Jonny May

Transform a lead sheet into a Bossa Nova with the song, “Girl From Foreign Lands.” Using the bossa rhythm and techniques such as open & closed position, you’ll be “Bossafy” any lead sheet.

Course Objectives
  • Learn the lead sheet melody & chords
  • Discover the Bossa Nova groove & how to apply it to the chords & melody
  • Explore 2 Bossa Nova Approaches: Closed Position & Open Position
Learning Focus
  • Groove
  • Lead Sheets
  • Songs

Course Lessons

Bossa Nova – Girl From Foreign Lands 2 – Lesson 2

Bossa Nova Rhythm, Left Hand Bass Line, Right Hand Chords

Bossa Nova – Girl From Foreign Lands 2 – Lesson 3

Bossa Technique #1: Harmonizing with 1, 2, or 3 Notes

Bossa Nova – Girl From Foreign Lands 2 – Lesson 4

Bossa Technique 2: Left Hand 10ths to Rootless Chords

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