Boogie & Rock Piano – Track 2

Follow this Learning Track to master boogie and rock piano.

Section 1


Discover the left hand patterns & right hand techniques that define boogie and rock piano.


1950s Rock and Roll

1950s Rock and Roll Piano in the style of Jerry Lee Lewis, including essential Rock and Roll left hand bass techniques & Rock riffs, like slides, tremelos, glissandos, smash licks, & more.

Jonny’s Jumpin Boogie

The complete course for all playing levels on how to play Boogie Woogie!  In this course, we cover Boogie chords, the form, left hand techniques, and classic Boogie riffs.

Jonny’s Boogie Rock

Learn a flashy boogie rock arrangement with octave bass lines, classic blues riffs, and high-register smash licks. This arrangement is a fantastic challenge for any aspiring boogie pianist.

Section 2

Grooves & Riffs

Expand your repertoire with grooves and riffs that you can jam on.


Essential Boogie Woogie Piano Riff/Lick

Learn how to play a rockin' boogie woogie piano riff/lick for beginners through advanced players using harmonized turns, boogie-shuffle, & boogie-octaves!

How to Play a Boogie Woogie Piano Groove

Learn this infectious boogie woogie piano groove, including a signature boogie bass line, crunchy boogie chords, and boogie improvisation for all levels.

Rock and Roll Piano Chords and Accompaniment

Lay down the groove with this sweet Rock and Roll Piano tutorial. Learn how to play the riffs and chords that create the irresistible sound of the 1950s!

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2 sections
Learning Focus
  • Learn left hand patterns to play rock & boogie like the pros
  • Master riffs and licks to improvise with freedom
  • Apply what you learn to songs
Full Description

Take your boogie & rock playing to the next level with this guided Learning Track. Each course, lesson, and sheet is designed to expand your knowledge of boogie and rock forms, stylization, and accompanying.

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