Jonny May

In our most comprehensive jazz swing piano course, Jonny will walk you step-by-step on how to play the classic tune Autumn Leaves in a beautiful jazz swing style.

We’ll start with memorizing the lead sheet melody & chords. Then we’ll expand the left hand chords with shells & guide tones, and apply 4 common jazz rhythms. Once we master the left hand, we’ll embellish the right hand using harmonies & fills. We’ll also learn a walking bass line with chord pops for a full, rich sound. Then we’ll discover Jonny’s top 4 improv techniques and 3 line building tips, along with which scales we can use to solo over this entire song.

To finish the arrangement, we’ll learn 3 intros & outros, and then combine all of these techniques for a final arrangement. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to arrange any song in a jazz swing style!

Course Objectives
  • Learn the lead sheet melody & chords
  • Expand the chords with shells & guide tones
  • Embellish the melody with harmony & fills
  • Apply a walking bass line with chord pops
  • Discover 4 improv techniques & 3 line building tips
  • Master 3 stock intros & outros
Learning Focus
  • Improvisation
  • Lead Sheets
  • Reharmonization
  • Songs

Course Lessons

Autumn Leaves Jazz Swing 1 – Lesson 5

Right Hand Harmony & Fills

Autumn Leaves Jazz Swing 1 – Lesson 8

Improvisation: Accompaniment & Lower Position

Autumn Leaves Jazz Swing 1 – Lesson 9

Improvisation: Upper Position

Autumn Leaves Jazz Swing 1 – Lesson 10

Improvisation: Combined Positions

Autumn Leaves Jazz Swing 1 – Lesson 11

Improvisation: Multi-Octaves

Autumn Leaves Jazz Swing 1 – Lesson 12

Improvisation: Harmonized Techniques

Autumn Leaves Jazz Swing 1 – Lesson 13

Stock Intros & Outros

Autumn Leaves Jazz Swing 1 – Lesson 14

Crafting the Final Arrangement

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