Amazing course!
Thank you so much professor Jonny May for your time and patience. I enjoyed the course, it was wonderful. Excellent pedagogical method, great explanation, and beautiful techniques. Thank you.

Course Lessons

Jazz Ballad Soloing Challenge – Week 1

The Turnaround Progression, Basic Chords

Beg/Int Players: Easy & Medium Groove

Int/Adv: Easy & Medium Groove

Jazz Ballad Soloing Challenge – Week 2

Beg/Int: Pentatonic Scale, Low Position Lines, 8ths, Slides, Triplets

Int/Adv: 4 Advanced Scales, Connecting Scale Exercise

Jazz Ballad Soloing Challenge – Week 3

Beg Int: Upper Position 8th Notes, Slides, Triplets

Int/Adv: Up-lines, Downlines, Combined Lines, Chromatic Notes

Jazz Ballad Soloing Challenge – Week 4

Beg/Int: Combined Upper/Lower Position Lines, 8th Notes, Triplets, Multiple Octaves

Int/Adv: Triplet Up/Down Lines, Fast Runs

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