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Jonny May

In this comprehensive course on Dominant 7 Chords, you’ll learn how to build Dominant 7 Chords, the Chord Symbols, all 12 Dominant 7 Chords, 4 tunes to practice them with, & the most common Dominant 7 progressions.

Course Objectives
  • Learn all 12 Dominant 7 Chords
  • Discover 4 Approaches to Build Dominant 7 Chords
  • Play 4 Fun Songs that use Dominant 7 Chords
  • Learn Inversions & Most Common Dominant 7 Progressions
Learning Focus
  • Chords
  • Exercises
  • Groove
  • Lead Sheets
Featured Reviews

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New keys
I love how different tunes suit different keys… that’s a nice mystery to reflect upon.
I was surprised how many of these dominant 7th chords I “naturally” knew just from years of popular music. Glad to finally study in depth.
Very useful reminder
I appreciate the short tunes after each lesson
Nice solid foundation
Good to start from basic foundation chords to make sure I understand and remember the theory. Fun to learn some easy tunes too - starting to feel like I can improvise a bit and know what I’m doing
Enjoyed it!
I really enjoy the way Jonny teaches this stuff. Lots of fun and motivation.
good explanation nice pieces
a lot of fun with the small pieces
Very helpful
I have trained as a classic piano player and not familiar with chords - although I have been playing popular music, etc., I kinda understand from the feel and experiences. I always wanted to study theoretically, but reading theories put me in sleep. This course was perfect for me to focus on, and not too long each lesson. I want to practice these chords everyday so that my hands can remember. Thank you very much Johnny!
Insightful and fun
Its lovely how you made Dominant 7th fun to play
love this
When i learned piano, I taught myself from adult alfred books. i had no help. When i went back to school and studied music it only was 2 years of schooling and a couple semesters of piano because i already had another degree. there was always a bunch of holes from what i taught myself and only being in school two years. doing these foundation courses first for me has been really great at helping fill in holes and thinking about stuff i really already should know. ugh some inversions are hard in some keys. this is a great course
Really good and helped with understanding chord construction.
Confident to start using new chords and learnt new groove rhythm.
Loved the tunes
I would encourage everyone to practice with the tunes. It really helps get the chords in your fingers
Dominant 7 chords, inversions and progressions
More foundational info in review of what I learned many years ago. I followed along well, and I'm motivated to apply to my playing. I can't wait to apply to actual tunes!
Lightbulb moments
Struggled for year with the idea of dominant 7th chords - used to think it was just something related to C major chords. I'm really pleased that I can now find dominant 7th chords in all the major keys. The short melodies for practice where useful especially using the inversions. The Smartsheet was incredibly helpful especially as I was always able to download the backing tracks on my tablet - must contact support to help with this.

Course Lessons

Dominant 7th Chord Theory and Application – Lesson 1

4 Ways to Build a Dominant 7 Chord, Chord Shapes, Chord Symbols

Dominant 7th Chord Theory and Application – Lesson 2

C7, F7, G7, & “Jesse’s Blues”

Dominant 7th Chord Theory and Application – Lesson 3

A7, D7, E7, & “Rollin’ Along”

Dominant 7th Chord Theory and Application – Lesson 4

Eb7, Ab7, Bb7, & “Downtown Funk”

Dominant 7th Chord Theory and Application – Lesson 5

B7, C#7, F#7, & “Little Biggle Band”

Dominant 7th Chord Theory and Application – Lesson 6

Most Common Dominant 7 Progressions

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