Monthly Update (July 2020)

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Jonny May
07/31/2020 10:00 am (PST)

In July, we released 3 new Courses, 5 Quick Tips, 7 Smart Sheets, 20 Backing Tracks, the new Student Collaboration, the Live Q&A, the Q&A Submissions, and the Student Assessment.

Piano Pedal Essentials
Major Blues Scale (Gospel Scale) 1
Major Blues Scale (Gospel Scale) 2

Quick Tips:
How to Make Dissonant Piano Chords Sound Beautiful
Play Smooth Jazz Piano in 3 Steps
How to Play Jazz Piano Like Oscar Peterson
3 Must-Know Jazz Piano Licks
Jazz Piano 10 Steps from Beginner to Pro

Congratulations to our Student of the month, Andrei Borg! Read his spotlight right here.

We have some super exciting news!

  1. Copyrighted Lesson Sheets – Through our partnership with Musicnotes, we can now provide our copyrighted lesson sheets for print through for a discounted rate! (Members already have free access to the digital Smartsheets for these lessons)
  2. Member Survey – Click here to take our Member Survey if you haven’t already, and receive a free premium arrangement of your choice.
  3. Knowledge Base – You can visit our Knowledge Base to see our thorough list of answers to technical/website/music questions.
Office Hours Beginner/Intermediate (August 9)

Office Hours are an opportunity to get interactive feedback from a professional piano coach!

Student Assessment (July 2022)

In this Student Assessment video, Daine reviewed student video submissions from July and provided personalized feedback.

Monthly Update (July 2022)

In July, we released 2 new Courses, 5 Quick Tips, 1 blog, 6 Smart Sheets, 6 Backing Tracks, and more!