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Jonny May

The complete course on how to create a gorgeous cocktail jazz ballad. You’ll learn Stride-Ballad Left Hand techniques, rootless voicings, and right hand embellishment with extensions, fills, runs, and more.

Course Objectives
  • Learn the Lead Sheet Melody & Chords
  • Master 2 Stride-Ballad Approaches: Guide Tones & Rootless Voicings
  • Explore 3 Techniques for Harmonizing Bass Notes
  • Add Extensions & Alterations, Fills, Passing Chords, Flashy Runs
  • Discover How to Create an Intro
  • Learn 2 Soloing Techniques: Easy & Advanced Approach
Learning Focus
  • Improvisation
  • Lead Sheets
  • Reharmonization
  • Songs
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Jazz arranging
Loved the way you got to gradually build upon the arrangement to add richer tones and more interesting right and left hand. Tools that hopefully will be able to be transferred in other songs by adding depth to simple arrangements.
Scales for soloing to help instead of using just my ear to emulate others; now i can analyze what’s happening in the arrangements when i am sight reading knowing that i am actually using shell chords and rootless chords and all their inversions. I have three years to learn this so i can be employable as a proficient cocktail jazz pianist when i retire and i think with these lessons i just might do that
Excellent but dense
You really have to pay attention: there is a lot of material.

Course Lessons

The Jazz Ballad Challenge 2 – Lesson 2

Root Position Chords, Stride-Ballad Left Hand with 3-7 Guide Tones

The Jazz Ballad Challenge 2 – Lesson 3

Bass Note & Chord “Money Range”, Inverted Chords

The Jazz Ballad Challenge 2 – Lesson 5

Stride-Ballad Left Hand with Rootless Voicings

The Jazz Ballad Challenge 2 – Lesson 6

Harmonizing the Bass With 10ths, 5ths, & 7ths

The Jazz Ballad Challenge 2 – Lesson 7

Harmonizing the Right Hand with Chord Tones

The Jazz Ballad Challenge 2 – Lesson 8

Adding Extensions & Alterations, Fills, Passing Chords, Flashy Runs, Creating an Intro

The Jazz Ballad Challenge 2 – Lesson 9

Putting It All Together, Practice Tips

The Jazz Ballad Challenge 2 – Lesson 10

Soloing Techniques: Easy Approach & Advanced Approach

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