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Jonny May

Learn 6 gorgeous jazz runs up the piano that you can use as an intro or outro for just about any jazz tune.  You’ll learn the formulas behind these upper structures plus the “setup chord”.

Course Objectives
  • Learn about the essential “prep chord”
  • Play upper structures to create genuine Jazz sound
  • Explore 6 different runs that sweep up the keys
  • Understand 8 "Resting Places" for the final chord
Learning Focus
  • Accompanying
  • Chords
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Exquisitely beautiful
I have always wondered how to form these sounds. Jonny makes it so easy to understand that I think I will be able to use them a lot, very soon.
More tools for your tool box!
The lesson was quite informative giving the upper structure basis for the chords, fingering ideas, setting the mood, prep chords, and resting chords. Great tools for anyone's jazz tool box, especially getting into and out of tunes!
I enjoyed everything taught in the course, the setting, preps and especially the runs. The prep and runs me in the mindset of traveling into a time zone that spikes the senses which leads to the beginning of the story telling phase, setting my mood for what's to come.

Course Lessons

Jazz Intro and Outro Runs – Lesson 1

The Setting, the “Prep” Chord, Intro Setups, Run 1, Run 2

Jazz Intro and Outro Runs – Lesson 2

Runs 3, 4, 5, & 6; 8 Resting Place Chords

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