Intermediate Piano Foundations

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Section 1

Master 7th Chords - Part 1

Learn all the types of 7th chords with these theory, application, and exercise courses.

Major 7th Chord Theory and Application

In this comprehensive course on Major 7 Chords, learn how to build Major 7 Chords, Major 7 Chord Symbols, all 12 Major 7 Chords, 4 tunes to practice them with, & the most common Major 7 progressions.

Major 7th Chord Exercises

Learn all your Major 7th Chords using ascending, descending, blocked, and arpeggiated exercises. Master 7th Chord inversions around the cycle of 5ths.

Dominant 7th Chord Theory and Application

In this comprehensive course on Dominant 7 Chords, you'll learn how to build Dominant 7 Chords, the Chord Symbols, all 12 Dominant 7 Chords, 4 tunes to practice them with, & the most common Dominant 7 progressions.

Dominant 7th Chord Exercises

Master your Dominant 7th chords with 17 exercises to easily play them all.  We'll explore each chord from multiple angles, including the Circle of 5ths, chromatically, with inversions, & progressions.

Minor 7th Chord Theory and Application

In this comprehensive course on Minor 7 Chords, you'll learn how to build Minor 7 Chords, the Chord Symbols, all 12 Minor 7 Chords, 4 tunes to practice them with, & the most common Minor 7 progressions.

Minor 7th Chord Exercises

Learn 17 essential piano exercises for practicing all 12 minor 7 chords, including block chord, broken chords, patterns, inversions, and progressions.

Diminished & Half Dim 7th Chord Exercises

Learn and master half diminished and fully diminished 7th chords in all 12 keys. With inversions and practice exercises, you'll build your confidence with these essential chords.

All 7th Chord Types – Reference

Learn all 7th chord types in all 12 keys: Major, Minor, Dominant, Half-Diminished, and Fully Diminished. These chords are the main building blocks for interpreting lead sheets in a variety of styles.

Section 2

Master 7th Chords - Part 2

Apply 7th chords in common progressions and lead sheets

Diatonic 7th Chords Exercises

Learn 48 piano exercises to master your diatonic 7th chords in all 12 keys, including blocked and broken exercises.

2-5-1 7th Chord Exercises

Master the most important chord progression in jazz, the 2-5-1 progression, with 5 piano exercises using 7th chords in all 12 keys and in all inversions.

Minor 2-5-1 7th Chord Exercises

Master the minor 2-5-1 chord progression on the piano with 5 exercises that explore all 12 keys and all inversions using 7th chords.

Play Piano Lead Sheets With 7th Chords

Learn how to play lead sheets using 7th chords, including 8 songs using the most common progressions in fake books. You'll learn chord inversions and how to add 2 and 3 right hand harmony notes.

Section 3

Chord Voicing Foundations

Learn Shells, Extensions, and Alterations to build the fundamentals of more advanced jazz harmony

Chord Shell & Guide Tone Exercises

Learn the essential building blocks of Jazz harmony with chord shells and guide tones. Master these voicings with exercises for major, dominant, and minor 7th chords in all 12 keys.

Play Piano Lead Sheets with Shells & Guide Tones

Learn how to transform piano lead sheets with chord shells, guide tones, and right hand filler harmonies. Using 8 common chord progressions, you'll understand how to apply these piano techniques to create a richer and more interesting sound.

Piano Chord Extensions

Demystify chord extensions with this comprehensive theory course on learning the most common extensions over major 7, dominant 7, and minor 7 chords.

Piano Chord Alterations

Learn the most common chord alterations for dominant chords. Discover helpful tricks for finding each alteration, and practice them with exercises in 2 positions.

2-5-1 Chord Extension & Alteration Exercises

Learn the essential exercises to master chord extensions and alterations on the 2-5-1 chord progression in all 12 keys. We cover the most commons voicings using the 9, 11, and 13, along with their alterations.

Section 4

Exercises and Improv

Practice chord inversions, finger technique, rhythm, and two hand coordination.

Two-Hand Coordination Exercises 2

Master two-hand coordination, rhythm, syncopation, speed, and finger control with 48 exercises exploring the most common chord progressions and rhythms in popular music.

Endless Epic Chords 2

Gain finger control, dexterity, speed, agility, and strength with the Endless Epic Chord Exercise, plus learn the 2 chords that can be played endlessly down the piano.

Epic Minor Chords 2

Learn the Darth Vader progression while improving your technique! Improve finger strength, control, speed, and agility while having fun playing "endlessly" down the piano.

Passing Chords & Reharmonization 2

Learn 5 essential techniques for adding passing chords or reharmonizing any song. Techniques include Secondary Dominant Series, Tritone Substitutes, 2-5-1 Progression, Elongated 2-5-1, & Chromatic 2-5-1.

10 Ways to Harmonize a Melody

3 Beginner, 2 Intermediate, & 5 Advanced Options with Modern Jazz Techniques

The Major Blues Scale (Gospel Scale) 1

Learn the most important piano scale for improvising over any musical style - the Major Blues Scale. We’ll cover essential exercises to master finger control, dexterity and speed, and we'll explore several techniques for improvising with this scale over various styles.

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Level 2
4 sections
Learning Focus
  • Review the construction of triads
  • Learn to build all types of 7th chords
  • Practice advanced rhythm and harmony exercises to improve finger strength and coordination
Full Description

Learn the higher-level foundations of harmony, rhythm, and two hand coordination. These courses are essential for playing all styles of music, especially jazz.

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