Q+A Submissions (June 2020)

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Jonny May
07/10/2020 10:00 am (PST)

In the June 2020 Q&A Submissions, Jonny answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general.

00:51 – Hong B Xia: How many songs are you able to memorize?

04:00 – Donnia Legg: Tips for reaching the chords in Endless Epic Chords?

08:21 – Brian Haynes: How important is it to learn scales in all 12 keys?

12:08 – Michael Stone: What are some approaches to creating a blues outro?

16:09 – Terri Thompson: What fingering should I use for the last 4 measure of Snappin’ at Coney?

20:28 – Thomas Jellings: Suggestions for improving my right hand soloing?

23:48 – Richard Cleveland: Can you discuss good practice routines for learning tunes/improv?

28:36 – Larry Amerson: Is it okay to take a foundations course along with 2 style courses simultaneously?

30:08 – Chris Rodgers: What are your top tips for practicing rhythms in left/right hand?

34:10 – Kevin Slaughter: Is there a general rule about which keys to grab when using chord shells?

36:50 – G Lee: Can you demonstrate how to simplify the LH in this tune?

40:43 – Josh Argyle: Tips for sliding from a black key to white key?

44:00 – Gareth Carr: How do I roll a 10th if I can’t reach?

48:23 – Rolf Bensel: How to learn glissandos?

55:15 – Albrecht Piper: What fingering do you use for Hallelujah, bars 73-88, 97-112?

1:01:37 – Rachel Liston: Can you explain the scales in Jazz Ballad Challenge, lesson 2?

1:07:21 – Rebecca Nowell: What is the best fingering to use for the Amazing Grace lesson 3, 5, & 7?

1:08:58 – Susan Morrison: How should we schedule lessons/practice time?

1:11:23 – Rebecca Nowell: Help with double flats & double sharps?

1:12:37 – Leo Pinchart: When we approach a minor chord with the 2-5-1, should we use minor or major scale?

1:17:13 – Graham Willsher: How do you retain a solid memorization from a cold start days after learning the tune?

1:22:13 – What determines which accidental to use for the name of notes in a melody if the note is not contained in the key of the song?

1:27:23 – Klaus Giesen: Can you explain the chords in Jazz Ballad Challenge, Lesson 2?

1:33:59 – Del Dearco: What are your thoughts on using a harmonic minor scale from the 4th position of a dominant chord?

1:36:10 – Jakub Szytniewski: At what point have I mastered a scale?

1:41:39 – Hannes Kahnt: How to continue the endless epic chords once I reach the top of my keyboard?

1:44:28 – Sue McIntye: Can you explain rootless voicings?

1:53:03 – Udaybhanu Veldanda: Do you have tips for jazzing up and adding 7th chords to pop songs?

1:59:59 – Tom Sier: Can you do a workshop on Alley Cat by Bent Fabric?

2:00:29 – Hanif Curreem: Tips for memorizing Happy Birthday in 7 Styles?

2:05:42 – Alan Seitz: Are there courses that contain LH 2-octave arpeggios?

2:09:14 – Why is there no C position for rootless voicings?

2:11:23 – Paul Toal: Can you explain the fingering in your Disney Medley arrangement?

2:17:47 – Richard Moster: Tips for memorizing jazz pieces?

2:21:45 – Walter Inge: Can you teach riffs in this style – I Can’t Make You Love Me?

2:25:29 – Vanessa Harkins: Am I ready for your Bare Necessities course?

2:26:10 – Susan Mulcahy: How to do slides from white to black keys or white to white keys?

2:29:36 – What brand and model keyboard are you using?

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