Jonny May

6 Jazz Ballad harmonic approaches using chords from Misty.  Topics include Rootless Voicings, Altered Dominants, Block Chords, Drop 2s, Quartal Voicings, Passing Chords, & Chord Substitutions.

Course Objectives
  • Learn 6 powerful approaches to harmonizing a jazz ballad
  • Discover 13th chords, rootless voicings, and altered chords
  • Understand the block chord and drop 2 approach
  • Apply quartal voicings and passing chords
Learning Focus
  • Accompanying
  • Chords
  • Lead Sheets
  • Reharmonization

Course Lessons

6 Jazz Ballad Harmonic Approaches 2 – Lesson 4

Altered Dominants, Minor 11, and Major 6/9

6 Jazz Ballad Harmonic Approaches 2 – Lesson 5

Block Chords and Drop 2 Voicings

6 Jazz Ballad Harmonic Approaches 2 – Lesson 7

Passing Chords, Chord Substitutions, Member Questions

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