Jazz Ballad Piano – Track 1

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Section 1


Learn jazz ballad songs.


The Jazz Ballad Challenge 1

Take our most comprehensive course on Cocktail Jazz. Discover how to develop a lead sheet, stylize the left hand, harmonize the right hand, add fills, & improvise.

Why Do I Fall In Love – Jazz Ballad 1

In this course, you'll learn an original jazz ballad tune, Why Do I Fall in Love. Phrase by phrase, you'll learn the notes and rhythms, decipher the harmony, and discover soloing techniques. We also explain how to play with expression and add an intro and ending.

Misty – Jazz Ballad 1

In this course, we'll be learning a jazz ballad standard - Misty. Going phrase by phrase, we'll explore chord shells, melodic fills, stride rhythms, improv techniques, and more!

32 Colorful Jazz Endings

In this workshop, we'll learn 32 gorgeous jazz endings. We'll look at different progressions and learn several ways to harmonize these chords for more colorful outros.

Section 2


Learn to improvise over a jazz ballad.


Jazz Ballad Soloing Challenge

Learn to improvise over a Jazz ballad with Jazz Ballad Soloing Challenge. Working with the Turnaround Progression, we explore scales, lower/upper positions, exercises, chromatic connectors, & more.

Jazz Ballad Composition

Learn how to compose a jazz ballad on piano, including compositional techniques like motifs, sequencing, mirror image, ornaments, counter-melody, & harmony.

The Most Important Improv Exercise for Jazz Piano

Learn the most important improv exercise for jazz piano, including the best chord progression, 3 essential scales, and 2 connecting scale exercises.

Improvise a Solo Over Any Jazz Standard On Piano

Learn how to improvise a jazz piano solo on any jazz standard. Using the "parent scale" method, soloing and improv on jazz tunes has never been easier.

Section 3


Learn how to accompany a singer or instrumentalist for jazz ballads.


Cocktail Jazz Piano Accompaniment 1

Learn to play a beautiful cocktail jazz piano accompaniment over the major and minor turnaround progression. We'll cover 4 left hand patterns, and 3 right hand options to create variety.

6 Jazz Ballad Harmonic Approaches 1

Discover 6 approaches for harmonizing a Jazz Ballad. Working through the chord progression for Misty, we discuss how to add beautiful extensions to create that classic jazz sound.

The Sentimental Progression 1

Learn the sad progression used in hundreds of different songs. Discover the chords, harmonization approaches, 5 accompaniments with song examples, & improv techniques.

Cycle of Fifths in 3 Jazz Styles 1

Stylize the Cycle of 5ths Progression in Swing, Latin Bossa Nova, & Jazz Ballad. An essential course if you want to comp on tunes like Fly Me to the Moon, Autumn Leaves, & All the Things You Are.

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Jazz Ballads
3 sections
Learning Focus
  • Learn songs to build you jazz ballad repertoire
  • Discover how to solo over cocktail piano progressions
  • Understand the art of creating beautiful accompaniments
Full Description

With this structured Jazz Ballad Learning Track, you’ll learn essential techniques to become a cocktail pianist. Master the left hand, harmonize the melody, learn to solo, and create beautiful lush accompaniments.

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