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John Proulx

In this course, John will walk you step-by-step on how to play the classic jazz ballad standard, Misty.

We’ll start with memorizing the lead sheet melody & chords. Next, we’ll apply a jazz stride rhythm and melodic embellishments. Then we’ll practice various improv techniques we can use to solo over this song.

To finish the arrangement, we’ll learn an intro & outro, and then combine all of these techniques for a final arrangement.

Course Objectives
  • Memorize the lead sheet melody & 7th chords
  • Embellish the melody with jazzy fills
  • Apply a jazz stride rhythm
  • Learn an intro & outro
  • Discover various improv techniques & soloing scales
Learning Focus
  • Analysis
  • Songs
Featured Reviews

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Challenging and inspiring
I loved this course starting from a simple leadsheet to the final arrangement. It was a long journey to complete this course but it was worth it!
John is an excellent teacher and I liked how he broke down each part and explained the theory behind the chords and scales.
The course I'd always longed for
I went through plenty of books and courses over the years, trying to improve my understanding of jazz arrangement basics, and now I found these guys who have helped me to fill the gaps and taught me in 2 or 3 hours what I hadn't been able to find elsewhere all this time. I'm talking in particular about all the courses in the Jazz Ballad section. I'll drop this note here because probably Misty was outstanding,, due to the richness of material and the clear explanation of different embellishment techniques.
Gorgeous rendition of this song.
This is a beautiful arrangement of Misty, made better by John’s explanation of harmonic analysis as he went. Much of it it still way above my head (and capability), but I will continue to ply this piece and come back to it again as my knowledge improves.
Fun and well organized
I appreciated the approach of adding complexity and interest with each lesson, culminating in the final sample arrangement to put it all together.

Course Lessons

Misty – Jazz Ballad 1 – Lesson 2

Root Position 7th Chords

Misty – Jazz Ballad 1 – Lesson 3

Accompanying with Root, 3rd & 7th

Misty – Jazz Ballad 1 – Lesson 4

Root, 3rd & 7th with Melody

Misty – Jazz Ballad 1 – Lesson 5

Adding 5 or 9 to 3rd & 7th

Misty – Jazz Ballad 1 – Lesson 6

Adding 5 or 9 with Melody

Misty – Jazz Ballad 1 – Lesson 11

Putting It All Together

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