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Jonny May

Take our most comprehensive course on Cocktail Jazz. Discover how to develop a lead sheet, stylize the left hand, harmonize the right hand, add fills, & improvise.

Course Objectives
  • Learn the Lead Sheet Melody & Chords
  • Explore the Stride-Ballad Left Hand
  • Discover the Bass & Chord "Money Ranges" & Inverted Chords
  • Learn How to Harmonize the Right Hand
  • Discover How to Solo in the Upper & Lower Positions
Learning Focus
  • Improvisation
  • Lead Sheets
  • Reharmonization
  • Songs
Featured Reviews

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Remarkable experience
Excellent class. Structured perfectly for each session to build on the one before. Lightbulbs turned on for me during the final soloing session. Amazing experience!
This course was very motivating and it helped me more than years of try and error before. Love it!
I really enjoyed playing shells, using the stride technique and the rhythm. To add, this course helps with memorization. Thanks Johnny! this is my go song for relaxation and using different techniques.
Exhilarating and Challenging
I enjoyed everything about this course. It gave me time to slow down and enhance playing using the stride technique, practice using inversions, maintaining a steady flow, improvise using the C major and E flat major scale. As always, gave encouragement to create my own lines.
Many 'Light Bulb ' Moments!
When the confetti came down at the end of the Course, I felt like I won the Golden Buzzer on AGT. The lessons are clear and the concepts are immediately applicable to other songs, composing your own, or just improvising for hours. This is a mood setting dreamy ballad, and so are Jonny's soloing examples. Perfect for captivating an audience, with many LH options for different skill levels and/or adding variety, as well as accessible RH additions. Not to be missed!
Left hand
Hey Jonny, after an accident its not possible to play both hands, but I enjoy it to manage my left hand. Challenging but manageable :-))
Edge of Seat Learning! So Exciting!
Jonny I enjoyed everything! Not too Short, not too Long! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
The Way You Look Tonight
Good step by step instruction.

Course Lessons

The Jazz Ballad Challenge 1 – Lesson 2

Root Position 7th Chords

The Jazz Ballad Challenge 1 – Lesson 3

Left Hand Inversions, Various Groove Options

The Jazz Ballad Challenge 1 – Lesson 4

Left Hand Shells, Various Groove Options

The Jazz Ballad Challenge 1 – Lesson 6

Bass Note & Chord Money Range, Inverted Chords

The Jazz Ballad Challenge 1 – Lesson 7

Right Hand Harmonies & B Section Chords

The Jazz Ballad Challenge 1 – Lesson 8

Putting It All Together, Practice Tips

The Jazz Ballad Challenge 1 – Lesson 9

Soloing Techniques: Scales, How to Create Lines, Principles of Soloing, Lower & Upper Position

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