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Jonny May

Learn all your Major 7th Chords using ascending, descending, blocked, and arpeggiated exercises. Master 7th Chord inversions around the cycle of 5ths.

Course Objectives
  • Master all 12 Major 7th Chords
  • Apply a variety of Exercises in Blocked & Broken Patterns
  • Gain fluency with Major 7 Chord Inversions
Learning Focus
  • Chords
  • Exercises
  • Technique
Featured Reviews

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Loving these exercises!
I appreciate how Jonny goes through the exercises so methodically and is so encouraging to those of us who have to start at slower than 40 bpm! I have worked these major 7th exercises into my daily routine and noticed just yesterday that I’ve begun to identify them by feel and sound (and not just intellectually), in the classical and other music I am learning. Thank you for providing this supplement to Major 7th Application and Theory!
This is the practice formula I needed
How else can you learn the Major 7th chords better than using these exercises? There are many combinations, progressions and inversions and Jonny takes you through them all in a perfect sequence. It took me a month (skipping a week) to get through all the major 7th lessons and the major 7th exercises (did them all), but if you want to really learn it, this is the way to do it.
The chord progression was worth the wait!
I enjoyed working on inversions both blocked and broken. They are beautiful and fertile for creativity!
Fun learning
Great new ways of practicing my Maj 7 chords
Finally understand Maj7
After 35 years of playing, I finally have a nice grasp on Maj7 chords. Fun to practice and make up my own arpeggio exercises. Wish I would’ve discovered this years ago, but I’m not gonna waste time now!
Simply excellent :)
This is a complex course I needed, fun and worth of coming back during regular practice. Thanks a lot!
Learned a lot
Thank you so much. For the first time i went through a complete course systematically. I bought tons off jazz books which i literally could throw away now.
Great practice
Especially love the target metronome suggestions.
Excellent course!
You will really improve in M7th chord if you practice this as Jonny says.
Excellent, perfect explanation
I always wanted to play chords, but the way Jonny May explained I got it. He made it sound so easy. Now I am enjoying my favorite chords. Thank you very much!

Course Lessons

Major 7th Chords – Exercises – Lesson 1

Counter Clockwise, Blocked & Broken

Major 7th Chords – Exercises – Lesson 2

Clockwise Exercise, Blocked & Broken

Major 7th Chords – Exercises – Lesson 3

Half Steps Ascending, Blocked & Broken

Major 7th Chords – Exercises – Lesson 4

Half Steps Descending, Blocked & Broken

Major 7th Chords – Exercises – Lesson 5

Chord Inversions, Blocked & Broken

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