Jazz Ballad Soloing Challenge

Jonny May
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

Learn to improvise over a Jazz ballad with Jazz Ballad Soloing Challenge. Working with the Turnaround Progression, we explore scales, lower/upper positions, exercises, chromatic connectors, & more.

Course Objectives
  • Learn to solo in the Jazz Ballad style
  • Play rootless voicings and different left hand grooves
  • Explore different scales and positions
  • For all levels
Learning Focus
  • Chords
  • Groove
  • Improvisation
  • Scales

Course Lessons

Jazz Ballad Soloing Challenge – Week 1

The Turnaround Progression, Basic Chords

Beg/Int Players: Easy & Medium Groove

Int/Adv: Easy & Medium Groove

Jazz Ballad Soloing Challenge – Week 2

Beg/Int: Pentatonic Scale, Low Position Lines, 8ths, Slides, Triplets

Int/Adv: 4 Advanced Scales, Connecting Scale Exercise

Jazz Ballad Soloing Challenge – Week 3

Beg Int: Upper Position 8th Notes, Slides, Triplets

Int/Adv: Up-lines, Downlines, Combined Lines, Chromatic Notes

Jazz Ballad Soloing Challenge – Week 4

Beg/Int: Combined Upper/Lower Position Lines, 8th Notes, Triplets, Multiple Octaves

Int/Adv: Triplet Up/Down Lines, Fast Runs

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