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Jonny May
07/01/2020 6:00 pm (PST)

In the July 2020 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general.

05:36 – Q: What is the hardest chord for you to play?

07:35 – Q: What is the best way to allocate my practice time?

10:25 – Q: How do I play the run in the Muppet Show theme?

13:57 – Q: Can you explain how to use the pedal in Bossa Nova?

16:10 – Q: Can you demonstrate the modification you use on the 8th note pattern in 10 Lesson Blues?

18:28 – Q: Tips for modulation?

22:03 – Q: Any advice playing with a jazz band? Should I stick with quartal voicings?

26:36 – Q: Tips for learning scales in all keys?

29:15 – Q: How do you solo with that quartal sound?

31:08 – Q: When will the pedal course be published?

31:42 – Q: Is ragtime meant to be played fast?

33:47 – Q: How do you play 3 quarter notes on 2 beats in a measure of a 4/4 song?

35:05 – Q: Can you play St. Louis Blues in contemporary style?

36:21 – Q: What’s the most difficult thing in jazz/blues that you can play?

37:53 – Q: Tips for playing octaves with small hands?

40:25 – Q: Do you take a keyboard with you on vacation?

41:17 – Q: Should I be able to hear chords progressions when listening to music?

42:33 – Q: Will adding 3rd, 7ths & chord notes to the RH melody become automatic?

43:04 – Q: What is the correct way to play arpeggios?

45:22 – Q: How do you know when it’s time to move on from a lesson?

46:45 – Q: Will you play Hit the Road Jack?

48:50 – Q: Where can I find the lead sheet for Fly Me to the Moon?

49:53 – Q: How do you modulate Away in a Manger from C to Eb?

53:16 – Q: Can I play with a 5-scale electric piano?

54:23 – Q: Where should I start if I want to learn Gospel?

56:52 – Q: Tips for the solo section in Swag Time?

1:02:08 – Q: Could you talk more in depth about the PWJ Scholarship?

1:03:05 – Q: Could you explain the chords of the intro for this song?

1:08:12 – Q: Could you explain tritone sub chords and what to do with LH?

1:10:01 – Q: What exercises do you recommend for LH 2-octave arpeggios and RH melody?

1:12:46 – Q: Is it necessary to learn how to sight-read?

1:15:36 – Q: Can you show techniques for small hands?

1:17:33 – Q: Where is the line between memorizing and being able to play it off the cuff?

1:21:10 – Q: At what point should I stop working on a particular song?

1:22:11 – Q: If I’m playing in a band with a bass, what should I do with my LH?

1:23:26 – Q: How important is it to improve my LH finger strength?

1:25:44 – Q: How do I access the backing tracks?

1:26:18 – Q: Can you play This Masquerade?

1:26:33 – Q: Do you plan to cover modal interchange in reharmonization?

1:27:30 – Q: Please demonstrate how to do fire lick #1 in the key of F?

1:28:30 – Q: Can I play 2 handed block chords when playing with a band?

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