Jazz Ballad Piano – Track 1

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Section 1


Learn jazz ballad songs.

The Way You Look At Me Cocktail Piano 1

Take our most comprehensive course on Cocktail Jazz, The Way You Look At Me. Discover how to develop a lead sheet, stylize the left hand, harmonize the right hand, add fills, & improvise.

Section 2


Learn to improvise over a jazz ballad.

Jazz Ballad Soloing Challenge

Learn to improvise over a Jazz ballad with Jazz Ballad Soloing Challenge. Working with the Turnaround Progression, we explore scales, lower/upper positions, exercises, chromatic connectors, & more.

Jazz Ballad Composition

Learn how to compose a jazz ballad on piano, including compositional techniques like motifs, sequencing, mirror image, ornaments, counter-melody, & harmony.

Section 3


Learn how to accompany a singer or instrumentalist for jazz ballads.

Cocktail Jazz Piano Accompaniment 1

Learn to play a beautiful cocktail jazz piano accompaniment over the major and minor turnaround progression. We'll cover 4 left hand patterns, and 3 right hand options to create variety.

6 Jazz Ballad Harmonic Approaches 1

Discover 6 approaches for harmonizing a Jazz Ballad. Working through the chord progression for Misty, we discuss how to add beautiful extensions to create that classic jazz sound.

The Sentimental Progression 1

Learn the sad progression used in hundreds of different songs. Discover the chords, harmonization approaches, 5 accompaniments with song examples, & improv techniques.

Cycle of Fifths in 3 Jazz Styles 1

Stylize the Cycle of 5ths Progression in Swing, Latin Bossa Nova, & Jazz Ballad. An essential course if you want to comp on tunes like Fly Me to the Moon, Autumn Leaves, & All the Things You Are.

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Level 2
Jazz Ballads
3 sections
Learning Focus
  • Learn songs to build you jazz ballad repertoire
  • Discover how to solo over cocktail piano progressions
  • Understand the art of creating beautiful accompaniments
Full Description

With this structured Jazz Ballad Learning Track, you’ll learn essential techniques to become a cocktail pianist. Master the left hand, harmonize the melody, learn to solo, and create beautiful lush accompaniments.

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